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Sortilegio telenovelaAntonio Lombardo is a successful businessman in the construction business. He is married but his wife is an infertile woman. It happened so the Antonio fell in love with Victoria – a wife of his best friend Samuel and  betrayed their friendship. Victoria got pregnant and Antonio wanted to divorce and make a family with her. Samuel learns about that and decides to separate them. He drives Victoria far away.

Antonio suffers a lot, he is missing Victoria, while his wife is subjected to various fertility treatments. Victoria gives birth to twins Maximiliano and Camila. Samuel is happy because he loves her and wants to become a good father for them.

Some years later, Adriana, wife of Antonio also gets pregnant; she gives birth to a boy and dies. When Camilla and Maximilian were 6 years old Samuel died too.

Antonio and Victoria decide to unite their lives and raise their children together. They agree that this is not the time to tell the twins that Antonio is their biological father.

Years pass and children become adults. Maximilian is greedy, frivolous and calculating, he doesn’t accept the youngest son of Antonio (as he still doesn’t know that they are brothers). So there is constant rivalry in the family. Two brothers fall in love with the same woman, a simple provincial girl, who lives with her father Peter and her ambitious sister. There will be constant intrigues and blackmail in this family.

Love of the couple will be marred by dirty tricks of the enemies Maximiliano and Maura but it is impossible to separate them.


Jacqueline Bracamontes as María José Samaniego

María José is the main protagonist, young, diligent and beautiful, the native of the rural area. She lives with her father and her sister Paula. She married to Alejandro Lombardo not knowing that he is Bruno Albeniz in reality. She is in pain about her husband Alex who had an accident the day after the wedding. When she arrives to the funeral at the place of her husband’s family, she cannot even guess that world is built of luxury and comfort. She takes in all the intentions and plans she has been involved so far and realized she has been deceived and that Bruno is there, still alive. María José refuses to play the part in this dirty affair and she blackmails Bruno that she will do the entire endeavor to get him and his family sentenced. She is really impressed with the look of her alive husband though she is mourning him. She also contrives her measures against Alex but later she grasps that Alex is not that bad and the feeling towards him is growing to the highest love.

William Levy as Alejandro Lombardo

Alejandro is a courageous and eye-striking young man with the higher education. He is an orphan with the mother who died during delivery. Alejandro and his siblings, Raquel and Bruno, have been raised by his father and step-mother. When his father die Alejandro gets responsible for the family business. He is the victim of the attempt on his life caused Bruno who longs for inheriting the family business. However, he rescues. He is well-educated, has good manners and the high class which is very attractive.

David Zepeda as Bruno Damián Albeniz/ Bruno Damián Lombardo

Bruno is a hard-edged and arrogant person who intends to get wealthier and by all means. He comes from the high society, ambitious and vain. He is too envious with his brother, Alex who inherits the family business. Bruno makes up the plant to kill Alex and get the business in charge. María José is the target to attract the victim and the only things he is interested in is women and profit. He is ready for such extreme actions as murder to achieve goals. He is disappointed that Alex rescues and is jealous for the love affair between María José and Alex.  

Ana Brenda Contreras as Maura Albarran

Maura is a mutinous, spendthrift young woman from the wealthy family. She is independent and she has been in relations with Alejandro for many long years. She is in love with him though Alex decides to take time-out and see whether she is the woman he wants to live with. When Maura learns Alejandro is killed in the accident she cannot believe it and when Alex comes back she does not give up marrying him. She is persistent and like a snake who lies silent in the shadow to attack finally, she injures María José. Together with Bruno they make a perfect couple of villains who are then punished for the evil they do.

Daniela Romo as Victoria vda. de Lombardo

Victoria is a lady of the high society; she is writer, reputed and talented. She has been in unsuccessful marriage to Samuel. She has love affair with Antonio, the best friend to Samuel, gets pregnant and has two children who are sure Samuel is their blood father. After the death of Samuel Victoria and Antonio are again together to create the strong family. She is kind and purposeful. She has been living in the wrong marriage just for children.

Gabriel Soto as Fernando Alanis

Fernando Alanis is a very friendly young man, virile and full-hearted, outgoing and sociable. He is sensual, well-cared and helpful. He is ready to give a hand to anyone in need and trouble. Fernando has some obstacles to win Victoria but he prefers to say nothing afraid to get rejected. He is responsible for his sister since the time they get orphaned.

Chantal Andere as Raquel Albeniz de Castelar/ Raquel Lombardo de Castelar

Raquel is Bruno’s twin, a sister to Victoria and Antonio. She thinks Samuel’s her father. She is a material girl and cold-hearted. She gets furious and wicked after she has been poorly married. Raquel partners with Maura to scheme the cases with María José. She lives in a lavish and comfortable cottage in the suburb. She lives on the monthly allowance from her brother Alejando and the mansion rent that she inherited from her biological father in Pedregal.

Héctor Saéz as Pedro Samaniego

Pedro Samaniego is a widower with two daughters, María José and Paula. He gets disabled after the accident. With the purpose to help his daughter he gets involved in dirty activities to sell the stolen goods and piracy goods.

Sortilegio - telenovela

(2009) - William Levy, Jacqueline Bracamontes


William Levy ... Alejandro Lombardo
Daniela Romo .... Victoria V. de Lombardo
Jacqueline Bracamontes ... Maria José Samaniego de Lombardo
Gabriel Soto ... Fernando Alanis
Yolanda Andrade
Chantal Andere... Raquel Albeniz
Ana Brenda Contreras ... Maura Dessens
David Zepeda ... Bruno Albeniz
María Victoria ... Felipa
Lupita Pelayo
Adalberto Parra ... Erick
Marcelo Córdoba ... Roberto
Guillermo Zarur ... Ezequiel
José Carlos Ruiz ... Chucho
Luis Couturier ... ... Dr. Hernán
Héctor Sáez ... Pedro
Rosita Pelayo ... Meche
Julián Gil ... Ulises
Carlos Girón ... Gabriel
Manuela Imaz ... Katia
Daniela Luján
Wendy González ... Paula Samaniego Miranda
Fernando Allende ... Antonio Lobardo
Alejandro Tomassi ... Samuel Albeniz
Daniela Luján... Lissete Dessens
Felicia Mercado... Adriana de Lombardo
Azela Robinson
Rosa Gloria Chagoyán
Arturo Lorca ... Arturo
Wiebaldo Lopez ... Santos
Iliana de la Garza ... Julia
Rolando Fernández ... Gregorio
Patricia Ancira ... Bertha
Christina Pastor ... Mary
Otto Sirgo
Alfredo Adame
Juan José Origel ... Ernesto Dávila
Cristina Mason ... Lety
Elizabeth Álvarez ... Irene

Writing credits
María Zarattini ... (Original Story)
Claudia Velazco ... (Co-Adaptation)
Pilar Pedroza ... (Story Editor)

Song: Sortilegio de Amor
Written by: Denisse de Kalafe
Singing: Il Divo

Original music
Denisse De Kalaffe
Lorena Tassinari

Cinematography by
Lino Gama
Jose Manuel Becerra
Jesus Najera

Language : Spanish
Country: Mexico

Directed by
Mónica Miguel
Karina Duprez (on Location)

Produced by
Carla Estrada ... Executive Producer
Arturo Lorca ... Associative Producer
Guillermo Gutiérrez ... Co-Producer

Victor Hugo Flores
Israel Flores
Juan Carlos Frutos
Omar Blanco

Production Manager
Graciela Valdivia

Production Co-ordinator
Maricruz Castañon
Lily Moyers

Set Designers
Antonio Garcia
Diego Lascurian
Ricardo Navarrete

Set Decorator
Rafael Brizuela
Ignacio Hernandez

Costume Designer
Ana Luisa Miranda
Maria Dolores Gomez



Remake of mexican telenovela Tu o Nadie

The other remakes were american telenovela "Acapulco Bay" (1995) with Raquel Gardner and Jason Adams and mexican telenovela "Acapulco, Cuerpo y Alma" (1995) with Patricia Manterola and Saúl Lisazo

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Akosua  - Love spell/ Sortilegio   |2011-05-23 13:38:56
I was crying with the passion Alex got to the hospital and the love he showed was just too much for me to bear, It's makes it intresting to be loved by someone........Please Tell Alex that Ghanaians love him especially myself the two are just too compatible that is Alex and you two......You have future as actor and acrttress
Marisol Saavedra  - Sortilegio   |2012-02-18 00:43:40
Me gusto la novela de Sortilegio porque estaba chida y buena novela que visto en mi vida.
Patience Karamagi  - Sortilegio! The best soap opera   |2012-04-16 10:02:05
Sincerely speaking, Sortilegio is the best soap opera i have ever watched though i missed some parts.

Please, please, please i beg you to advise me on how i can get myself a copy because i fell in love with it.

iolanda   |2012-04-24 12:30:03
Este o telenovela foarte frumoasa , cu niste actori minunati ! Pacat ca nustiu spaniola sa le transmit actorilor felicitari . Me gusta, muy bonito, bueno todos ! I love this novela ! William Levy I love you !!! Iolanda from ROMANIA BUCURESTI.
Florence  - I love this soap   |2012-05-21 09:48:16
William, oh ma |God, i love the smartness. Every attire that you wear in this soap looks great on you. I just keep ma eyes glued on the screen.
Mayda   |2012-08-22 18:49:25
I love this novela, a haven't seen a more beautiful novela since Crystal.............I would love to see Crystal again.
Deedee rivera  - Sotilegio   |2012-08-22 22:09:54
this novela has a great story that can happen to any one and the actor Willian Levy his great actor. I just hope he make it here in the usa in Hollywood i hear he might be in the movie 50 shades of gray.
maryam omar   |2012-10-26 17:21:41
hi; i lik the history of sortiglio it was very good but it was en spanish langush how ever for us mecxican pepol ar the have good futur of move.
gvanca   |2012-11-11 14:39:23
this telenovela is best.i have seen it already twice.i like plot,actress and everything.i am fall in love in this wonderfl novel/jackie and william are wonderful couple.i wish i see them together in new telenovela. i am their fan.
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