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Una Familia con Suerte

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Una familia con suerteUna Familia Con Suerte is a series about Pancho López and his family produced by Juan Osorio for Televisa. Fernanda Peñaloza (Alicia Rodríguez) finds out she is living with cancer and she comes with the idea of committing suicide. She is about to jump down the bridge though Pancho López (Arath de la Torre), the grocery seller, wants to stop her doing it saying life is beautiful and she needs to struggle for it to live. He manages to convince her staying in this world and invites to get on his car called «La Burra».

Pancho López is a person of a high modesty with a lots of strong points and with a good commercial vision. He gives his hand to all who need his sympathy and he acknoledges the value of the family. He finds that money is evil to bring only problems.

Fernanda is introduced to the four children of Pancho López: Lupita (Alejandra García) is his favorite daughter among the other kids, a nice young girl, who inherits the love and compassion to other people from his father. Ana (Sherlyn) is keen on music though she does not realize how beautiful she is. Sometimes she feels that her father loves Lupita more than her. Temo (Daniel Arevalo) is the youngest in the family. When he is born, Laura Torrés de López (Ana Bárbara), the wife to Pancho López, dies. Temo is brought-up by Chela (Luz Elena González), Pancho’s sister-in-law; she cares of the family after her sister’s death. Chela has her own secret to hide: she desperately has loved Pancho for many years.

Pepe López (Pablo Lyle), Pancho’s eldest son, is very a courageous and adventurous young man.  He is the apprentice to the mechanical engineer and he is crazy about driving. He communicates with people from various social levels at ease. He gets to know to a rich young girl, Mónica Rinaldi (Violeta Isfel), the fiancée to Freddy Irabién (Juan Diego Covarrubias) and they compete in professional career and in personal life to have Monica’s love.

Candelaria «Candela» López (Alicia Machado) is Pancho’s sister. She is stunning and pretends to be one of the beautiful women that takes breathe when she shows off for all regional males.

Pancho López and his family face a serious trouble with assets: their house is pledged and they are short of money to repay for it. And Pancho feels miserable that he is not able to protect his family and ensure well-being.

Fernanda Peñaloza highly appreciates Pancho’s honesty and reliability. She finds him worthy for better life unlike the nephew to Vicente Irabién (Sergio Sendel), a time-server with high ambitions. He is waiting for the death of his Aunt to possess all assets and the Company of hers.

Enzo Rinaldi (Pedro Moreno) has devil plans to throw the López and their friends away. Pancho feels helpless that him and his family are humiliated and he has nothing to do but accept the offer made by Fernanda Peñaloza to take a post of President of the cosmetic company belonging to her.

Rebeca Treviño (Mayrín Villanueva) is an attractive and clever woman. She helps Panch in his attempts to act as the President. She teaches him to behave correctly and take decisions in the sphere of finance. She competes with Chela.

The López family moves to Fernanda’s mansion. In the neighborhood they meet the Irabién family consisting of three members: Vicente, Pina (Daniela Castro) and Freddy (Juan Diego Covarrubias). The change of place of residence results in lots of confuses and funny situations that can arise between the rich and poor.

Pina, a wife to Vicente, is a hypochondriac woman. Neither her husband not her son takes care of her and pays attention she is there with them. She is the radio presenter and she broadcasts «Pina Opina»  (Pins’s opinion), which is a fresh breath for her to heal and make quiet. She has a doggy she keeps on her every time named Abeja (Bee). A little bit later Popeye, a dog of López family seduces this delicate doggy which again brings to conflicts between families.

In his turn, Vicente takes a great interest in Candela and the couple enjoys their dramatic love affair.

The two families experience amusing situations when Ana who distains flippancy falls in love with the light-minded Freddy. Pina is overcome with the passion to Tomás Campos (Osvaldo de León), a husband-to-be to Lupita.

How will Pancho and his family keep their family united with all their values retained? And will Pancho be able to cope with his personal life? who is going to be his beloved woman?

The Una Familia Con Suerte telenovela is a comedy which makes us laugh when they live up funny things and go through the most exciting and splendid feeling as love.


Luz Elena González as Chela Torres
Chela Torres is the sister to the late Laurita whom Chela respected and worshipped. Chela is beautiful and is the one to drive people for actions. She loves keeping the household and cooking for the family. Chela is secretly in love with her cousin. She loves her nephews. Like Pancho, she believes the unity is family. She is the one to have sharpened sense of intuition, great potential and she is known to have managerial skills.

Arath de la Torre as Pancho López
Pancho is a diligent, generous and very positive person. He is a widower with 4 children and he knows perfectly what to expect from life. He is a respected person in the place. He is merciful and responsive and when it comes to solving problems he does it witout expressing anger. He is able to face any challenge in life openly and go to the front with the head risen. In addition to his managerial skills, he is responsible, honest and loyal.

Mayrín Villanueva as Rebeca Treviño

Rebeca Treviño attained the degree in Business Administration. She is an attractive, smart, well-organized and self-motivated woman. She loves Pancho for his honesty, humbleness and big heart.She is not willing to compete with Chela for Pancho's affection though she is different to win him in her own as an intellectual, chic and self-possessed woman.

Sergio Sendel as Vicente Irabién
Irabién is a nephew of Fernanda Peñaloza. He is rather ambitious and prudent. His major goal is to inherit the fortune and he is willing to do his best to get it in any possible way since he does it everywhere and for the sake of everything. He lives in a marriage of convenience with Pina. Vicente is Freddy’s father. His intention and plans might be ruined when Pancho appears in his life. He is lost since Panco symbolizes everything he hates in life, as poverty, honesty and nobility. He falls in love with Candela, Pancho’s sister.

Daniela Castro as Pina Arteaga
Pina is Vicente’s wife. She is Alfredo’s mother. She finds her marriage miserable and depressive. She gives all her love to Freddy and Abejita. She is totally involved in her radioprogram 'Pina Opina', replacing lack of love. She suffers from the thought that her husband might have a lover. She competes with Candela and she is eager to teach Vicente a lesson getting engaged in a love affair with Tomás who arises new and strong emotions about her.

Una familia con suerte - telenovela

(2011) - Arath de la Torre, Mayrín Villanueva, Ana Bárbara


Arath de la Torre ... Pancho López
Ana Bárbara ... Laurita Torres
Mayrín Villanueva ... Rebeca Treviño
Pablo Lyle ... Pepe López
Sherlyn ... Ana López
Alejandra García ... Lupita López
Daniel Arevalo ... Temo López
Alicia Machado ... Candelaria López
Luz Elena González ... Graciela Torres “Chela”
Alicia Rodríguez ... Fernanda Peñaloza
Sergio Sendel ... Vicente Irabien
Daniela Castro ... Josefina Irabien “Pina”
Juan Diego Covarrubias ... Freddy Irabian
Violeta Isfel ... Mónica Rinaldi
Lucas Velázquez ... Alejandro Obregón
Osvaldo de León ... Tomás Campos
Mariluz Bermúdez ... Karina
Jorge Van Rankin ... Nico Herrera
Julio Bracho ... Arnoldo
Pedro Moreno ... Enzo Rinaldi
Helena Guerrero
Ingrid Marie ... Bárbara Palacios del Real
Mónica Chaparro
Claudia Godinez
Moisés Suárez
María Raquenel
Francisco Vásquez
Haydee Navarra
Noemi Gutti

Writing credits
Adriana Lorenzon (original story)
Mario Schajris (original story)
Marcia Del Río (adaptation)
Alejando Pohlenz (adaptation)
Maria Antonieta "Calu" Gutierrez (adaptation)

Song: Un día de suerte
Written by: Alejandra Guzmán, Jose Luis Oro
Singing: Alejandra Guzmán

Original music

Cinematography by
Sr. Jorge Fons

Language : Spanish
Country: Mexico

Directed by
Jorge Fons

Produced by
Juan Osorio
Roy Nelson Rojas Vargas



Telenovela "Una familia con suerte" is the remake of argentinian telenovela "Los Roldan". The versions of this telenovela are:
1 version: "LOS ROLDAN" (Argentina, 2004) with Claribel Medina, Miguel Angel Rodriguez
2 version: "LOS REYES" (Colombia, 2005) with Geraldine Zivic, Enrique Carriazo
3 version: "LOS SANCHEZ" (Mexico, 2005) with Martha Mariana Castro, Luis Felipe Tovar
4 version: "FORTUNATO" (Chile, 2007) with Mariana Loyola, Marcial Tagle
5 version: "UNA FAMILIA CON SUERTE" (Mexico, 2011) with Mayrín Villanueva and Arath de la Torre


Tengo un pobre corazón
que a veces se rompió
se apagó pero nunca se rindió

Entre estrellas de cartón perdí la ilusión
que llegara un ángel me levante
y que me pida que lo ame

Y de pronto un día de suerte
se me hizo conocerte
y te cruzaste en mi camino
ahora creo en el destino…

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Leslie  - Buenas Noches   |2011-01-16 01:48:30
Buenos noches senor Osorio bueno por la television escuche que usted queria un nino de 5 a 7 anos de edad que entrepretara un papel de la novela una familia con suerte y bueno no soy un nino sino que una nina que va cumplir 17 anos y bueno a mi me encanta actuar es mi sueno y mi deseo de actuar y yo haria lo posible en salir en la television yo e hecho obras en mis colegios naci en los estados unidos y ahora vivo en Guatemala y bueno quisiera salir en la telenovelas que hace y haria todo lo posible por llegar a conseguir mis suenos y deseo porfavor responde cuando pueda muchas gracias y feliz noches
daniela  - novela   |2011-03-07 22:16:13
me encanta la novela
vanessa gonzalez   |2011-03-12 03:57:21
pancho lopez me gusta mucho tu telenovela la rebeca se me ase una arimada y una tonta anorexica no cambies por eya sino por tu familia dale a la candie mucha ropa y dinero para que se bea bonita
adriana naomi perez rivera  - la mejor novela   |2011-03-17 04:36:52
la novela familia con suerte a sido un exito y lo seguira siendo y les deseo mucha suerte y como dise la nove una familia con suerte muchos besos
adriana naomi perez rivera   |2011-03-17 04:38:32
la novela una familia con suerte a sido un exito y lo seguira siendo mucha surte muchos besos
Familia Lira  - Felicitacion   |2011-05-31 02:08:02
Toda la familia queremos felicitarlo por esta telenovela por que esta padrisima y no no la perdemos y ojala que no se acabe pronto. Suerte mucha suerte
fatyma  - una familia con suerte   |2011-06-25 03:17:40
me encanta una familia con suerte
maria ruth reyes hernandez  - me encanta la telenovela   |2011-07-31 01:35:35
nos encanta la telenovela tanto ke mi hija de dos años dice ke pancho lopez es su novio y se emociona cada vez ke lo ve. la novela esta bien,mucho exito y suerte ke dios los vendiga.
Anonymous   |2011-10-29 20:48:55
me gusta ver al muchacho y a la muchacha porque los dos se quiren
Priscilla Rodriguez  - I Love Una Familia Con Suerte   |2012-02-02 01:27:57
I love this novela, I am hooked on it. This movie stars have made me fall inlove with them especially Pancho Lopez.God Bless you all for your hard work you make me love, cry, laugh. I love you all and Thank you.
leticia lara  - i love una familia con suerte   |2011-11-17 23:34:07
i love una familia con suerte and my fried love this is the best thing
oscar alegandro  - love una familia con suerte   |2011-12-03 15:26:38
la telenovela una familia con suerte es un exito sus mensajes todo es bonito pero apesar de que se murio la mamà y deana lupita y los demas siguieron adelante haci yo tengo que seguir ala muerte de mi padre tengo que segui adelante
Esdras Albuerme  - una familia con suerte.   |2011-12-04 02:37:34
Me gusta mucho una familia me borra mis malos recuerdo . Me pone contenta cuando triste. Felicidad por un buen exito
Mara  - Una Familia con suerte   |2011-12-23 02:44:02
Me encanta la Novela
Felicidades a la Producion y Direccion de esta Novela
Maribel  - Una Familia con Suerte   |2012-01-18 00:47:07
Me encanta la novela pero ahora esta un poco pesada. Pero a pensar que asi son los hombres de tercos. Pero a ver en que queda pancho.
lili  - una familia con suerte   |2012-01-18 02:04:39
yo quiero felicitar a ous:)
ana acosta  - una familia consuerte   |2012-01-18 17:33:34
como mencanta la novela una familia consuerte
maria ferrera garcia  - chicago illonis   |2012-02-22 23:06:32
mine mom konw spanish i dont have to will i make that you are i has because we i take take off you i reandly about you i just for moment life whole life i naever like you all thank for you help i my mother she konw to tell you spanish i dont spaek spanish i ok liver with you is ture right to tham in spanish victoria michocan jilsco i form new yersey california someone this new ralize that i though i beileve mybe i at talk i can iam course do i said like we
dgamer  - go suerte   |2012-03-13 05:13:56
i love una familia con suerte you always want to know what happens next go ppppancho lopez!!!
dgamer  - mi suertre   |2012-03-13 05:15:05
i love una familia con surte you always want to know what happens nextgo pancho lopez!!!
Mary  - una familia con suerte/song or artist   |2012-04-10 03:50:57
I am interested to know the name of the song or singer who sing when the panchos mother Fernada/Alicia Rodriquez and the dr. are together or in their Honeymoon.
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