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Solo Tengo Ojos Para Ti

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Solo tengo ojos para ti telenovelaSolo Tengo Ojos Para Ti is the remake of "Cañaveral de Pasiones", telenovela released in 1996 starring Daniela Castro, Francisco Gattorno and Juan Soler. The protagonists of this telenovela are Angelique Boyer and Sebastián Zurita. The love story occurs in Veracruz where the life of two families resonates. It tells about four friends: Julia, Pablo, Juan de Dyos and Mireya. Julia is a very beautiful and generous girl who lives in the atmosphere of rage and affliction. Julia has to fight against her father Fausto, craftiness of her aunt Dinorah and slander built about her and her mother, Margarita.  Julia is in love with Pablo and their feeling grows stronger by the time.

Once Margarita finds out that her sister Dinorah is involved in love affair with a married man. The man appears to be Amador Montero who is married to Josefina Montero, an honest and respectful woman. Amador is Pablo’s father. He forces Dinorah to escape with him but Margarita hears their talk. She goes to the agreed place where Amador is waiting for Dinorah and asks him to leave her sister alone. Amador loses control and is about to run across them driving a car but eventually he changes his mind but the car turns upside town killing him inside. Dinorah learns about it and she starts gossiping about her sister and Amador as if they were lovers. Josefina becomes the object of mocking and rumors. She causes her son Pablo go to Mexico to make him protected from negative influence of people.

Ten years later Juilia grows a young and beautiful woman. Pablo returns home to reveal the truth. They meet and stronger feelings aroused about them.

Solo tengo ojos para ti - telenovela

(2011) - Angelique Boyer, David Zepeda


Angelique Boyer
David Zepeda
Mark Tacher
Ludwika Paleta
Altair Jarabo
Alejandro Camacho
Blanca Guerra
Eric del Castillo
Isaura Espinosa
René Casados
Vanessa Arias
Salvador Zerboni

Writing credits
Caridad Bravo Adams (orginal story)
Juan Carlos Alcalá (adaptation)

Written by:

Original music

Cinematography by

Language : Spanish
Country: Mexico

Directed by

Produced by
Angelli Nesma



Solo tengo ojos para ti is the remake of
1 version: mexican telenovela "Cañaveral de pasiones" (1996) with Daniela Castro, Francisco Gattorno, Juan Soler
2 version: telenovela "Canavial de paixoes" (2003) with Bianca Castanho and Gustavo Haddad

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