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Tentaciones telenovela Eugenio Segovia, a man who always had a limitless ambition and committed many errors in the past, later started feeling the consequences. Eugenio accumulates an enormous fortune when he marries Mercedes, with whom he has four children: Gabriel, Lorenza, Diego and Fernanda. But outside this marriage, Eugene also has a daughter with Erika, his first and only love, the name of that girl is Julia. Gabriel becomes a priest, but by chance of the destiny he meets Julia, initiating a romance with her and hiding from her his true vocation. The conflict starts when Julia discovers that Gabriel is not only her supposed cousin, but also a priest. In spite of everything, they still love each other, but the commotion comes when Eugenio is forced to confess them the truth. They are not cousins, but half brother and sister.

Tentaciones - telenovela

(1998) - Lorena Rojas, José Ángel Llamas


José Ángel Llamas .... Gabriel Segovia
Lorena Rojas .... Julia Muñóz
Guillermo Murray .... Eugenio Segovia
Omar Fierro .... Martín Farías
Judy Henríquez .... Mercedes Villegas de Segovia
Mercedes Pascual .... Generosa
Juan Manuel Bernal .... Diego Segovia
María Renée Prudencio .... Lorenza Segovia
Ana de la Reguera .... Fernanda Segovia
Liat Heras Sclar .... Lucía
Marina de Tavira .... Eliana
Carlos Torres Torrija .... Federico
Farnesio de Bernal .... Fermín
Arturo Ríos .... Javier
Luis Rábago .... Hernán
Carmen Madrid
Flor Payan
Álvaro Guerrero
Manuel Blejerman

Writing credits
Bernardo Romero (original story)
Múnica Angudelo (original story)
Bernardo Romero (libretto)
Jimena Romero (libretto)

Theme song
Written by Armando Manzanero
Singing: Lisset

Music arranger
Ernesto Anaya

Art Director
Ariel Bianco

Directed by
Maika Bernard
Alberto Cortés

Produced by
Epigmenio Ibarra
Carlos Payán
Hernán Vera
María Auxiliadora Barrios (associated producer)
Ana Celia Urquidi (executive producer)

TV Azteca


"Tentaciones" is a remake of telenovela "Sangre de lobos" (Colombia, 1992), the best novela in Colombia in 1992.

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natalie   |2011-01-18 04:45:03
Esta novela estaba buenisima, pero la cortaron inesperadamente, en Mexico el tema se les hizo muy fuerte a ciertos sectores, por pura sensura la cortaron en su mejor momento.
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