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Te Sigo Amando

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Te sigo amando telenovela The Mexican countryside is the setting for a passionate love triangle. Yulissa is trapped between the obsession of rich landowner Ignacio Aguirre, the master of the Arroyo Negro Hacienda, and the love of Luis Angel Zaldivar, a renowned physician. Yulissa is a lovely young girl from a good family who lives with her brother Alberto and her grandmother Paula. Their heavy debts force them to mortgage their state, and Yulissa is driven into an arranged betrothal with Ignacio Aguirre. However, from the moment she meets Luis Angel, Yulissa knows that her life and her dreams will never again be the same.

Te sigo amando - telenovela

(1997) - Claudia Ramírez, Luis José Santander


Claudia Ramírez .... Yulissa
Luis José Santander .... Luis Angel
Sergio Goyri .... Ignasio
Olivia Collins .... Leticia
Katy Jurado .... Justina
Carmen Montejo .... Paola
María Rojo .... Felipa
Magda Guzmán .... Ofelia
Guillermo Murray .... Arturo
René Muñoz .... Padre Murillo
Juan Manuel Bernal .... Alberto
Mónica Prado .... Estela
Aurora Clavell .... Tránsito
Harry Geithner .... Lencho
Osvaldo Benavides .... Lazarito
Alejandra Procuna .... Elisa
Arturo Lorca .... Chucho
Andrés Gutiérrez .... Danilo
Lorena Enríquez .... Consuelito
Cristina Saralegui .... Herself
Lucha Moreno .... Emilia
Julián Robles .... Oscar
Ella Laboriel .... Clarita
Guillermo Lara .... Hurtado
Víctor Carpinteiro .... Roberto
Héctor Parra .... Enrique
Eduardo Liñan .... Julio
Paty Thomas .... Silvia
América Gabriel .... Claudia
Yadhira Carrillo .... Teresa
Kuno Becker .... Humberto
Carmen Montejo
Jesús Betanzos .... Chava
María Eugenia Bravo .... Enfermera
Gabriela Castro .... Lucía
Alberto Chávez .... Cirilo
José Antonio Ferral .... Cubillas
Kokin Li .... Omar
Melba Luna .... Rosa
Ariel López Padilla .... Doctor
Javier Martínez .... Cantante
Felicia Mercado .... Doctora
Sergio Morante .... Juan
Rosana Paintes .... Carmelita
Benjamín Pineda .... Jacinto
Marcelo Portela .... Silverio
Manuel Rafiela .... Mario
Mariana Rasaldi .... Dorita
Javier Ruiz .... Tomás
Alejandro Villeli .... Gudelio
Rocío Yaber .... Efigenia
Chela Castro Fabian Robles

Writing credits
Delia Fiallo
René Muñoz (free version)
Ricardo Navarrete (script)

Song: Te sigo amando
Written and Performed by Juan Gabriel

Production manager
Guillermo Gutiérrez

Cinematography by
Alejandro Frutos

Directed by
Monica Miguel
Miguel Corcega (scene director)

Produced by
Carla Estrada



"Te sigo amando" is a remake of telenovela " Monte Calvario".

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