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Soy tu Dueña

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La dueña de tu amor telenovelaValentina Villalba – is a blessed and successful girl. Life gave her a lot of gifts: great beauty and wealth she has inherited after her parents’ death. She has a mansion in México where she lives with her aunt Isabel and cousin Ivana which envies her much deep in her heart.

Her life changed one day when her fiancée Alonso left her standing at the altar at their wedding day for her cousin Ivana.  This betrayal of two people she has loved made her embittered and changed her character for despotic and cruel. In despair Valentina left México for her estate “Los Cascabeles” in the countryside to live there isolated. At her estate she met José Miguel who was the owner of the neighboring estate.

All people, who live in her land hate her much because the estate manager Rosendo does a lot of cruel and tyrannical actions on behalf of Valentina. That’s why her people name her “Viper”.

Valentina has many difficulties and misunderstanding with her neighbor José Miguel concerning border between their lands, due to which José will know her better and fall in love with her.



Lucero as Valentina Villalba

Valentina is a young and beautiful woman with the kind heart. She is generous and just, responsible and noble. She is rich and educated woman. One day she faces a great injustice when her happiness ruins and she is betrayed. And she hides under the mask of cruel and despotic woman.

Valentina is an orphan from the early age and she as been raised by her Aunt Isabel Rangel. She has been left behind by Alonso when she is the editor to the big publishing house. She leaves everything to isolate herself. She is in anger, fury and disappointment with all men. Though, she meets José Miguel and feels that she cannot hide her true emotions any longer.

Fernando Colunga as José Miguel Montesinos

José Miguel comes as very attractive and manly farmer. He is courageous and generous; heis a good friend and a tolerant loving son. He has an architect’s diploma but he has neverbeen involved in any architectural projects. Tired from bad luck, he returns home where he was happy full of desire to work there and develop the farm. He has never suspected to find his real love there, at home.

Silvia Pinal as Isabel Rangel

She is Valentina’s Aunt by her mother’s side. She treats Valentina as her own daughter. Isabel is very beautiful woman in her 50s, conservative and religious. She is Ivana’s mother. She has been a loving and responsive wife and mother. As a young girl she fell in love with Federico Montesinos and later on she married to Julián Dorantes, a person who betrayed her with every single woman attracted to him. When Julián was dying from heart attack, she was out there.

Isabel rejects feelings discovered by Ernesto Galeana to her since she can never forget the love of her life, Federico Montesinos.

David Zepeda as Alonso Peñalver

Alonso is not that simple as he looks. He is too charming to hide his ambitions. He is a place hunter to achieve the peak in personal and professional life. He is not so diligent when it comes to business. He has lots of friends and ex-girlfriends. He is married with a son fromthe marriage. He is Ivana’s lover and they have made a plan to seize Valentina’s assets marrying her. Finally he realizes he loves Valentina strongly but he decides to leave her at the altar not to injure her any longer with decisive intentions but he plans to have her love back.

Gabriela Spanic as Ivana Dorantes

Ivana is Valentina’s cousin. She is selfish and greed. When it comes to other people, she is arrogant and rough, when she needs to be sympathized or treated well, she behaves so nice and cute. She always uses her cunning nature and intellect. She is a real fashionmonger and a scenester. She has studied history of art but has never worked to earn money. Ivana hates Valentina since she always has to share with Valentina her mother’s love. She is envious and attempts to take everything that belongs to Valentina, including her boyfriend Alonso. In a while, she gets crazy about José Miguel and makes all intrigues and tricks to have him seduced.

Sergio Goyri as Rosendo Gavilán

Rosendo is abusive, cruel and merciless person. He has never stopped until he gets what he intends to achieve. Throughout many years he has managed the family farm with arrogance and despotism and he behaves as if he is the farmer himself. He gets furious when Valentina arrives to the farm and tries to make the things clear and get rid of him. However, Rosendo falls in love with Valentina and he feels he needs to confront with Jose.

Julio Alemán as Ernesto Galeana

Ernesto is the famous lawyer in Mexico. He is polite and diligent, honest and very kind. He is secretly in love with Isabel. Ivana hates Ernesto for his loving attention to her mother.

José Carlos Ruíz as Sabino

Sabino is too modest, humble, loyal and assiduous. He is known for frank attitude to people. He is wise though he has no official education. He is the close friend to Federico and he is involved in the business of the Montesinos.

Fabián Robles as Felipe

Felipe has the medical education. He is too timid and romantic. Diligent and honest, he is in deep love with Ivana who rejects his love and addresses to him when she needs assistance or support. He is the best friend to Valentina and Gabriela. When he finds out aboutAlonso’s trick, he refuses to befriend with him any longer. With the purpose of career growing and to get healed from his love, he moves to San Pedro de las Peñas not knowing that Ivana is there to evoke his emotions again.

Rossana San Juan as Crisanta

Crisanta has kept her beauty though she is in her elder age. She has always dressed simply. She has a daughter Iluminada born from unknown father. This is Rosendo, whom she loves but gets humiliated obly. She depends from Rosendo and she will do everything to keep him by her as even if he stares at her daughter.

Eric del Castillo as Federico Montesinos

Federico Montesinos is really generous and noble to be respected. He is handsome and romantic. He has always been the knight for his ladies. He adores his son, José Miguel, but he treats Leonor because she is there and that’s all. He is seriously sick with cancer and he returns to the farm to live up his last days. He meets with Isabel, the old love of youth, who provokes all former feelings. Sabino is his best friend from the childhood who is the estate keeper.

Ana Martin as Benita

Benita is a common woman, modest and responsive. She is known for her wisdom and common sense. She has no children, and, thus, she cares of Valentina from her birth day. She has loved Ivana either though she disappoints with her a little bit. Isabel is not only a supervisor but a friend and an advisor. She learns about love affair between Ivana and Alonso but keeps it in secret in fear to injure Valentina.

Jacqueline Andere as Leonor

Leonor is a woman with strong will. She is arrogant and very elegant. She is proud with herrefined manners. She is really abusive and intolerant to her employees. Apart from beingvicious, she is too smart, passionate and prudent. She refers to all possible schemes to meet her requirements. She knows how to behave with her husband and his son. She married to Frederic since she has always wanted to escape from poor environment and become powerful and wealthy. She dreams having god times with her grandsons-to-be.

Soy tu dueña - telenovela

(2010) - Lucero, Fernando Colunga, Gabriela Spanic, David Zepeda


Lucero ... Valentina Villalba
Fernando Colunga ... Jose Miguel Montesinos
Gabriela Spanic ... Ivanna Dorantes
Sergio Goyri ... Rosendo
Jacqueline Andere ... Leonor
Ana Martín ... Benita
Eduardo Capetillo ... Horacio
David Zepeda ... Alonso Peñalver
Julio Alemán ... Ernesto
Carlos Bracho ... Padre Justino
Marisol del Olmo ... Gabriela
Fabián Robles ... Felipe Santibañez
Claudio Báez ... Oscar Ampudia
Eric del Castillo ... Federico Montesinos
Julio Camejo ... Martín
José Carlos Ruiz ... Sabino
Rossana San Juan ... Crisanta
Emoe De La Parra ... Narda
Gerardo Albarrán
Martha Julia
Marisol Santacruz
Guillermo Capetillo ... Rogelio
Rebaca Mankita
Cecy Gutiérrez
Theo Tapia
Cristina Bernal
Diana Osorio
Hanny Sáenz
Silvia Ramírez
Manola Díez
Alejandra Procuna ... Brenda
Silvia Pinal ... Isabel
Ana Bertha Espín ... Enriquete
David Ostrosky ... Moises Macotela
Raúl Padilla 'chóforo' ... Padre Ventura
Fatima Torre ... Iluminada
Paul Stanley ... Timoteo
Cristina Obregón ... Sandra Macotela
Claudia Ortega ... Teresa
Eduardo Rivera ... Juan

Writing credits
Ines Rodena (original story)
Kary Fajer (script)
Alejandro Orive (Co-Adaptation)
Gerardo Luna (Co-Adaptation)
Rosario Velicia (Story Editor)

Song: Golondrinas viajeras
Written by: Joan Sebastian
Singing: Lucero and Joan Sebastian

Original music

Cinematography by
Alejandro Frutos
Lino Gama
Gabriel Vasquez Bulman

Language : Spanish
Country: Mexico

Directed by
Salvador Garcini
Ricardo De La Parra

Produced by
Ignacio Sada Madero (executive producer)
Nicandro Díaz (Executive Producer)
J. Antonio Avirzu (Associative Producer)
Jesus Rincon (Co-Producer)

Chief Of Production
Amando Cupil Jimenez
Socorro Lemus

Production Manager
Valentin Rodriguez

Susana P. Valencia H.
Mauricio Coronel Cortez

Set Designer
Ricardo Navarrete
Alfredo Lorenzo

Set Decorator
Manuel Dominguez

Costume Designer
Ana Luisa Miranda
Lorena Pimentel



Remake of:
1. Mexican telenovela "Domenica Montero".
2. Mexican telenovela "La Dueña" (1995) with Angélica Rivera, Francisco Gattorno
3. The Brazilian version of "La Dueña" is telenovela "Amor e Ódio" with Suzy Rego and Daniel Boaventura (2001/2002)
4. There was also the unsuccessful Venezuelan remake "El desafio" (1995, RCTV) with Caluda Venturini, Henri Soto and Mimi Lazo.

Forum Telenovela World - Soy Tu Dueña

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Flor  - Dueña de tu amor   |2010-03-24 00:33:30
Cuando será el grad estreno en México
Victoria  - Soy Tu Duña   |2010-04-03 18:06:37
No se puede esperar cuando se esta telenovela para llegar a Croacia. Salutos.
super pauleth  - nena   |2010-04-13 19:46:52
les deseo que su super novela es de poca por que llalos quiero ber actuar mara villosamente como siempre felicidades bye
michelle  - Soy tu duena   |2010-04-15 19:50:14
Cuando sera el gran estreno en United States "Soy tu duena"???
Anonymous   |2010-05-23 04:24:27
1ro de junio 2010 a las 9pm
mex83   |2010-04-17 06:43:04
Michelle en los estados unidos se vera como hasta Octubre que es cuando se acabe Corazon Salvaje.

Flor en gran estreno en Mexico sera el 19 de Abril.
Dama  - STUD in US   |2010-04-30 09:24:07
El gran estreo in U.S. most likley be in May! Univision changed their schedule at 9:00PM
aaron2010  - I have high expectations for this version!   |2010-05-04 01:32:56
I own a copy of the DVD of the 1995 version of "La Duena" with Anjelica Rivera and Francisco Gattorno. It was a very good novela. Now that the new version is debuting here in the U.S., I have very high expectations for this version. Although Lucero, Fernando Colunga,Gaby Spanic, and David Zepeda are good actors, I think Televisa should have had younger actors to be cast for the main characters. I guess we'll just have to see how the acting and novela itself turn out. Saludos, Aaron A.
la puertorriquena  - not good   |2010-05-23 22:00:26
la verdad es ke soy fan de colunga ,pero esta ve.rsion de la gran " La duena" es malisima..los actores NO van con los personajes..le falta fuerza,caracter a lucero para este he visto y cadavez me convenso mas de ke no me gusta...
Anonymous   |2010-06-28 04:35:35
Lucero tiene mucho mas caracter para este papel que Angelica. Y en cuando que esta grande, en la telenovela original se trataba deque los papeles de los protagonistas tenian 40 años.
Anonymous  - re: Soy Tu Duña   |2010-05-29 07:00:36
Victoria wrote:
No se puede esperar cuando se esta telenovela para llegar a Croacia. Salutos.
Adela  - re:Soy Tu Duena   |2010-05-30 00:30:08
Well I don't watch novelas , But this one is real good.
Jimena  - La Novela   |2010-06-12 18:27:10
The novela is being shown in the USA and I must say the novela is really, really good. The actors are very believable in their parts and I am thoroughly enjoying it.

Thanks to all who worked in this novela!

yolanda   |2010-06-29 05:50:36
any ideal where to find wedding dress seen at the beginning??
Mimi  - Mala actriz   |2010-07-01 19:06:10
ya empezo esta novela en US. La actuacion de Gabriela Spanik esta fatal.. Es demasiado exaherada actuando. Chantal Andere actua mil veces mejor de villana.
odila panozzo  - soy tu duon~a   |2010-07-18 04:40:13
Lucero esta fazendo um papel em la novela soy tu duena EXPETACULAR pARABENS... continue sempre assim.. eu nao posso perder a novela rsrsrsrsr
Daivd   |2010-07-29 00:21:31
I watch novelas alot with my wife, she translates for me as were watching. The caracters are great, Im glad to see lucero and Fernando together again. I wish they would make an option for english subtitles that would be great. Excellent show best acting Ive seen in along time.
karen  - NOVELAS   |2010-12-29 18:50:09
i LOVE Watching soy Tu duena Jose is fine and valentine is great and Ivana and Rosendo are crazy and I wish to that they use English sub titles.
sonia  - comentario   |2010-07-31 02:12:08
Acerca de la novela Soy Tu Duena, es una muy buena produccion en lo que hambientacion se refiere los paisajes, las haciendas, vestuario etc son bellas, Las actuaciones son algunas excelentes, especialmente la Lucero y Colunga, es una lastima que el escritor decida usar argumentos tan estupidos en el desarrollo de la trama. por favor no se conformen con situaciones tan baratas estoy segura que algien de su equipo puede usar el cerebro un poquito y demostrar respeto por la audiencia.
Maria Boss  - Re.: Soy Tu Duena   |2010-08-16 08:52:12
Very interesting story; each episode holds your attention. Muy interesante, con cada capitulo fascinandonos...!!! Love Lucero and Fernando Colunga together, too! Actores excelentes!
Joseph   |2010-09-08 18:29:40
I could just say that I am hooked. La novela me ha ganchado...
mercy  - pliz tell   |2011-03-29 13:32:35
hi am watching soy tu duena in Kenya en am sooo loving it,now that you have already watched it,give me clues what will transpire please.

maryanne  - soy tu duena   |2011-04-21 06:32:30
Hi, am also watching this soap en its great.mercy email me ur email adressse then i can send u at least the can i get the whole DVD movie? much appreciation.
katia garcia  - soy tu duena   |2010-08-17 20:58:16
una de las novelas mas vistas del tempo cada capitulo te deja con la boca aberta
gaby   |2010-08-21 02:12:34
esta novela tiene actores que saven actuar y para el galan que se roba la pantalla es colunga esta buenisimo mejor que nunca
valeria   |2010-08-25 16:43:53
esta telenovela si que es muy buene muy bien y felicidades a la produccion al igual q a los actores
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