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Vías del amor, Las

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Las Vias Del Amor telenovela Perla is a poor, sweet and innocent girl who leaves her small town, running away from a dirty old man who is willing to kill or die for her affection. She has a unique psychic abilitiy and can predict future. This ability by accident leads her to meet Gabriel, the rich and noble man from Mexico city. It was the love from the first sight, but unfortunately Gabriel has a girlfriend, Sonia. Perla was forced to marry her boss Jeronimo under the threat of murder of her father. But her boss's son Enrique, alcoholic and drug addict, is obsessed with Perla so much, that on the wedding night he kills his own father, putting the blame on Perla's father, Fidel. Fidel manages to escape to Mexico city. Perla goes to Mexico city too, hoping to find her father. The police is searching for them both, thinking that Perla is an accomplice of Fidel. Jeronimo's brother, Sebastian, is after them as well, seeking a revenge. Once in Mexico City, Perla meets Gabriel and he gets her a job in the subway where he works as an engineer. After a while she finds her father too. But her love story with Gabriel is not easy, as nothing will stop Sonia to separate them. This story also includes Gabriel's best friend Adolfo, who turns out to be his long-lost brother and the story of Leticia, who is the love interest of Sebastian, and her two children, Rosaura and Esteban.

Vías del amor - telenovela

(2002) - Jorge Salinas, Aracely Arámbula, Gabriel Soto


Jorge Salinas .... Gabriel
Aracely Arámbula .... Perla
Gabriel Soto .... Adolfo / Nicolas
Daniela Romo .... Lety
Enrique Rocha .... Sebastián
Abraham Ramos .... Enrique
Mario Casillas .... Jenónimo
Maricruz Nájera .... Laura
Marco Uriel .... Bernardo
Rafael Amaya .... Paco / Pablo
Blanca Sánchez .... Artemisa
Nuria Bages .... Olga
Diana Golden .... Constanza
Raúl Ochoa .... Ernesto
Javier Herranz .... Germán
Martha Julia .... Sandra
José Carlos Ruiz .... Fidel
Manuela Ímaz .... Rosaura
Elizabeth Álvarez .... Sonia
Miguel Loyo .... Ramón
Jorge Consejo .... Esteban
Rudy Casanova .... Elmer
Sasha Montenegro .... Catalina
María Prado .... Azalia
Antonio Escobar .... Chuy
Luz Maria Guizar .... Lucrecia
Irina Areu .... Rebeca
Sergio DeFassio .... Eloy
Mónica Dossetti .... Mariela
Juan Romanca .... Ceferino
Antonio Miguel .... Don Tacho
Guillermo Herrera .... Padre Tomás
Thelma Tixou .... Fernanda
Esperanza Rendón .... Gladys
Carlos Miguel .... El Dandy
Anghel .... Jessica
Eduardo Cuervo .... Octavio
Juan Angel Esparza .... Carlos
Claudia Troyo .... Claudia
Erika García .... Lolita
Julio Alemán .... Alberto Betanzos
Dulce .... Patricia Betanzos
Margarita Magaña .... Alicia Betanzos
Alfredo Adame.... Ricardo
Angélica Vale .... Herself
Paola Trevino .... Andrea
Patricia Navidad .... Rocio
Arturo Vazquez .... Iván Hernández
Ivonne Montero .... Damiana 'Madonna'
Carlos Torres
Florencia Desaracho
Esthela Aceves
Floribel Alejandre
Raquel Garza ... Tere the secretary
Toni Balardi .... Jaramillo
Marco Méndez .... Oscar
Bobby Larios .... Julián de la Colina
Gustavo Negrete
Hugo Aceves
Héctor Alvarez
José Luis Avendano
Julio Beknor
Manuel Benitez
Alan Bitter
Sergio Castillo
Perla Corona
Fernanda Franco
Analia Gailoso
Henrique Hidalgo
Roberto Ibarra
José A. Iturriaga
Ricardo Margaleff
Beatriz Monroy
Jose Montini
Toño Mora
Ruben Morales
Claudia Nenedetti
Jorge Noble
Aleida Nuñez
Carlos Osiris
Silvia Ramírez
Christian Ruiz
Carlos Speitzer
Sylvia Valdes
Ricardo Vera

Writing credits
Emilio Larrosa (idea)
Alejandro Pohlenz (writer)
Ramón Larrosa I. (script editor)

Song: Las Vias Del Amor
Singing: Aracely Arámbula

Song: Las Heridas
Singing: Daniela Romo

Music arranger
Alberto Olmedo

Production manager
Elizabeth Olivares

Production co-ordinator
Claudia Colombon

Chief of production
Héctor Villegas
Juan Carlos Campa

Art Director
Ignacio Lebrija L.

Cinematography by
José Cabello
Luis Monroy (on location)
Lino Adrian Gama Esquinca

Directed by
Salvador Garcini
José Ángel García (on location)

Produced by
Emilio Larrosa
Arturo Pedraza L. (associated producer)



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olas ps les digo q me gusta muxo sta novela :cheer: B) y spero q tbn
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