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Teresa III

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Teresa III telenovelaTeresa is a poor girl. She lives with her parents who work hard from morning till dusk for Teresa can study in University. But Teresa is ashamed of her poor parents. She desires to be rich and live in luxury. Mario – a young driver and medical student, is in love with Teresa. But the girl rejected him as he is too poor for her.

Teresa has got a rich boyfriend in University – Manuel. But when Manuel finds out about Teresa’s social origin, he proposes the girl to become his lover but not more! No serious relationships are possible between poor girl and rich guy.

Teresa applies to young and attractive teacher for help – Héctor de la Barrera. Hector is impressed with the girl’s beauty. He proposes Teresa to live in his house as a guest and use his big librar. Teresa is grateful to Hector for this invitation. She moves to Hector. Here she finds a good friend – a sister of Hector Luisa. Teresa tries to impress Hector and make him fall in love with her, and she manages to do this after all.

But at this time she meets Luisa’s fiancée José Antonio. Jose Antonio is rich, kind, attractive and young. He is her best chance to come into a rich world. Teresa does her best to make Jose Antonio loving her. She stoles Luisa’s fiancée. Jose Antonio is in love and he is ready to ask Teresa marry him.

But Jose Antonio’s mother Eulalia wants her son to ask Teresa’s parents permit for this marriage as it is traditionally happening. But Teresa says her parents to be dead. Although Eulalia tries to find Teresa’s family. She comes to Luisa and Hector and asks them. Here Luisa tells Eulalia about Teresa’s parents and even takes her to Teresa’s village. At the day of engagement Eulalia tells her son the truth about Teresa and invites Luisa to prove her words. Jose Antonio is disappointed in Teresa for her lie.

Teresa tries to ask Hector and Luisa to forgive her as she wants to live with them again. But they can not forgive the young girl. Then Teresa has to come back to her parents’ house and here she finds out her mother has died some time ago and her father left house forever. The house is destroyed. So now Teresa is alone in the empty ruined house, despised by everybody.


Angelique Boyer as Teresa

Teresa is beautiful, smart and cold-hearted. She is ambitious and prudent enough. She is very attractive and she takes advantages of it. She is shamed about her parents and believes she is worth more than she has from them. She is known for her liking to manipulate people but her mother and Mariano still put high hopes that she will reconsider her views. Teresa wants to be with Mariano but her ambitions are still higher and more dominant than his love.

Aarón Díaz as Mariano

Mariano is very sensitive, generous, diligent and proud man. To earn money for life he works as a taxi driver but he dreams of becoming a doctor. He has been brought up in lack of financial means but he has lots of love. He refuses from his medical investigations to work complete days when his mother gets sick. He is ready to marry to Teresa but he realizes that he’d better become honest deliberate specialist to rely on himself.

Sebastián Rulli as Arturo

Arturo is a famous lawyer, researcher and a writer. He is cold-minded, intelligent and well-educated. He is called an “Iron man” and his students respect him but Teresa who strikes him with her beauty and intelligence. He comes from the rich family. He has suffered from desperate love as a younger man and he does not feel like breaking his heart again. When he meets Teresa he changes his mind.

Ana Brenda Contreras as Aurora

Aurora is sweet, kind and delicate young girl. She does not keep to superstitions or any social beliefs and her heart is open to everyone and everything. She is naïve to believe Teresa is her best friend who makes friends with her only for comfort. Aurora loves Mariano but she knows that he is in love with Teresa. She is too kind and gentle to work with kids but not be a cold-minded medical person.

Daniel Arenas as Fernando

Fernando was born in Spain and arrived to Mexico for 5 years only to study engineering and construction for the company he inherited from his father. He is a Jet Set member, but he is not that self-confident and arrogant. He is the one to be the dream for most women: he is handsome, athletic, advantourous and romantic, loves traveling, music and good food, yachts and playing golf.

Teresa III - telenovela

(2010) - Angelique Boyer, Aarón Díaz


Angelique Boyer ... Teresa
Aarón Díaz ... Mariano
Sebastián Rulli
Cynthia Klitbo
Silvia Mariscal ... Refugio
Manuel Landeta ... Rubén
Ana Brenda Contreras ... Aurora
Margarita Magaña ... Aída
Fernanda Castillo ... Luisa
Felicia Mercado ... Genoveva
Juan Carlos Colombo ... Armando
Alejandro Ávila ... Cutberto
Oscar Bonfiglio ... Héctor
Fabiola Campomanes ... Esperanza
Dobrina Cristeva ... Mayra
Toño Mauri ... Hernán
Luis Fernando Peña ... Johnny
Issabela Camil ... Paloma
Alejandro Nones ... Paulo
Joana Brito ... Nachita
Willebaldo López ... Pedro
Juan Sahagún ... Ramón

Writing credits
Mimí Bechelani (original story)
Ximena Suarez (adaptation)

Song: Esa Hembra Es Mala
Written by: Marcela De Legarza, Baltazar Hinonjosa, Gloria Trevi
Singing: Gloria Trevi

Original music

Cinematography by

Language : Spanish
Country: Mexico

Directed by
Mónica Miguel

Produced by
Jose Alberto Castro



Telenovela "Teresa" is the remake of mexican telenovela "Teresa". The versions of this telenovela are:
1 version: mexican telenovela "Teresa I" (1959) with Maricruz Olivier, Aldo Monti
2 version: mexican telenovela "Cuarto Mandamiento, El" (1967) with Pituka De Foronda y Guillermo Zetina
3 version: mexican telenovela "Teresa II" (1989) with Salma Hayek, Rafael Rojas
4 version: mexican telenovela "Teresa III" (2010) with Angelique Boyer, Aarón Díaz

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irene  - amor   |2012-03-30 18:20:54
hola me ha gustado q ganaras y quisieras tu, mi hermana Teresa Chaves.
Ha y suerte
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