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Tontas No Van al Cielo, Las

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Las Tontas No Van al Cielo telenovelaCandy is a beautiful young girl filled with dreams and hopes for her future. At her 15th birthday party (Fiesta de Quince Años), she meets the man of her dreams: Patricio. He became everything to Candy. He was in her thoughts and in all her dreams. Not only was he her boyfriend, he also became her father's boss. Candy couldn't be happier and shares her happiness with her two sisters, Alicia and Veronica. Some time later, Alicia moves to Tijuana and Veronica dies due to a liposuction gone wrong. At her 18th birthday party, just one week before her long dreames wedding with Patricio, Candy makes love for the very first time. Alicia arrives for Candy's wedding, who feels guilty for her sister as she feels responsible that Alicia has abruptly ended her career as a dancer. Alicia forgives her, or so, Candy thinks.


Gabriela Platas as Bárbara
Bárbara is a stubborn woman voting for liberty, freedom and independence. She affirms everyone she is liberal. She is twice divorced and she gains a lot of money from her husbands. She is the psychologist and works with Candy in the
elementary school. Bárbara is the person who speaks straight-forwardly due to her honest and inflexibility. She is intuitively sincere.

Ginny Hoffman as Cecilia
Cecilia is Candy’s assistant and nutritionist in the institute. She is very independent and smart. Cecilia tactful and delicate in everything she does. She is divorced. Cecilia feels something special about her boss and she is willing to
give and do everything for Candy’s sake. She is truthful, energetic and loyal person that Candy can rely upon.

Reynaldo Rossano as Toño
Toño is similar to Zamora. Naïve and too shy with women. Toño refers to  Zamora every time he needs a piece of advice to conquer a woman. The relationship Zamora - Toño is like relations between a teacher and an apprentice. When Zamora speaks, Toño is all attention. They both dream of victory as they feel it. They feel that every business endevour they are involved in make them go out of poverty eventually.

Andrea Torre as Soledad
Soledad is Candy’s best friend. When Soledad was employed by Patricio, she had an affair with the boss followed by her pregnancy in three months of love. She decides to confront those who is like the father of her child. She tends to be
an independent woman and lives in a rent flat.

Jacqueline Bracamontes as Candy
Candy is a very impulsive woman who takes swift decisions at once which often bring to problems. She absolutely believe in herself to control her life and she does not believe in men and love they can feel. She has a column in the magazine to publish articles that are like guidance for women not to be hurt. Her motto is: "I am not intended to be a carpet to walk over me".

Las Tontas No Van al Cielo - telenovela

(2008) - Jacqueline Bracamontes, Jaime Camil, Valentino Lanús


Jacqueline Bracamontes ... Cándida Morales Alcalde
Jaime Camil ... Santiago López Carmona
Julio Alemán ... Arturo Molina
Karla Álvarez ... Paulina
Agustín Arana ... Mario
Luis Manuel Ávila ... Zamora
Rosángela Balbó ... Margarita Lizárraga de Molina
Lilí Brillanti ... Tina
Fabiola Campomanes ... Alicia Morales Alcalde
Carlos de la Mota ... Raúl
Ana Bertha Espín ... Gregoria Alcalde de Morales
Jacqueline García ... Chayo
Raquel Garza ... Hortensia
Carlos Girón ... Miguel
Eleazar Gómez ... Charly
Eric Guecha ... Carlo
Mauricio Herrera ... Jaime
Ginny Hoffman ... Cecilia
Manuel 'Flaco' Ibáñez ... Manuel 'Meño' Morales
Alejandro Ibarra ... Eduardo
Violeta Isfel ... Lucía
Valentino Lanús ... Patricio Molina Lizárraga
Mariana Lodoza ... Rocío
Silvia Mariscal ... Isabel Carmona viuda de López
Sabine Moussier ... Marissa
Catherine Papile ... Asuncion
Christina Pastor ... Lulú
Gabriela Platas ... Bárbara
Diego Ramírez ... Beto
Reynaldo Rossano ... Toño
Julian Sedgwick ... Dr Read
Andrea Torre ... Soledad
Julio Vega ... Donato
Robin Vega ... Chava
Ximena Herrera .... Irene

Writing credits
Palmira Olguín
Enrique Torres
Miguel Ángel Vega

Song Esto Es Lo Que Soy
Written by: Jesse and Joy
Singing: Jesse and Joy

Original music
Carlos Páramo

Cinematography by
Alejandro Álvarez Ceniceros
Gabriel Vázquez Bulman

Directed by
Rodrigo Hernández
Felipe Nájera

Produced by
Eduardo Meza
Rosy Ocampo



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Nova Guerrero  - RE: Soundtracks   |2008-11-23 15:36:51
Good day! I love to watch las tontas. The story and the morals are so good. It's not that melodramatic. I love the mixture of love and humor. There's just one thing. I also love the soundtracks! Can i know the title of the soundtracks in this series aside from 'esto es lo que soy'? I'll be more specific. There is this song in the part in which candy had her make over then she went to Santiago where they were riding in this huge yacht-just the two of them. The song was very jolly and I like it.
Hoping for your favorable response. Thank you!
shanelou  - las tontas   |2008-12-19 13:36:18

why here in bicol most espicially in naga city no more las tontas? so many peole watching this here but they replace the cartoons istead of las tontas,we are so dis appointed!
jhem  - las tontas   |2009-06-12 11:42:37
the time slot was moved..from am to 1:00pm and tomorrow is the finale..hope they show patricio and candy has 2 favor of santi and one favor of patricio!
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