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Triangulo telenovela Sara, a naive young nurse, arrives from the country to live with her father and stepmother, and almost immediately becomes dazzled by David, the handsome and spoiled youngest son of the Villafranca family. But Ivan, David's older brother, wants him to leave his frivolous life and to either study or get a job. He forces David to go to work in Brazil and David complies, leaving a pregnant Sara behind. If that weren't all, Sara's father is accused of killing David's father.

Without knowing to whom to turn, Sara gets in touch with Ivan though she fears him because David has always told her horrible things about him. When Ivan finds out Sara is pregnant, he furiously calls Brazil to order David to return and marry Sara, but they tell him David has died. Sara's father also commits suicide in jail, leaving Sara alone, helpless and expecting. Ivan's wife takes advantage of this to pressure Sara to give them her child in adoption. She cannot have children and is terrified Ivan will leave her if he finds out, so she tells him that he is the one who is sterile. Ivan takes charge of Sara and her vulnerability touches his heart. He falls in love with her. And when he finds out about his wife's lies, Ivan - very disillusioned - seeks a divorce and plunges into a heated battle for custody of Sara's child. He sacrifices everything so Sara can recuperate her baby, and although he suspects that she still has feelings for his dead brother, he asks her to marry him. Sara accepts. And then they discover that David is still alive.

Triangulo - telenovela

(1992) - Eduardo Palomo , Daniela Castro


Daniela Castro .... Sara
Eduardo Palomo .... Iván
Patricia Reyes Spíndola .... Virginia
Julieta Egurrola
Humberto Elizondo .... Arcadio
Guillermo García Cantú .... David
Claudia Ramírez .... Nina
Luz María Jerez .... Mariana
Enrique Lizalde .... Salvador
Roberto Antunez
Juan Ignacio Aranda
Thelma Dorantes
Amparo Garrido
Kenia Gazcon .... Rosaura
Adalberto Parra
Rocío Sobrado
Luis Xavier

Writing credits
María Zarattini (original story)
Luisa Xammar (original story)
Irma Ramoso (adaptation)

Song: Entre tu y yo
Written by: Mariano Pérez
Singing: Chantal Andere

Original music by
Pedro Alberto Cárdenas
Juan Diego

Set Decoration by
José Contreras
Patricia de Vincenzo

Cinematography by
Víctor Soto

Directed by
Arturo Ripstein

Produced by
Ernesto Alonso
Guadalupe Cuevas (associate producer)


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