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Dona de Saint Michel is an owner of one of the biggest textile enterprises of Mexico. She is undecided: in hands of which of her two grandsons to leave the business management. Pierre is a promising doctor and Luciano is a playboy who neglects his studies and loves good life. She would prefer to choose Luicano to turn him in a responsible person, but Pierre doesn't agree; he is neurotic and bitter. Pierre plots against Luciano and he is helped by a manager of the enterprise, Wagner, and by unscrupulous doctor of Cecile de St. Michel, Doctor Servin. When Pierre discovers that he is an illegitimate grandson and is able to loose the inheritance, his plots become more dangerous. Vanessa Reyes de Saint Germain is a beautiful girl, very humble but ambitious and she binds to Pierre and Luciano. Pierre uses her to entertain himself and when she gets pregnant, he abandons her, but Luciano loves her sincerely and marries her. But Pierre's shadow remains between them and they are going to divorce. Then, in a violent struggle between Pierre and Luciano, Vanessa will be killed.

Vanessa - telenovela

(1982) - Lucía Méndez, Héctor Bonilla , Rogelio Guerra


Lucía Méndez .... Vanessa
Héctor Bonilla .... Luciano
Rogelio Guerra .... Pierre
Angélica Aragón .... Luisa
Nuria Bages .... Jane
Antonio Brillas .... José de Jesus
Aurora Clavell .... Rosa
Isabela Corona .... Dona Cecile de St. Michel
Carlos Cámara .... Dr. Servin
Alma Delfina .... Lolita
Pedro Juan Figueroa .... Wagner
Virginia Gutiérrez .... Magda
Fernando Larranga .... Dr.Fuentes
Antonio Medellín .... Guillermo
Flor Procuna .... Martha
Adriana Roel .... Amelia
Abraham Stavans .... Nicolás
Sylvia Suárez .... Armida
Alejandro Camacho .... Juan
Rosalía Valdéz .... Irma
Maricarmen Martínez .... Cristina
Ana Silvia Garza .... Elsa
Patricia Ancira .... Ana
Roxana Saucedo .... Flavia
Mirrah Saavedra .... Rita
Mariana Gaja .... Vanessa's daughter
Miguel Cane .... Pierre (age 7)
Christopher Lago .... Luciano (age 7)
Emilio Gaete .... Mauricio Subercaseaux

Writing credits
Antonio Texeira Filho (original story)
Luis Reyes de la Maza (adaptation)

Theme song
Written and performed by Bebu Silvetti

Cinematography by
Manuel Ruiz Esparza

Directed by
Raúl Araiza Jr.
Herval Rossano (scenes in Chile)
Manolo Gaarcia

Produced by
Valentín Pimstein



"Vanessa" is a remake of the successful Brazilian telenovela "Idolo de pano" (Rede Globo, 1975) with Tony Ramos, Denis Derkian and Elaine Cristina.
There is another Brazilian version: "Sonho meu" (Rede Globo, 1993) with Carolina Pavarelli and Nivea Maria.

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Abel Romo  - El verdadero final   |2009-12-09 02:41:29
Ojalá hubiera algún lector que me pudiera decir cuál es el final de esta historia en su versión original (la brasileña), pues en la versión mexicana, al final se tuvo que morir la protagonista porque Lucía Méndez dejó la producción justo en el capítulo final.
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