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Tormenta en el Paraíso

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Tormenta en el paraíso telenovelaIn the year 1519, the Mayan priest Ahzac discovers that his daughter, Ixmy, has given herself to the love of a white man; she was destined to be sacrificed as a gift to the gods along with some gifts made of gold and with a black pearl of similar size. The maiden, having avoided her fate, invokes Ahzac's fury, who then invokes a curse upon the black pearl, saying, " Whoever has this pearl in their possession will never be able to know what happiness is!"

In 1987, the investigators Eliseo Barvo and Hernan Lazcano go exploring underwater in the coral reefs of Cozumel and make a surprising discovery: they find the black pearl that was lost for many years at the bottom of the sea. Once the pearl is touched by Hernan, Ahzac's curse takes effect. The pearl wakes the greed in Eliseo, who provokes the death of his partner Hernan, thus leaving Hernan's wife, Analy, and their newborn daughter, Aymar, alone.


Eliseo Bravo returns to Veracruz with the gold and black pearl but the curse makes its effect. And soon, his wife María Teresa leaves him with three children of them, namely David, Nicolás and Leonardo. Eliseo recovers from the fate trick and establishes his own landed property 'El Paraíso'.

Twenty years pass and Eliseo thinks of handing the real estate to the management of one of his sons. David shows no concern about the farm and the real estate. The third son, Leonardo is too melancholic and sensitive. And Eliseo sets high hopes upon Nicolás only who grows to be the perfect lawyer. Nicolás always supports his father and Eliseo believes he can rely upon him.  

Nevertheless, the pearl has to show it effect and things happen.

Aymar, the heir to the maya culture, grows to be a beautiful young woman. She meets Nicolás and falls in love with him. Maura Durán, a sensitive and ambitious woman, weaves her ties of lie and intrigues to seize the fortune of Bravo. Maura tries all her best to seduce all three brothers and provokes them to compete. She involves Aymar in her intrigues, totally affecting people concerned in life and business of the Bravo.

Nicolás and Aymar never give up and they keep their love to each other in spite of obstacles and intrigues made by Maura and the curse of the black pearl. They do everything to prove that love is able to overdo barriers of time and eveil for the sake of purity and trust.


Alejandro Tomassi as Eliseo Bravo

Eliseo is handsome and ambitious person. He is a biologist specializing at the scientific-research laboratories. He has been friends to Hernán Lazcano throughout his life. One day Hernán leaves his wife and a newborn daughter Aymar. When Eliseo meets Aymar, he is full of penitence and he offers support and assistance to her. Eliseo is arrogant and serous person. He is aspired to be successful at work. His is too ambitious. His longing to get acknowledged by the wide public for the scientific researches requires betraying. And the curse of the black pearl calls for paying for all his past treachery and mistakes and he does pay for them.

Frances Ondiviela as Teresa Bravo

Teresa is a beautiful elegant woman. She is disappointed with the long absence of her husband and the indifferent treat of her husband to her makes her too upset. Teresa seeks for sympathy with other men and then she decides to leave her family for the sake of her love. She leaves her three children and as a punishment of the fate, she is then left by her lover. She cannot have her children back and she tries to soothe her grief and pain drinking alcohol. She is so sorry that she left her children off sometime back.

Mariana Seoane as Maura Durán

A beautiful and sensitive woman to use her tempting beauty to provoke men for her sake. The daughter of the politician she has been raised by her mother-in-law, Luisa. She has taught Maura to use her beauty as the best weapon to conquer men. She is shameless to apply her charms to seduce and subdue anyone to be helpful to help make her dreams come true. She is oriented to tempt the three Bravo brothers to seize their estate.

José Luis Reséndez as David Bravo

David is the eldest of the brothers. He is tall and too strong, rebellious and promising. He is attractive and his charisma is too striking about women. He is stubborn and he tends to do what he wants and plans. He is not so responsible and too adventurous. His feelings and emotions are always loud and explosive. He is too impulsive to cause so many problems, personal and family.

Erick Elías as Nicolás Bravo

Nicolás is nice-looking and attractive to women. He’s brought up to be very manly and responsible. He is the one to rely on forever. He is quiet and always smiles frankly. He is close to is father and he renders assistance to people in need of legal advice in his leisure time. He falls in love with Aymar, though he is an ordinary man with all the habits and mind to get trapped by Maura.

Ernesto D'Alessio as Leonardo Bravo

Leonardo is the youngest in the family. He is kind and quiet, hesitating and too sensitive, as a result. He is too smart, though. He wants to get and look as his brothers since he is shy that he is so undetermined. He is inclined to melancholy and depression, because his mother left them off when he was a child. He is good at writing lyrics. He is so timid to get influenced by Maura and fall in love with her.

Sara Maldonado as Aymar Lazcano Mayu

Aymar, the daughter to Hernán Lazcano and Analy Mayu Lazcano, is very beautiful girl. She has nice hair and hazel eyes. She is charming to strike men. Her intuition makes her be cautious and careful. Aymar inherits honesty and diligence from her father. She is good at diving and she is obsessed with the idea to protect cays. On the other hand, she is brought up to keep the traditions of the ancient maya nation since her mother is a maya woman.

Eugenia Cauduro as Analy Mayu Lazcano

A maya woman, kind and gentle. However, she is strong-willed. After the death of her husband Hernán she stays with her daughter-in-law, Aymar. Analy is the advisor for Aymar. She teaches Aymar to love the maya ancestors and adhere to ancient traditions.

Manuel Ojeda as Capitán Solís

He is a good person and the one who supported the Lazcano family when Hernan died. He gets in charge of Analy and Aymar whom he treats as a daughter. He is the only one to face Eliseo Bravo for the past.

Ursula Prats as Luisa Durán

Durán widow, she is too complicated: cunning and intriguing. She keeps the former beauty and she is able to build complicated variations to manipulate people.

Tormenta en el paraíso - telenovela

(2007 - 2008) - Sara Maldonado, Erick Elias


Sara Maldonado ... Aymar Lazcano Mayu
Erick Elias ... Nicolás Bravo
Mariana Seoane ... Maura Durán
Alejandro Tommasi ... Eliseo Bravo
Alejandro Ávila
Marco Bacuzzi
Jorge Alberto Bolaños
Patricio Cabezut ... Barraza
Julio Camejo ... José Miguel
Delia Casanova
Eugenia Cauduro ... Analy Mayu Lazcano
Evelio Con V ... Tacho
Ernesto D'Alessio ... Leonardo Bravo
Guillermo Dorantes
Alejandro Durán
Maribel Fernández ... Carmelita
Rocío García
Ricardo Guerra ... Cuco
Aarón Hernán ... Padre Augusto
Vicente Herrera
Roberto Ibarra
Salvador Ibarra ... Cirilo
Joseba Iñaki
Israel Jaitovich
Archie Lafranco
Ivonne Ley ... Celina
Dobrina Liubomirova ... Cleotilde
Macaria ... Paloma
Antonio Manuel
Patricia Martínez
Ingrid Martz ... Karina Rosemberg
José María Negri
Manuel Ojeda ... Capitán Solís
Frances Ondiviela ... Teresa Bravo
Adalberto Parra ... Nakuk
Siena Perezcano
Federico Pizarro ... Raúl Abascal
Arturo Posada ... Rigo
Ursula Prats ... Luisa Durán
Flor Procuna ... Rosalinda
José Luis Reséndez ... David Bravo
Norma Reyna
Mariana Rivera
Tania Robledo
Ligia Robles
Joustein Roustand
José Carlos Ruiz ... Ahzac
Antonio Said
Ximena Said
Juan Carlos Serrán ... Lucio
Gerardo Soublette
René Strickler ... Hernán Lazcano
Andrés Torres Romo
Oscar Traven ... Mario Abascal
Marco Uriel
Ferdinando Valencia ... Lizandro
Vielca Valenzuela
Pietro Vannucci ... Botel
Juan Manuel Vilchis

Writing credits
Caridad Bravo Adams
Marcia del Río
Ricardo Tejeda
Claudia Velazco

Song: No Se Me Hace Fácil
Written by: Gianmarco Zignago
Singing: Alejandro Fernández

Song: Atrevete A Mirarme De Frente
Written by: Morales, Miguel Loubet and M. Castellón
Singing: Mariana Seoane

Original music
Adrián Bac
Alejandro De La Parra
Maryté Gutiérrez
Luis Guzmán
Jorge Jurado
Sergio Jurado
Carlos Páramo
Rodolfo Pérez
Roberto Sánchez
Saúl Torres

Cinematography by
Alfredo Sánchez

Directed by
Aurelio Ávila
Gilberto Macin

Produced by
Juan Osorio
Emireth Rivera



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Patricija  - patricija   |2008-11-02 21:57:16
super es telenovela Tormenta en el paraiso
krenarja albania  - te querio   |2008-12-06 05:50:20
oooooooo is very good telenovela tormenta en el paraiso sara and erick are very good men i love you much sara and erick you are in my heart qao
arlinda albania-good  - very good   |2009-01-16 15:33:30
oooooh very good telenovela tormenta en el paraiso sara maldonado and ingrid martz beautiful
silvja  - ola   |2009-01-23 14:30:47
oooooh very good telenovela tormenta en el paraiso sara maldonado and erick elias
mili  - bolje serije nisam pogledala.Najboljaaa jeeee!!!!   |2009-01-30 16:14:47
telenovela Tormenta En El Paraiso is very important part in my life...sara maldonado and erick elias is pretty and BEAUTIFUL....
JM KFS  - ola   |2009-02-20 14:17:08
Its like real life and at the same time its some body's destiny. Its wow.
JM KFS  - WOW   |2009-02-20 14:20:30
Tormenta en el paraiso is the only thing that gets me glued to my television its beautiful
Brenda.Fassianah  - comment   |2009-03-31 13:32:23
ooooooooooo ma God I really love the whole idea of the soap it is really fun and intersting to watch.oops Erick and Sara add the taste to the drama.I truelly love those guys
Anjie  - Snippets of the telenovella   |2009-04-02 11:46:50
Ola! Can anyone get me a link with the snippets of this fine telenovella please? Much appreciated, cheers!
gona  - gona .net   |2009-04-13 14:14:29
ola telenovela tormenta en el paraiso its beatiful
sarah  - comment   |2009-04-27 11:52:09
Tormenta en el paraiso keeps me glued to my television. Sarah and Elias very interesting.
hilda halm  - letter   |2009-05-03 19:38:37
i love this telenovela it was great i will like congratulate all the actors and the actress especially sara
hilaria mbwalala  - ms   |2009-08-12 19:24:37
i realy like the actions of most characters in this film,especialy Leonardo Bravo,however its now imposible to see his actions anymore since he is now out. anyways that aint realy a big deal to me, because i will still be enjoying aymar's!
fransina  - raul   |2009-08-26 22:53:40
why do Raul have to die?
witness   |2009-05-06 13:50:05
sara maldonado and erick elias you are good actors i have never seen keep it up guys .i realy love you ,i realy love the soap
nasra  - letter   |2009-05-07 09:01:43
i love this telenovela it is great men especially sara eric ingrid, but am much to behind plz where can i find acopy plz assist
Agnes  - wonderful   |2009-05-07 09:46:21
I like this soap especially David Bravo -he has a good personality I love him and also Aymar Lazcano its like real life.
Anonymous   |2009-07-28 15:45:35
you forgot too mention he's beautiful
Anonymous  - re: wonderful   |2009-05-07 13:31:07
like that ave nt seen comment on david but he is real whan he is acting love his character
JANET  - beautiful   |2009-05-08 09:51:07
storm over paradise is cool this makes me leave work earlier and in just love it.when u miss an episode you fill very low.kept it sara and eric. i wish this was true, act may mo
ada  - Awesome!   |2009-05-08 15:29:23
O my God! words cant express how i feel about this soap. i first saw it on capital tv. but its always just for 40minutes and i don't like it, cuz it makes me anxious. i went on the internet, but i could not get it. i love sara, erick, david bravo, leo and analy. also, mer-maid and father ragusto. it seems like real life. please assist me in getting a copy of this in english. i will love to wacth it over and over again. it always gives me a new idea about life! thanks. and keep it up! director, producer. etc.
lie  - hi   |2009-08-20 14:24:41
have you finished watching all of the series, i want to know at the end what happened?
Filo  - student   |2009-08-24 12:05:47
yes at the end Nicolaus and Aymar got married
Anonymous  - re: hi   |2009-12-29 06:51:51
lie wrote:
have you finished watching all of the series, i want to know at the end what happened?
adwoa boadu   |2011-07-04 21:35:53
at the end Aymar and Nicolas got married at Cozumel.
kalumba  - student   |2009-05-12 19:28:34
why did Leo Bravo have to die its too hurting i wish that part wasn't there
Bethwel   |2009-07-06 11:32:00
I also wonda y?i missd th episode afta leo's death.wat happend??
adwoa boadu   |2011-07-04 21:38:43
did you watch the part where Aymar got pregnant?
Emily  - great   |2009-05-14 08:32:23
I dont always watch this movies but,storm over paradise is just wonderful and i wish i could meet Aymar.

I hate Karina Rosemberg i wish i could meet that fool,why dont they KILL her and the stepmother.

live long Aymar,love you.
fransina  - its true   |2009-08-26 22:50:27
those 2 ladies Maura and the step-mother are realy a pain in the neck.
julia  - Love it   |2009-09-17 14:38:42
I am realy up to date with this soap and truly speaking it realy got to me. And to mention the actors in it are very talented...guys keep up the gud work i hav no hate for the once that are playing a bad role i love u all becos of the gud work that u are dream is to meet u all one day and i mean it guys especially u David.
portia  - tormenta en e/paraiso   |2010-04-25 01:53:44
portia wrote:
I am realy up to date with this soap and truly speaking it realy got to me. And to mention the actors in it are very talented...guys keep up the gud work i hav no hate for the once that are playing a bad role i love u all becos of the gud work that u are dream is to meet u all one day and i mean it guys especially u David.
SARA  - re: student   |2011-01-06 14:22:56
kalumba wrote:
why did Leo Bravo have to die its too hurting i wish that part wasn't there
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