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Soledad telenovela At Don Anselmo's death, his governess Soledad is left as a manager of his very reduced estate. He married her in "articulo mortis". Out of his five children, Ramiro, Jesus (invalid) and Luisita are on the side of Soledad, but Chelo and Andres hate her because they consider her interested in their estate. Therefore, these ones think that Soledad had a relation with Don Anselmo and because of it their mother died from heartbreak and humiliation. But Soledad's secret (that only Jesus knows) is that Andres is her illegitimate son, born from juvenile love with Bernardo Partierra, who seduced her and abandoned her.

Don Anselmo accepted the little boy and brought him up as a member of his family. Being grateful, Soledad loves all his children as her own. Then they move into a modest flat and she follows and protects them; when Ramiro is arrested for a robbery of the bank where he works, she succeeds in making him being condemned to only 8 months of jail; when Luisita is involved with a strong man, she addresses her to a right marriage. Andres courts Marilu who is Leonardo's daughter only for interest, but then they separate. After a relation with Marian and Sandra, he has a relation with Margarida and he makes her pregnant, but he will stay alone after reconciliation with Soledad and he will leave for another country. Chelo is engaged to Fernando, a rich man, but she has a relation with Guillermo, a married man who fools her and abandons her. Jesus has a leg surgery done, he writes successful books, he courts Maragrita also, but he marries Daisy. Maragrita will marry Juan instead. Tired of living with ungrateful and arrogant sons, Soledad leaves her home. Then she finds a job as a companion of Dona Marta and after her death she works and falls in love with Don Felix (the brother of Dona Marta). Then Guillermo is killed by his wife Rebecca, but Soledad is unjustly condemned to jail to save her daughter Chelo. After getting out of jail, she recovers her son Andres' love and she will stay with Felix forever.

Soledad - telenovela

(1980) - Libertad Lamarque, Edith González


Libertad Lamarque .... Soledad
Edith González .... Luisita Sánchez Fuentes
Héctor Bonilla .... Jesús Sánchez Fuentes
Rosalía Valdés .... Daisy
Christian Bach .... Chelo Sánchez Fuentes
Salvador Pineda .... Andrés Sánchez Fuentes
Roberto Cañedo .... Bernardo
Nuria Bages .... Cinthia
Humberto Zurita .... Fernando
Rafael Baledón .... Don Felix
Rita Macedo .... Rebeca
Connie de la Mora .... Marilú
Manuel Capetillo Jr. .... Ramiro Sánchez Fuentes
Roberto Spriu .... Lic. Garrido
Pituka de Foronda .... Doña Martha
Rebeca Martínez .... Tere
Ana Silvia Garza .... Meche
Lorena Rivero .... Peggy
Abraham Stavans .... Sebastián
Flor Procuña .... Sandra
Lucianne Silva .... Margarita
Virginia Gutiérrez .... Carolina
Manuel López Ochoa .... Guillermo
Elvira Monsell .... Perlita
Ada Carrasco .... Justa
Orlando Rodríguez .... Anselmo Sánchez Fuentes
Aurora Molina .... Laureana
Germán Barrios
Aurora Cortes .... Eulalia
José Flores .... Nacho
Rolando Barral .... Rolando
Alicia Encinas .... Marian Monterani (Nana)
Roberto Ballesteros .... Martín
Ana Berta Espín .... Pilar
Alejandro Camacho
José Elías Moreno .... Juan
Aurora Medina
Socorro Avelar .... Dominga
Lili Inclán .... Adelaide
Luis Aguilar .... Defender lawyer of Soledad
Rafael Banquells .... Juez
Enrique Gilabert
Miguel Angel Negrete .... Señor Gutierrez
Arturo Lorca .... Doctor Velarde
Carmen Belen Richardson
Manolo Coego
Martha Casañas
Irene Lopez

Writing credits
Inés Rodena (original story)
Tere Medina (adaptation)
Vivian Pestalozzi (adaptation)
Carlos Romero (libretto)

Song: Alma Mia

Singing: Libertad Lamarque

Music arranger
Javier Ortega

Set Decoration
Rogelio Neri

Production manager
Tere Grobois

Production co-ordinator
Eugenio Cobo

Cinematography by
Noe Alcantara

Directed by
Rafael Banquells

Produced by
Valentín Pimstein



Further remake of "Soledad" is telenovela "Bendita mentira"
The Venezuelan version of "Soledad" is telenovela "Corazon de madre" (1970) with Amalia Perez Dias.

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