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Un Gancho al Corazón

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Un Gancho al Corazon telenovelaThis is a story of the true love between professional boxer Valentina Lopez and Sermeño Mauritius - former race car driver, owner and president of the Real Estate Group Sermeño. This is enjoyable and entertaining family melodrama, with many interesting situations and exciting adventures, full of intrigues and misunderstandings, but above all, it is seasoned with great deal of tears, laughter and love.

The story begins with a great fight of Valentina in which she lost because she hurt her hand. That was the reason why she had to look for another job while recovering. She concealed this fact from her boyfriend and coach Joe, with whom she has an eight years engagement, and in complicity with mother of Nieves, who considers valentine like her daughter.

Valentina gets a job in the company of Mauritius. He has a big heart and takes decision to adopt three orphaned siblings. His girlfriend Constance does not like this situation at all, she hates them, because the only thing that she wants is to marry Mauritius because of his economic and social position, and not for love.

To achieve her purpose of marriage, Constance gets support from Jerome and Oscar Cardenas, cousins of Mauricio and his employees. They have similar ambitions for power and money with the protagonist of this story. So they try to separate Mauritius from Val and from the three adopted children, who now love Valentina.

But Constance, Jerome and Oscar couldn’t imagine that Valentina and Mauritius will get in love with each other that the boxer and former racing driver will meet and become enamored of one another. Intensity and sincerity of their feelings will overcome all obstacles that will stand in their way. They will be consolidated by their great.

Un Gancho al Corazon - telenovela

(2008) - Danna García, Sebastián Rulli


Danna García ... Valentina López 'La Monita'
Sebastián Rulli ... Mauricio Sermeño
Raúl Araiza ... Roberto Ochoa
Ana Martín ... Nieves Ochoa
Otto Sirgo ... Salvador Ulloa
Eugenia Cauduro ... Gabriela Celorio
Laisha Wilkins ... Constanza Lerdo de Tejada
Roberto Blandón ... Óscar Cárdenas
Agustín Arana ... Jerónimo Sermeño
Verónica Jaspeado ... Ximena Sermeño
Alex Sirvent ... Rolando Klunder
Lorena Enríquez ... Paula Méndez
Pablo Valentín ... Tano Rodríguez
Irma Lozano ... Teresa García
Raúl Padilla ... Don César
Raquel Pankowsky ... Bernarda
Susana Lozano ... Lorenza
Ricardo Fastlicht ... Marcos Bonilla
Alejandro de la Madrid ... Ricardo
Carlos Ignacio ... Mario
Edgardo Tejeda ... El Costeño
Manuel Ojeda
Ricardo Abarca ... Aldo Hernández
Felipe Sánchez ... Iván García
Renata Notni ... Luisa Hernández
Nicole Casteele ... Danny Hernández
Lucía Zerecero ... Katia
Aldo Gallarco ... Héctor
Mariana Juárez ... Boxeadora
Margarita Magaña ... Estrella Falcón
Ana Martin ... Nieves Ochoa
Raul Padilla ... Don Cesar
Manuel 'Flaco' Ibáñez .... Meño

Writing credits
Juan Carlos Alcalá
Ernesto Korovsky
Adrián Suar
Fermín Zúñiga

Song: Un Gancho Al Corazón
Written by: Alonzo and Ángela Dávalos
Singing: Playa Limbo

Cinematography by
Claudio Lara
Armando Zafra

Directed by
Sergio Cataño
Alejandro Gamboa

Produced by
Ignacio Alarcón
Angelli Nesma



Remake of argentinian telenovela "Sos mi vida"

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virginia  - no   |2008-11-04 05:10:14
i love the soap opera iam danna`s garcia fan nuber one
luisa guzman fernandez  - mmmm   |2008-11-17 04:47:57
hola amigo de un gancho al corazon dejenme decirles que sebastian ruli eesta muy guapo eee bueno bye
ricardo  - si   |2008-12-27 11:37:26
me gusta la monita esta muy guapa
Laura  - NO ME GUSTA QUE ABLEN MAL DE MOROLEON   |2009-01-04 01:26:31
si van a sacar una ciudad o un pueblo graben donde es .si que de atiro no conocen moroleon porque donde estan grabando es piñicuaro y moroleon no es un pueblo rascuacho y es una ciudad estan descreditando graben en moroleon si es que lo van a seguir nombrando y si me gusta la novela grandisimos PENDEJOS
facundo  - un gancho al corazon   |2009-02-05 18:57:10
hola q bueno que esta haciendo danna garcia novelas en mexico las novelas mexicanas se ven mucho en nueva york aunque la novela de pasion de gavilanes que hizo en colombia estuvo muy bonita ohala q un gancho al corazon tenga mucho exito.
mariana  - un gancho al corazon   |2009-02-10 19:17:09
hola amigos de un gancho al corazon me gusta mucho su novela ustedes son muy divertidos y kisiera conoserlos y me gusta como actua la estrella ,monita y todos es una suave novela es una k nunca me pierdo bueno los amo a todos ustedes
Heather  - un gancho al corazon   |2009-03-05 00:37:56
la novela esta buenicima los felicito a todos son exelentes actores Veronica Jaspeado eres una chava super te felicito besos....
milanyela duarte  - un gancho al corazon   |2009-03-19 22:08:32
hoola amigos quiero felicitar al elenco de un gancho al corazon y a sus protagonista por ser tan profesionales en su trabajo y colocarle todos los dias un toque de alegria y en especial a danna garcia por ser unas de mis favoritas actriz por representar la belleza colombiana ¡FELICITACIONES¡
selina  - sagitario   |2009-04-08 16:04:27
hola monita me gustaria chatear contigo por k se k eres buena persona
Rosie  - un Gancho al Corazon   |2010-01-02 03:50:53
although im a child i love this soap opra i watch it everyday and i totally like monita you rule
cecilia brown  - Un gancho al Corazon   |2010-02-08 17:48:59
No estoy de acuerdo gue cambiaron el horario de la novela porgue ahora no la puedo ver de noche porgue cuando salgo del trabajo son las 4:30 pm de la tarde ,Y la telenovela gue pusieron en su lugar es una novela gue no me gusta y deberia de ponerlo a las 3 de la tarde.
Mary Ellen yepez  - un Gancho Al Corazon   |2010-05-04 22:14:01
I missed the end of my novela I would like to see where I could see it
Geraldine  - Un Gancho Al Corazon   |2012-05-17 07:49:37
I want OL episodes. :)
mary jane atienza  - i love monita   |2013-01-23 12:24:28
pls pls .. im ur number 1 fan here in philippines .. love u ms. danna .. hope u will read my all tweet on u
Bea  - It blows my heart   |2013-08-11 01:14:19
I really love the side story of Stella and Aldo...
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