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Tres Mujeres

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Tres Mujeres telenovelaThree women with perfect lives...or not? Fatima has the ultimate boyfriend. Adrian is tall, gorgeous, well-bred and dying to marry her. But Adrian has a dark side: he's jealous, violent, ambitious and a liar, not to mention the fact that he's having an affair with his assistant, Brenda. When Fatima's best friend uncovers the infidelity, Fatima must make a decision about her perfectly planned life. The arrival of Sebastian, the handsome son of Adrian's boss, also complicates matters because, without meaning to, Fatima and he begin to fall in love. Fatima's sister, Barbara seems to have a perfect family with Mario, her loving, faithful husband, and a daughter, Montse. But Barbara is obsessed with having another child, something that is putting a strain on her marriage and ultimately will drive her into the arms of another man. Despite an enduring stable marriage and a comfortable position in society, Greta, the mother of Fatima and Barbara, has never been able to forget Federico, her first love. What road will she choose when fate crosses their paths once again?

Tres Mujeres - telenovela

(1999) - Erika Buenfil, Alexis Ayala, Karyme Lozano, Jorge Salinas


Erika Buenfil .... Bárbara Uriarte Espinosa
Alexis Ayala .... Daniel Subiri
Karyme Lozano .... Fátima Uriarte
Jorge Salinas .... Sebastián Mendez
Norma Herrera .... Greta Saraldi Uriarte
Pedro Armendáriz Jr . .... Federico Mendez
Sergio Sendel .... Adrián de la Fuente
Alejandro Tomassi .... Mario Espinosa
Armando Araiza .... Santiago Uriarte
Patricio Castillo .... Gonzalo Uriarte
Luz María Jerez .... Renata Gamboa
Maité Embil .... Andrea Ibañez
Arleth Terán .... Brenda Muñoz
Riccardo Dalmacci .... Claudio Altamirano
Gabriela Platas .... Carla
Fabián Robles .... Ángel Romero
Lorenzo de Rodas .... Vicente Sanchez
Ana Bertha Espín .... Lucía
Gerardo Quiroz .... Antonio
María Fernanda Rodríguez .... Montse
Abraham Stavans
Carlos Soriano
Gabriela Araujo
Galilea Montijo .... Maricruz
Lucero Lander .... Genoveva
Maricarmen Vela .... Jesusa
Marina Marín
Rocío Sobrado
Susan Vohn .... Verania Grip
Vanessa Guzmán .... Carolina Fontaner
Alejandro Camacho .... Salvador Ortega
Rosángela Balbó .... Rosa María
Yadira Santana .... Dr. Olivia Soler
Jessica Salazar .... Esther
Luz María Zetina .... Paloma
Laura Flores .... Sandra María
Yolanda Mérida .... Eva
René Casados .... Leonardo Marcus
Hugo Acosta .... Rafael
Francisco Avendaño .... Dr. Valero
Ernesto Bog
Jesús Briones
Guillermo Capetillo .... Manuel
Horacio Castelo
César Castro
Sergio Catalán .... Valentín
Ricardo Chávez
Sharis Cid .... Loren
Amira Cruzat
Juan Ángel Esparza
Silvio Fornaro .... Diego
Jaime Gerner .... Sergio
Carlos González
Isadora González .... Kenia
Paulino Hemmer .... Lorenzo
Manuel 'Flaco' Ibáñez
Bobby Larios .... Mauro
Queta Lavat .... Susana
Bibelot Mansur .... Graciela
Maya Mishalska .... Liliana
Rubén Morales .... Javier
Martín Muñoz .... Omar
Niurka Marcos .... Yamilé
Diana Osorio
Dominika Paleta .... Raquel
Raúl Ramírez .... Frank
Luis Reynoso
Sergio Reynoso .... Jorge
Juan Ríos
Adriana Rojo
Juan Romanca .... Carlos
Javier Ruán .... Gerardo
Benito Ruiz
Mariana Seoane .... Marcela Duran
Miguel Serros
Ninón Sevilla .... Ignacia
Andrea Soberón .... Macarena
Carlos Speitzer .... Remigio
Jorge Trejo .... Renato
Eduardo Verástegui .... Ramiro
Jacqueline Voltaire .... Melinda

Writing credits
Martha Carrillo
Cristina García
Ximena Suarez (script)

Song: Desnuda
Singing: Ricardo Arjona

Chief of production
Liliana Cuesta

Cinematography by
Carlos Sanchez Zuniga

Production co-ordinator
Victor M.Ceballos

Directed by
Raúl Araiza Sr.

Produced by
Roberto Hernández
José Rendón (producer: 1998)
Daniel Estrada (executive producer)



"Tres mujeres" is a remake of telenovela "Carmen Querida" (1990, Venezuela) with Maria Alejandra Martin, Amalia Perez Diaz and Marisela Berti.

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Forum Telenovela World - Tres Mujeres

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