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The main character of this story is Fernanda, a psychologist who works in a rehabilitation center for substance abusers. Fernanda has recently suffered a terrible tragedy, the man she was soon to marry was murdered while trying to resist a hold-up. Durind the assault, her father received a bullet in the spine which left him paralyzed. At the beggining of the story we realize that Eugenio de la Peña, an evil drug dealer, is in love with Fernanda and is willing to go to any extreme to make her his wife. But Fernanda meets the handsome Jose Luis, a writer and a literature teacher who works at a local high school.

Jose Luis is honest and hard working, charming and full of life. However, he carries a dark secret from his past. When Fernanda and José Luis fall in love, Eugenio gets extremely jealous, but when he decides to eliminate his rival, he discovers that his own daughter Jaqueline, is in love with José Luis. Jaqueline, on the other hand is being wooed by Manuel, who despite his popularity, cannot call Jaqueline's attention. One of Jaqueline's friends is Emilia, a romantic but realistic young girl whose dream is to become a dancer. Emilia's boyfriend is Gerardo, whom she adores. Gerardo is the lead singer in a rock band. But soon, a dancer and coreographer called Enrique enters Emilia's life and falls in love with her. Another of Jaqueline's friends is Lucía, the wealthiest of the dreamers, but also the homeliest. Lucia will fall in love with Gerardo but will be courted by Beto "Roque-feller". The colorful Beto lives in the same projects as Julieta, who becomes Lucia's best friend. Julieta is ashamed of being poor. She will meet Carlos, a rich but second-rate physician. She will try to use him to pull herself out of her poverty. Julieta falls for a new rich student named Ruben Barraisaba, but he doesn't like her at first then he starts going out with her and falls in love with her but then he finds out she's not rich and he dumps her. Later Julieta goes out with Beto and stays with him. With the help of Ana, Lucia becomes beatiful to make Gerardo like her and at the end Gerardo finds out that Lucia is Adriana and gets mad at her but they still go out.

Soñadoras - telenovela

(1998) - Arturo Peniche, Alejandra Ávalos


Arturo Peniche .... José Luis - main hero
Alejandra Ávalos .... Fernanda - main heroine
Ariel López Padilla .... Enrique - brother of José Luis
José Carlos Ruiz .... Eugenio de La Pena - father of Jacqueline, in love with Fernanda, villain
Aracely Arámbula .... Jacqueline - in love with José Luis
Michelle Vieth .... Lucía / Adriana - friend of Jacqueline
Laisha Wilkins .... Emilia - friend of Jacqueline
Angélica Vale .... Julieta
Irán Castillo .... Ana
Arath de la Torre .... Beto Roque - boyfriend of Lucia
Eduardo Verástegui .... Manuel
Diego Schoening .... Benjamín 'El Terco'
Jan .... Gerardo
Kuno Becker .... Ruben Barraisaba
Raymundo Capetillo .... Horacio
Alejandro Aragón .... Carlos
Gustavo Rojo .... Don Alfredo - father of Fernanda
Silvia Eugenia Derbez .... Rosita
Mónica Dossetti .... Vanessa
Antonio Miguel .... Director
Alfonso Kaffiti
Anghel .... Lupe
Teo Tapia .... Don Manuel
Zoila Quiñones .... Maite
Polo Ortín .... Papá de Julieta
Lupita Lara .... Viviana
Mariana Karr .... Mamá de Emilia
Rudy Casanova .... David el Cubano
Eduardo Rodríguez .... Pancho
Carlos Cámara .... Marconi
Sergio de Fassio .... Pedro
Ramón Valdés
Roberto Tello .... Victorio
Dulce .... Antonia
Mónica Prado .... Mamá de Benjamín
Ana Luisa Peluffo
Jorge Becerril .... Medusa
Cesar Balcazar
Renato Bartilotti
Juan Carlos Casasola
Horacio Castelo
Juanjo Corchado
María Luisa Coronel
Luis Couturier .... Artemio
Maricela Fernández
Ana Hally
Alberto Loztin
Mané Macedo .... Irene
Norma Munguia
Salim Rubiales
Gabriela Tavela .... Leticia
Mercedes Vaughan
Alejandro Villeli
Miguel Ángel Biagio .... Adolfo

Writing credits
Emilio Larrosa (idea)
Braulio Pedrasas (idea)
Rocío Taboada (idea)
Saúl Perez Santana (script)
Alejandro Pohlenz (script)
Pedro Pablo Quintanilla (script)

Song: Soñadoras
Singing: Sentidos Opuestos

Music arranger
José de Jesus Ramírez

Cinematography by
Miguel López
Luis Monroy

Directed by
Salvador Garcini
José Ángel García
José Amria Calvario
Ernesto Guzmán

Produced by
Emilio Larrosa
Arturo Pedraza Loera



Forum Telenovela World - Soñadoras

Forum Telenovela World - Soñadoras

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