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Sin Pecado Concebido

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Sin Pecado Concebido telenovela Adrián is the son of Claudio and Amparo Martorel, the owners of a perfume factory and the ranch "La Encantada", where Mariana also used to live when she was a little girl under Amparo's protection. However, a terrible event forces Mariana to leave the house and to enter a boarding school, while her brothers and father stay at the ranch. In the convent she meets mother Ángeles and sister Jovita, who along with father Gonzalo, become her spiritual advisors, and she thinks of becoming a nun. Five years later her father dies and she has to take care of her brothers, so she returns back to the ranch where again she meets Adrián, who has just returned back after getting his master degree in Chicago. Both discover that their adolescence love is still alive, but Adrián is now engaged with the ambitious Raquel, who will not stop at anything to separate them.

Sin Pecado Concebido - telenovela

(2001) - Angélica Rivera , Carlos Ponce


Angélica Rivera .... Mariana Campos - main heroine
Carlos Ponce .... Adrián Martorel - main hero
Sergio Goyri .... Emiliano Martorel - uncle of Adrián, villain
Itatí Cantoral .... Raquel Villavicencio - wife of Adrián, villain
María Sorté .... Amparo Ibáñez de Martorel - mother of Adrián
Joaquín Cordero .... Padre Gonzalo
Magda Guzmán .... Eva Santana - houskeeper in Martorel's house
Beatriz Aguirre .... Doña Salud - grandmother of Raquel
Aurora Molina .... Madre Ángeles
Pilar Pellicer .... Loló - partner of Emiliano
Luis Roberto Guzmán .... Álvaro - driver, in love with Raquel, villain
Juan Peláez .... Anselmo Campos - father of Mariana
Delia Casanova .... Hermana Jovita
Orlando Carrió .... Claudio Martorel - father of Adrián
Ana Bertha Espín .... Flor Gutiérrez de Martorel - wife of Emiliano
Rosa María Bianchi .... Dra. Alban - co-worker of Claudio
Roberto Ballesteros .... Teniente Nava - detective
Luis Gatica .... Dr. Garduño - doctor
Andrea Torre .... Arcelia - daughter of Dra. Alban
Juan Carlos Casasola .... Sergio Orozco - assistant of Nava
Montserrat Olivier .... Monserrat España - lover of Claudio
Juan Soler .... Octavio - in love with Mariana
Ivonne Corona .... Ana Luisa - in love with Castulo
Luis Caballero
Gerardo Albarrán .... Ing. Platas - suitor of Dra. Alban
Sebastián Rulli .... Marco Vinicio Martorel - son of Emiliano
Mané Macedo .... Reyna
Rafael Amaya .... Cástulo Campos - brother of Mariana
Alejandra Jurado .... Minerva - maid
Fernando Robles .... Ixca
José Antonio Ferral .... Lupe
Sonia Linar .... Madre Violeta
Roberto Navarro .... Hugo Campos - brother of Mariana
Regina Navarro .... Gaby Campos - sister of Mariana
Consuelo Mendiola .... Maribel
David Ostrosky .... Enrique - suitor of Amparo
Lourdes Canale .... Olga
Alejandro Cano
Roger Cudney .... Dr. Reyes
Thelma Dorantes
Claudia Escamilla
Valeria Escobar
José Antonio Estrada .... Efren
Raúl Gaher
Virgilio García
Marcia Garelli
Jacqueline Arroyo
Norma Regina Brito .... Aurelia
Juan Pablo Gómez
Tomas Guzmán
Ana Hally
Erika Marti .... Senora Laboratorios
Constanza Mier
José Luis Montemayor .... Julian
Sergio Morante
Carmela Mosso
Norma Munguía .... Tomasa
Alejandra Obregon
Lucía Pailles .... Samantha
Enrique Palma .... Lic. Obregon
Arturo Paulet
Alejandro de la Pena
Estela Ruiz .... Paty
Yamil Sesin .... Melquiades
José Sosa
Luis Fernando Torres .... Efrencito Mendoza
Raul Valerio
Gabriela del Valle
Susan Vohn .... Larissa
Angeles Yañez
Diego Alan Zamudio

Writing credits
Carlos Olmos (original story and adaptation)
Enrique Serna (original story)
Jesús Calzada (original story, uncredited)
Janely Lee (script editor)

Song: Concebido sin pecado
Written by Carlos Ponce and Joel Someillan
Singing: Carlos Ponce

Original music
Chacho Gaytán
Ricardo Roffiel

Music arranger
Yosue Godínez

Production manager
Karla Velázquez

Chief of production
Raúl Reyes
Marco Cano

Cinematography by
Alejandro Frutos
Bernardo Nájera (on location)

Directed by
Juan Carlos Muñoz
José Ángel Domínguez (on location)

Produced by
José Alberto Castro
Ernesto Hernández (associated producer)
Fausto Sainz Castro (associated producer)



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marty17129  - Sin pecado concebido   |2009-08-17 15:38:53
Excellente telenovela, me encanto muchisimo....... Angelica Rivera y Carlos Ponce son linda pareja, me encanta cancion principal de telenovela que canta Carlos Ponce, preciosa cancion :-)
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