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Triunfo del Amor, El

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El triunfo del amor telenovelaVictoria Sandoval, the most successful fashion designer in Mexico, remembers the time when her mother-in-law Bernarda cicked Victoria out of the house with a small daughter. The young woman lost her new born baby shortly after. Since then miss Sandoval has never stopped her efforts to find a daughter as she desires to see her again, but the search unfortunately has no result. Victoria has heard nothing of her daughter for twenty years already.

It's ironic that young girl Maria Desamparada comes to Victoria’s Fashion House as a model. Victoria accidentally notices that Maria has got a photo of her husband Osvaldo. She thinks Maria is a lover of her husband and hires a young girl in order to keep her rival nearby and expose Osvaldo as a liar.

Victoria regularly humiliates and hurts Maria Desamparada. Anotonieta, Victoria’s best friend since the time she lost a little daughter, reproaches her to behave so badly to Maria. Victoria cannot understand and moreover explain her feelings to this young girl. On the one hand Mrs. Sandoval hates Maria Desamparada as she considers the girl to be a lover of her husband, on the other hand fashion designer unexpectedly sympathizes this girl.  

Here at Victoria’s fashion House Maximiliano meets Maria Desamparada. Young man hides his status from Maria. Two people attract each other, they like each other. Later their sympathy turns into a deep love and Maria yields to Maximiliano.

Shortly after Maria understands to be pregnant from Maximiliano. She comes to young man to say him about her pregnancy. But Maximiliano forestalls Maria’s words and confesses he should marry to Jimena as the latter is pregnant. Maria realizes Maximiliano has lied to her and keeps silence about her expecting a child.

But marriage of Maximiliano and Jimena turns into the Hell. Jimena has lost her unborn baby in the result of incident provoked accidentally by Maximiliano and poor woman is going to get crazy.

Maximiliano finds out him to be a father of Maria Desamparada’s baby, but not Maria’s fiancé Ernesto, who just wants to marry the young girl and care of her and her baby.  

At this time Jimena gets to know she can never have a baby again and suffers much from this fact, so Maximiliano’s wife decides to steal a daughter from Maria in order to make miss Desamparada to experience the suffer and feel similar to Jimena’s feelings. She is ready to give a stolen new born girl for adoption.

After 20 years of separation and suffer Victoria meets her former husband Juan Pablo again and blames him to be coward. She informs Juan Pablo to be pregnant and bear a girl at the time when he left for seminar 20 years ago, but Juan’s mother Bernarda kicked Victoria and her little daughter out of the house in the result of what Victoria lost the girl. And Victoria adds Bernarda knew everything about her and her daughter but said nothing to Juan Pablo.

Juan Pablo is a priest now. He is indignant at his mother’s action, he blames Bernarda to say him nothing about his daughter. He feels guilty and makes a decision to find his daughter by all means.

This film is about Mother and Daughter, about great love and great misunderstanding. The story tells us the loving hearts are able to overcome any obstacle or sorrow on the way to each other. They ruin all cruel plans of ill-wishers and enemies and win a Love at the end. This film shows us the triumph of Love!


William Levy as Maximiliano

Maximiliano, the son of Victoria and Osvaldo, is very attractive, sexy young man who can boast with his intelligence and good manners. He is really concerned in his mother's business. He dresses perfectly, always neat and with the taste of style, likely to inherit from his father, solid Osvaldo, and his mother, elegant Victoria. His smile is too seductive and it takes him minutes o tempt and conquer any woman. He is an administrator at the fashion house ran by his mother. As an administrator, he shows his managerial skills and ability to solve problems as quickly and effective as possible. Actually, when meeting María he decides to seduce her, pretending he is Sergio Duarte. He just wants to pass enjoyable time with her, though she attracts his more attention rejecting him.

Maite Perroni as María Desamparada

Maria is extremely beautiful and elegant young girl, gentle and firm in her priciples at the same time. She lives in the  orphanage since the age of three, when she has lost by her mother. She thinks she has been left in the street never knowing that it happened due to car accident her mother faced some time ago. She is too strict in all issues regarding parents and children. And she accuses her mother of leaving her at such age. Anyway, she inherits some of features of Victoria and in spite of her gentleness and tenderness, she has enough will and intentions to go forward and not to quit.

Daniela Romo as Bernarda

Bernarda is a lady in her 50s, always looking elegant and refined. She has excellent taste and due to her look and manners of an elegant mature woman, she causes fear to many who face her. Deeply in her heart, she is charitable and generous but she has proved to be full of evil, especially to Victoria whom she hates bitterly. She is full in conflicts with herself and she is mean talking of good things and doing evil every step. She pretends to be vulnerable and weak though she is strong and healthy. She is an experienced blackmailist and she perfectly knows how to manipulate with people and cause situations she benefits from. She thinks she can persecute those she thinks immoral due to the fact that her son is a priest.

Victoria Ruffo as Victoria Sandoval

Victoria is one of the most reputed owners of the fashion house in Mexico. She has good designer skills combined dwith managerial skills to open and run a fashion house recognized at international level. She is talendted and she has taste of style that cannot be learned. She has a lot to achieve what she has now. she has experienced a lot, from poverty to desparate love, and that only has motivated her to have what she is now. she greatly suffers from losing her daughter, faulting herself and Juan Pablo.

García Cantú as Álvaro Guillermo

Álvaro is a man of word. He has known Osvalso for many years, and despite of being attractive to women, he as not reach those high lvels as Osvaldo. Pretending to be his friend and envious in his heart, he bears plans to destroy Osvalso’s life. He is mean and sinister. He has affair with Jimena, the girlfriend and wife-to-be to Maximiliano. A baby that Jimena expects is his baby but he does not care about it. His plan is to ruineverything that relates to Osvaldo.

Dominika Paleta as Jimena

Jimena is a stylish and chich young girl. She is sexual and beautiful. She is one of the demanded models at the fashion house. She is engaged with Maximiliano but she is interested in fortune of Sandoval. When Max decides to leave her, she appears pregnant. She is jealous and a real blackmailer. Actually, in spite of her beauty, she suffers from mental disorder, which is not known to others.

Alicia Rodríguez as Sor Clementina

She is the Mother Superior at the orphanage where María has been brought-up. She is kind and loving to all orphans and she has special about Maria as to her own daughter. She is like Maria’s Godmother to protect and advises on what and how to behave in this and that events.

Diego Olivera as Juan Pablo

Juan Pablo is a person whom Victoria has loved from her young age. He is a priest and he really thinks he helps people to find a way to God. He is oriented to the elderly, little children and adolescents in tough situations. He looks solid and elegant and he is really inspected at his place. As a young man full of energy and love to Victoria, he used the time to make her pregnant.

Osvaldo Ríos as Osvaldo

Osvaldo is a really solid and impressive man in his 50s. He is conservative but extremely sexy to attract younger women. He loves Victoria and they have a daughter, Fernanda, in the marriage. He is one of the reputed persons on local TV. He is sociable and loving with his family. He is believed to be truthful and loyal to his family though he is the person to hide huge secrets that make him suffer. Victoria is a woman of work and he is always alone which inspires him to start a love affair with a young and beautiful Linda.

Dorismar as Linda

Linda is a very young and beautiful woman of style. she is able to seduce Osvaldo. She uses her beayty as the weapon to battle with women and conquer men. As lots of beautiful girls who are eager of easy life, she dreams to marry a millionaire.

Cuauhtémoc Blanco as Juanjo

Juanjo is an attractive young fireman with a generaous temper. He loves his mother. He is in love with Linda and she marries him while being in sexual relations with Osvaldo.

El triunfo del amor - telenovela

(2010 - 2011) - Maite Perroni, William Levy


Maite Perroni ... María Desamparada Iturbide de Sandoval
William Levy ... Maximiliano Sandoval
Victoria Ruffo ... Victoria Sandoval
Mark Tacher ... Alonso
Diego Olivera ... Juan Pablo Iturbide
Guillermo García Cantú ... Guillermo Quintana
Osvaldo Ríos ... Osvaldo Sandoval
Daniela Romo ... Bernarda Iturbide
Erika Buenfil ... Antonieta
Carmen Salinas ... Doña Milagros Martinez
Dominika Paleta ... Ximena de Sandoval
Salvador Pineda ... Rodolfo Padilla
Maricruz Nájera ... Tomasa
Manuel Ibáñez ... Don Napo (Napoleon)
Marco Méndez ... Fabián
Dorismar ... Linda Sortini
Susana Diazayas ... Nathalia
Radamés De Jesús
Livia Brito ... Fernanda Sandoval
Gaby Mellado
Mauricio García Muela ... Federico Padilla
Andrea García ... Ofelia
Archi Lanfranco
Arturo Carmona
Miguel Pizarro ... Pipino Pichoni
Gustavo Rojo ... Padre Jerónimo
Cuauhtécmoc Blanco ... Juan Jose Martinez-Juanjo
Eduardo Santamarina ... Octavio Iturbide
Alicia Rodríguez ... Sor Clementina
Helena Rojo
Pablo Montero ... Cruz
Marco Mendez ... Fabian Duarte
Vicente Fernandez Jr
Archilan Franco ... Pedro
Ricardo Clainbal ... Oscar
Cristián de la Fuente
Ursula Prats ... Roxana de Alba
César Évora ...

Writing credits
Delia Fiallo (original story)
Liliana Abud (adaptation)

Song: Tres palabras
Written by: Osvaldo Farres
Singing: Luis Miguel

Song: A partir de hoy
Written by: Marco di Mauro
Singing: Maite Perroni

Original music

Cinematography by
Bernardo Nájera
Jorge Amaya

Language : Spanish
Country: Mexico

Directed by
Jorge Edgar Ramírez
Alberto Díaz

Produced by
Salvador Mejía
Bosco Primo de Rivera
Aaron Gutiérrez Méndez



"El triunfo del amor" is a remake of:

1 version: venezuelan telenovela "Cristal" (1985) with Jeannette Rodríguez and Carlos Mata
2 version: mexican telenovela "El Privilegio de Amar" (1998) with Adela Noriega and René Strickler
3 version: brasilian telenovela "Cristal" (2006) with con Bianca Castanho and Dado Dolabella

This is Perroni and Levy's second appearance as the star couple in a telenovela


Oye la confesión
de mi secreto,
nace de un corazón
que está desierto.

Con tres palabras
te diré todas mis cosas,
cosas del corazón
que son preciosas.

Dame tus manos, ven,
toma las mías
que te voy a confiar
las ansias mías.

Son tres palabras,
solamente mis angustias,
y esas palabras son:
¡Cómo me gustas!

Forum Telenovela World - Triunfo Del Amor

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alejandra  - bonitos   |2010-08-31 13:59:14
los ciero mucho estan mui bonitos bechos
kathy  - Muy feliz   |2010-10-08 03:39:44
si se ben bonitos pero estoy muy emotionada porque eya y william levy iso mi pecado con eya y aora esta asiendo trunfo del amor coneya tambien,
yo quereo que william quere a maite peperoni
tessy kyakuwa   |2011-12-08 08:45:40
i like marria desamparada's character
tessy kyakuwa  - triumfo del amor   |2011-12-08 08:49:05
i think father juan pablo did the right thing to look and take of his daughter. atleast that way, he will earn her love more easly than her mother victoria

tessy, Uganda
Emma  - cuidado con de angle   |2010-10-27 21:04:06
that tv shows in the cool was in the final the telention .
Dawud Njagi  - Hello   |2010-11-11 05:33:09
i wish hwan migel and maricui end up together as husband and wife.
danime2003   |2010-12-30 20:00:21
En mi humilde opinion este remake del Privilegio de Amar es malisimo, Televisa deberia hacer historias originales y dejar de meterse con los clasicos de telenovelas.
Que Paso  - End   |2011-03-22 02:55:41
When does this telenovela end?
elinda  - triumph del amore   |2011-03-26 01:45:36
I love this show it makes my day evrey I see it . Thank u the cast crew is soo nice especially William and Matiae
missa  - triumph del amore   |2011-04-10 01:22:18
great show dont speak spanish at all but watch the show everynight love william levy and matiae as a couple when is the last day of show
Cynthia (Cindi) Esquivel  - Triunfo Del Amor   |2011-04-22 02:21:08
I love this show. The actors are very good and talented. The ladies in my office and I talk about the show always and try to figure out is going to happen next.

Kudos to the actors, writers and everyone involved. Great job.

Keep us in suspense!
morris Judith  - triunfo del amor   |2011-05-08 23:57:19
I need to know the name of the song when maria has to part with
Max AGAIN forthe last time and I only know a few words it goes.......Ven the beguining and goes ......que vamos a hacer con tanto amor! es lo unico que recuerdo es una cancion suave preciosa,por favor consiganme el nombre.Soy fiel a UNIV y a las novelas.Gracias Gracias!Las veo todas.
Francella Vasquez  - Mrs   |2011-05-10 03:17:13
I love this telenovela. All my co-workers love it and won't miss an episode.
yesenia  - El Trunfo Del Amor   |2011-06-23 01:00:58
really love this show but started watching it halfway and want to know the first half of the show if anybody knows where i could watch the first have or if they have it out on dvd and where i could possibly find it please let me know.
Lois Pennington  - Love   |2011-06-24 23:53:58
I Love all the songs, but i would like to know the name of the one that is played with Alonso and Maria if any one knows please let me know.
irene  - Triunfo del Amor   |2011-07-06 13:02:57
have not seen the soap and would seriously love o. sounds quite exciting and with Levy and Perroni being actor and actress i suppose its a hot stuff. Somebody help me get it from wherever......??? please You two should continue featuring in many more rock!!!
sylvia  - Triunfo del amor   |2011-07-25 23:37:29
I can't believe how often this novel has been preempted by Soccer or other events. Univision has a bad habit of changing times, etc. in the middle of a good novel. I recall Corazon Salvaje another great novel. All of a sudden it was moved from 9pm to midnight in order to accommodate a new novel. This is ridiculous. Other channels do not do this. These practices discourage people from watching novelas on Univision. Would love comments from Univision.
Janet3  - ¡ Que !   |2011-08-19 20:27:49
Honestly, this is just another disaster from Televisa in recent years. What type of name is Maria Desamparada ? Levy & Maite have really good chemistry together but are totaly lacking in acting, just like that silly cuidado which was a fracaso.
Kevin omondi  - Triumph of love   |2011-11-08 06:42:15
Hi this is Kevin omondi from Kenya and I am writing this letter to say that I am happy the way you act you movie in Triumph of Love and I am really enjoy watching it everyday. I love all of you,
By Kevin.
Kevin omondi  - Triumph of love   |2011-11-08 06:48:52
I like this movie very much,
Mincent Michael  - triufno del amor   |2011-11-24 09:24:37
Am really crazy about it and can not really afford to miss the show on citizen Tv ,I always have to come from work earlier just not to miss Maria Desemparada.

jabedo   |2011-12-07 19:34:35
i wish linda could have escaped the accidnt and marry wanjo.
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