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Tu o Nadie

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Tu o Nadie telenovela A simple but beautiful girl, Raquel marries "Antonio Lombardo", who says he is a businessman. But immediately afterwards, he says he must leave to attend to some business and he sends her to his home in another city with promises that he'll catch up with her later. But on her arrival, her husband's family greets her with surprise. He had never told them he was getting married, and shortly afterwards, they recieve news that his private jet has exploded. As Antonio's wife, Raquel inherits everything - and what a surprise when the man she married arrives in secret and says that he is not Antonio but Max. He tells her that her husband really is the dead guy and proposes that after enough time had passed they could really get married and enjoy together the money she has inherited. She doesn't want any part of this twisted scheme, but he threatens her. And things only get worse when the dead "husband" turns up alive, and he appears intent on keeping this new "wife" he has met upon his return.


Andres Garcia as Antonio Lombardo
Antonio Lombardo is a wealthy influential businessman and owner of a big business in Acapulco. He inherited the business from his father. He lives with his step-mother and his sister Camilla. When he arrives home after the accident, he is said he is injured to remember his wife and wedding. Gradually he takes in that Raquel and Maximilliano play around with him but he prefers to keep his asumptions in secret since he feels attracted to Raquel.

Salvador Pineda as Maximilliano Albenis
Maximilliano is the envious and he hates Antonio for his fortune and luck. Antonio is generous with other people who are in need while Maximilliano believes it’s nonsense to share assets with others. Maximilliano makes up the plan to get rid of Antonio and get his wealth. He makes the plot to marry Raquel as Antonio and when he causes accident with Antonio he calls Raquel to their place to inherit the fortune as the widow. He plans to marry her to dispose of everything belonging to Antonio.

Lucia Mendez as Raquel
Raquel is a young humble girl from poor family. She falls in love with Max no guessing of his identity. According to his plan, she marries him as to Antonio. In the meantime Antonio gets in the air accident when all the passengers die but he survives. Raquel arrives to Antonio’s place for the funeral arrangement and she finds out she inherits his whole fortune as his widow.  Later she reveals that Max arranged everything, including the crime with Antonio’s death and that she marries his cousin but not Antonio himself. She refuses to help with his plan to get the money and share with him. She is threatened to be accused of accompliceship by Ma who has not expected that Raquel is too honest to do mean things and that Antonio is alive in the accident.

Tu o Nadie - telenovela

(1985) - Lucía Méndez, Andrés García


Lucía Méndez .... Raquel
Andrés García .... Antonio
Salvador Pineda .... Maximiliano
Luz María Jerez .... Martha
Magda Guzmán .... Victoria
Ursula Prats .... Maura
Liliana Abud .... Camila
Miguel Manzano .... Daniel
Arsenio Campos .... Claudio
Miguel Ángel Negrete .... Pablo
Fabio Ramirez .... Oscar
Ignacio Rubiell .... Ezequiel
Guillermo Zarur .... Ramon
Tony Bravo .... Luis
Roberto Antunez .... Chucho
Marcela de Galina .... Carla
Antonio Valencia .... Rodrigo
Gastón Tuset .... Andrés
Paola Morelli .... Alejandra
Fernando Sáenz .... Gato
Julieta Egurrola .... Meche
Abraham Méndez .... Gabriel
Luis Xavier .... Humberto
Cecilia Gabriela .... agriculturist at the island
Jacaranda Alfaro .... Carmela
Rebeca Silva .... Julia
María Regina
Alejandro Ruiz .... Felipe Acuna

Writing credits
María Zarattini (original story)

Song: Corazon de Piedra"
Written by Honorio Herrero
Singing: Lucía Méndez

Cinematography by
Carlos Zúmiga

Directed by
José Rendón

Produced by
Ernesto Alonso



Further remake of "Tu o nadie" is telenovela " Acapulco, cuerpo y alma". There is an English version of this telenovela called "Acapulco Bay".

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Natali  - Interested in Purchase   |2009-01-04 15:55:29
I want to buy entire series in english translation Do yo have it ?
Thank YOu
Lilian  - NEW VERSION OUT NOW   |2009-06-03 06:29:16
On its second day it aired in Mexico, it seems that the novela Sortilegio is a remake of this successful novela.
Abel Romo  - OTRO REMAKE MÀS RECIENTE   |2012-01-26 02:35:23
En 2009 Carla Estrada produjo otro remake llamado Sortilegio
olga  - tu o nadie   |2012-03-25 23:41:44
i want to buy the dvds for tu o nadie but havent been able to . were can i buy it . ty
stella  - want to buy tu o nadie   |2012-08-14 15:46:44
i really want to buy entire series can any one help me out where i can find it pls
beca   |2013-07-30 01:59:11
Esta telenovela está COMPLETA en youtube...pero sólo en español...
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