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Teresa II

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Teresa II telenovelaIn an atmosphere where familiy conflicts derived from poverty come up on a daily basis, young, intelligent and beautiful Teresa struggles desperately to escape the vulgar barrio humdrum she so suffocating, so oppressive... She wants to break away from the misery that snatched her only sister's life from her, because the wounds left by hunger have never healed.... Sitting in her room in the "vecindad" (low-income housing) she plans daring adventures in order to penetrate the world she is so overwhelmed by: travel, jewels, clothing and power. She knows she's beautiful and makes the most of her charms in order to get whatever she sets out to. There's only one obstacle keeping her from reaching her goal: she must dominate her feeling because the great love of her life is as poor as she is. Love and greed are the two paths, which one will Teresa take?

Teresa II - telenovela

(1989) - Salma Hayek, Rafael Rojas


Salma Hayek .... Teresa
Rafael Rojas .... Mario
Laura Almela .... Luisa
Marta Aura .... Mario's mother
Claudio Brook .... Don Fabián
Jair De Rubin .... Chamuco
Irma Dorantes .... Juana
Gael García Bernal .... Peluche
Daniel Giménez Cacho .... Héctor
Astrid Hadad .... Neighbor (singer)
Juan Carlos Bonet
Nadia Haro Oliva .... Eulalai
Margarita Isabel .... Rita
Mario Iván Martínez
Mercedes Pascual .... Enriqueta
Patricia Pereyra .... Aurora
Patricia Reyes Spíndola .... Josefina
Óscar Vallejo
Aracely Guizar .... La Morena
Patricia Bernal .... Esperanza
Rosa María Bianchi .... Rosa
Jorge del Campo .... Dr. Sanchez
Dora Escudero .... Ceferina
David Ostrowsky ..... Willy
Miguel Pizarro .... Raúl
Alejandro Rabago
Omar Rodriguez
Alfredo Sevilla .... Ramon
Amparo Garrido
Humberto Enriquez
Rosy Escudero
Rodolfo Arias
Teo Tapia
Gabriel Velasquez
Rosa Elena Dias
Leonor Llausas .... Gudelia
Antonio Escobar .... Delfino
Héctor Gómez .... Manuel

Writing credits
Mimí Bechelani (original story)
Silvia Castillejos (adaptation)
Francisco Sanchez (adaptation)
Jorge Aanchez Fogarty (script editor)

Songs "Enriqueta" and "Minos
Denise de Halafe

Art Director
José Luis Garduño

Production manager
Isabelle Tardan

Cinematography by
Antonio Serrano

Directed by
Gabriel Vasquez Bulman

Produced by
Lucy Orozco
Bosco Arochi (associated producer)



"Teresa II" is a remake of:
1 version: telenovela "Teresa I"
2 version: telenovela "El Cuarto Mandamiento"
The Brazilian version of "Teresa" is telenovela "Teresa" (1965, TV. Tupi) with Georgia Comide and Walmor Chagas.
"The best telenovela of the year", TVyNovelas award, 1990.

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Anonymous   |2008-08-01 00:42:06
"Teresa" was the one of the best telenovelas ever had. It ever helped launching the career of Salma Hayek.
Anonymous   |2008-08-01 00:42:21
Salma should have stayed in Mexico making more novelas. Her Hollywood experience is bitter-sweet to say the least. Salma Hayek wasnt the best actress in Mexico and still managed to get an Oscar nomination. This only makes me wonder what true talent such as Jacqueline, Chantal Andere, Adela Noriega and others would achieve if they were given the opportunity to cross abroad.
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