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Venganza, La

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La Venganza telenovela María Olivares is a farmer at the property of the Narvaez. She falls in love with Javier Narvaez, but Carmen and Rafael are against and in a vengeance they set the house of María on fire and her grandfathers die. She goes to Mexico City and swears to take a revenge. She arrives at the house of Alexander Balmaseda who offers her a  protection not knowing that she is his daughter. After a confused incident, this truth is discovered and Alexander dies from the heart attack, leaving María the Hotel of Santo Angelo. In this hotel Javier Narvaez is lodged as a permanent renter, on behalf of the Air Line where he worked as a pilot, and also in this hotel lives Sultán de Omán with his assistant Mohamed. At first, Javier Narvaez could not identify that María was Alejandra.

La Venganza - telenovela

(1977) - Helena Rojo, Enrique Lizalde


Helena Rojo .... María Olivares / Alejandra Balmaseda
Enrique Lizalde .... Javier Narvaez
José Luis Jimenez .... Maximiliano
Azucena Rodríguez .... Rosa
Raymundo Capetillo .... Eduardo
Aurora Cortes .... Santa
Luz Adriana .... Sofia
Nelly Meden .... Andrea
Beatriz Sheridan .... Carmen Narvaez
Tony Carbajal .... Dupre
Javier Marc .... Rafael Narvaez
Karina Duprez .... Lucy
Patricia Davalos .... Isabel
German Robles .... Gobernador de St Angelo
Rogelio Guerra .... Sultán de Omán
René Muñoz .... Mohamed
Eugenia D'Asil .... Esther
Miguel Angel Ferriz .... José Luis
Roberto Cañedo .... Alejandro Balmaseda
Héctor Gómez .... Victor
Laura Zapata .... Violeta
Odiseo Bichir .... Caleta
Hector Cruz .... Nazario
Estela Chacon
Miguel Suárez
Marcela Rubiales .... Sonia
Otto Sirgo .... Alfonso
Magda Haller .... Doña Clementina
Fernando Luján
Rebeca Silva Graciela Bernardos .... Daniela
Jorge Fink .... Padre Julian

Writing credits
Maria Teresa Madero (original story)
Tere Medina (adaptation)

Directed by
Rafael Banquells

Produced by
Valentin Pimstein



Further remake of "La Venganza" is telenovela "Marimar"

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gloria  - novela la vinganza   |2009-06-15 03:35:36
ola! sou brasileira e essa novela la vingança foi exibidaa qui no brasil pela emissora sbt a muitos anos. e gostaria de rever. vc nao teria o dvd dela para me vender?

Atenciosamente: gloria
Sylvia ruelas  - Venganza   |2013-03-15 08:01:21
I'd rely like to buy this novella for a gift for dauther she rely likes it a lot with Helena rio if anyone has it please email me.
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