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Soñaras  telenovela Rey, the main hero of this story, dreams to succeed in music. But he is poor, lives with his grandparents and works as a waiter to maintain his family. His mother lives with his father who abuses her. Isabela, the love of Rey, is from the different social class. She is rich and lives with her mother Frida and sister Paulina. Frida owns a fashion company. Isabela has a boyfriend Alfredo who is ignorant and irresponsible. His father Don Pedro is involved in the illegal business and wants to marry Frida for her money. He has a lover Myreya who is Frida's assistant. Dolores is an ex-girlfriend of Rey, she is hysterical and evil. She got pregnant from Alfredo and tries to make Rey believe that it's his child. Later, Rey will achieve his both goals: the love of Isabela and the success in music.

Soñaras - telenovela

(2004) - Yahir, Vanessa Acosta


Yahir .... Rey
Vanessa Acosta .... Isabela
Sandra Echeverría .... Estefanía
Juan Pablo Medina .... Alfredo
Lisset .... Dolores
Cecilia Ponce .... Paulina
Rafael León .... Chocolate
Patricia Bernal .... Frida
Concepción Márquez .... Lupita
José González Márquez .... Manolo
Mario Zaragoza .... Trompoloco
Guillermo Iván .... Adriano
Maribel Rodríguez .... Lila
Fernando Alonso .... Juan Felipe
Emmanuel Orenday .... As
Gonzalo García .... Pablo
Rogelio Luna .... Eduardo
.... Jesús
Rodrigo Zurita .... Peque
Mauricio Barrientos .... Garfio
Alberto Casanova .... Nicolás
Marimar Vega
Pablo Azar .... Tomas
Estrella Veloz

Writing credits
César M. Rondón (original story)
Salvador Lemis (adaptation)
Alejandra Romero (adaptation)
Gloria Bautista (adaptation)

Song: Contigo Sí
Singing: Yahir and Nadia

Original music
Luis Cárdenas

Set decoration
Felipe Jesús López

Marco Iván González

Production manager
Fernando Chacón

Production co-ordinator
Guadalupe Juárez

Cinematography by
Eduardo Vergara
Lope Hernández

Directed by
Carlos Sánchez Ross
Martín Castillo

Produced by
Eloy Ganuza Santos
Emilia Lamothe (associated producer)

TV Azteca


Remake of venezuelan telenovela "Ligia Elena" (1983) with Alba Roversy and Guillermo Dávila

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Anonymous   |2008-08-01 00:15:22
Cecilia Ponce is not a bad actress. I have seen some of her work on aztec tv, she's quite convincing. I wonder if she will ever make the jump to mainstream cinema and tv-in the USA? I am surprised that Anglo Europe follows her work (her acting.) To me, she looks like Scarlett Johansson (just a little but i still find Cecilia quite beautiful.)
ariana  - fans de la novela soñaras   |2009-04-25 02:44:15
weno la novela es super linda me encanto cuando empezo la novela es super interesante pero me dio mucha pena que muriera isabela pero bueno ahora reik tiene otro amor que es esthefania y como luchan para estar juntos q bien de vrdad y voi a seguir viendo ... xD [/color]
ruth  - hola   |2009-11-16 22:19:09
me gusta la novela es muy linda pero me da pena q rey e isabela terminen su relacion y cuando muere isabela
mik  - urgenge   |2012-02-28 01:26:40
como murio isabella y kien la mato?
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