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Un Solo Corazon

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Un Solo Corazon - telenovela

(1983) - Julieta Rosen, Daniel Martin


Julieta Rosen .... Julieta
Daniel Martin .... Tomas
Beatriz Sheridan .... Pilar
German Robles .... Juez
Raymundo Capetillo .... Roberto
Liliana Abud .... Maria
Yamil Atala .... Carlos
Lilia Aragon .... Graciela
Miguel Córcega .... Alfonso
Lily Inclán .... Abuela
Patricia Davalos .... Mariana
Carmen Delgado .... Catalina
Sergio Acosta .... Salvador
José Roberto .... Mauricio
Francoise Gilbert .... Ingrid
Luz María Peña .... Ada
Otto Sirgo .... Oscar Padilla
Lucía Guilmain .... Amelia
Guillermo Zarur .... Raul
Lourdes Munguía .... Helena
Cynthia Riveroll .... Alicia
Eric Estrada .... Luis

Writing credits
Tessie Picasso (original story)

Song: "Ayer perdi mi corazon"
Written, arranged and produced by: Amparo Rubin
Singing: Daniela Romo

Directed by
Tony Carbajal

Produced by
Patricia Lozano


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dolores   |2014-01-04 07:24:46
me gustaria ver la trlenovela otra vez.
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