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Usurpadora, La

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La Usurpadora telenovelaLa Usurpadora is about a woman who meets another who is absolutely identical to her. While one is shallow, unscrupulous and married to a millionaire, the other is all heart, though she is a poor orphan who has suffered all her life. Paola and Paulina decide to change places. Paola proposes the switch so she can run off with a lover and Paulina accepts under threat of being unfairly imprisoned. But the replacement wife ends up being better for the family than the real one: Not only does she offer loving support to her "husband" and "children", but she dedicates herself to rescuing the once-powerful matriarch of the household, Grandma Piedad, from alcoholism. But when everyone finally is happy, Paola decides to return.

La Usurpadora - telenovela

(1998) - Fernando Colunga, Gabriela Spanic


Gabriela Spanic .... Paola Bracho / Paulina Martinez Bracho - main heroines, twin sisters
Fernando Colunga .... Carlos Daniel Bracho - main hero, husband of Paola
Libertad Lamarque .... Abuela Piedad Bracho - grandmother of Carlos Daniel
Chantal Andere .... Estefania Bracho Montero - sister of Carlos Daniel
Arturo Peniche .... Lic. Edmundo Serrano - suitor of Paulina
Dominika Paleta .... Gema Duran - in love with Carlos Daniel, villain
Mario Cimarro .... Luciano Alcantara - lover of Paola
Marcelo Buquet .... Rodrigo Bracho - brother of Carlos Daniel
Juan Pablo Gamboa .... Willy Montero - husband of Estefania
Paty Díaz .... Lalita - maid
Alejandro Ruiz .... Leandro Gomez - worker at Bracho factory
Giovan D'Angelo .... Donato D'Angeli - lover of Paola
Anastasia .... Viviana Carillo - lover of Willy
Jessica Jurado .... Patricia Bracho - wife of Rodrigo
Antonio De Carlo .... Osvaldo Resendiz
Magda Guzmán .... Fidelina
Nuria Bages .... Paula Martinez - mother of Paola and Paulina
Ninón Sevilla .... Cachita
María Luisa Alcalá .... Filomena
Tito Guízar .... Panchito - gardener at Bracho's house
Enrique Lizalde .... Alessandro Farini
Silvia Derbez .... Doña Chabela - poor woman who rescued Carlitos
René Muñoz .... El Mojarras - neighbour of Doña Chabela
Silvia Caos .... Cenobia Rojas
Irán Eory .... Lourdes
Mario Carballido .... Amador
Adriana Fonseca .... Veronica Soriano - secretary of Carlos Daniel
Jaime Garza .... Merino
Azela Robinson .... Elvira
Miguel de León .... Douglas Maldonado - millionaire in love with Paulina
Meche Barba .... Abigail Rosales
Rafael Amador .... Dr. Galicia
Miguel Córcega .... Braulio
Rebeca Manríquez .... La Tamales
Maricruz Nájera .... Emiliana
Angelina Peláez .... Ricarda
María Solares .... Lisette Bracho
Humberto Elizondo .... Silvano Pina
Yadhira Carrillo .... Raquel
Andrea García .... Celia Alonzo
Eduardo Luna .... Mauricio Artiana
Sergio Miguel .... Carlitos Bracho
Sara Montes .... Eloina 'Nurse'
Adriana Nieto .... Beatrice - receptionist of Edmundo
Jessica Salazar .... Isabel
Laura Zapata .... Fiscal Zoraida Zapata - prosecutor in court
Renata Flores .... Estela - secretary of Estefania
Consuelo Duval .... Macrina
Gloria Morell .... Zenaida
María Morena .... Double of Gabriela Spanic
Melba Luna .... Doña Francisca
Julio Monterde .... Dr.Peraza
Héctor Alvarez
Claudia Castillo
Nayeli Dainzú
Jesús Lara
Emiliano Lizárraga .... Pedro
Gabriela Tavela
Irma Torres .... Eulalia
Fernando Torres Lapham .... Dr.Mendive
Sergio Basañez .... - lover of Paola
Gabriela Carvajal .... Adela
Ricardo Hernandez
Javier Herranz ... Dott. Varela
Raquel Morell
Óscar Morelli .... El Juez Castro
Adalberto Parra
Hector Parra .... Lic. Juan Manuel Montesinos
Ester Rinaldi .... Luciano's wife
Fernando Saenz .... Lic. Mayo
Claudia Vega .... Olivia #1
Amara Villafuerte .... Olivia #2
Ernesto Arreola
Manuel Barajas
Jesus Najera Saro
Karina Duprez

Writing credits
Inés Rodena (original story)
Carlos Romero (screenplay)
Dolores Ortega (script)

Original music by
José Antonio "Potro" Farias

Song: La Usurpadora
Singing: Pandora

Chiefs of production
Sara Smith
Manuel Esparza

Cinematography by
Jesus Najera
Jesus Acuna Lee
Alejandro Frutos
Ernesto Arreola
Manuel Barajas

Directed by
Beatriz Sheridan
Karina Duprez
Ernesto Arreola
Eduardo Said
Manuel Barajas

Produced by
Salvador Mejía
Nathalie Lartilleux (associated producer)



"La Usurpadora" is a remake of:
1 version: telenovela " El hogar que yo robe".
2 version: telenovela "la Usurpadora" (Venezuela, 1972) with Marina Baura and Raul Amundaray
3 version: telenovela "La intrusa" (Venezuela, Coraven y Coral Pictures, 1987) with Mariela Alcala and Víctor Cámara

There is also another Venezuelan version: telenovela "Amor Mio" (Venezuela, 1997) with Astrid Gruber and Julio Pereira. The original story of this one is credited to Isamar Hernández though.

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stella James  - La Usurpadorta   |2010-06-14 11:35:41
It is indeed a very romantic soap opera.It has a very handsome man.a very beautiful woman i guess. so i comment it to be a very beautiful ,romantic and sweet soap opera.thank you.
AMINA ISSA  - la usurpadora   |2010-06-25 10:28:39
was passion,i like it so much,i like the actre n actress especialiy PAULINA.
gennet ofori  - THE GUILT   |2011-03-22 19:04:51
I've really missed this soap, i wish i can get this romantic Telenovela in a video shop.i like Michael and Hope
Anonymous   |2012-05-08 01:19:00
Hello what channel can I find the soap ar
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