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Vida Robada II

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Gabriela is a good and generous girl that studies in a college without knowing who pays for her education because she doesn't have a family. After a set of circumstances she decides to substitute a classmate, Leticia, a rich and vitiated girl who has not returned home. She moves into "La Encina" (Leticia's house) and she discovers that Leticia was a terrible child and her family didn't like her. She succeeds in conquering Don Ramon's love.

He is married to Irene a younger woman and he is dominated by her. Irene hates Gabriela-Leticia because she considers her a rival for Don Ramon's inheritance. Gabriela falls in love with Carlos who is Don Ramon's employee. He is strong, resolute and noble man. Carlos is attracted by Gabriela but he believes she is Leticia and he tries to fight his feelings. But Gabriela succeeds in conquering him and they get married. At this point the real Leticia reappears. She is eaten up by jealousy and she wants to separate the couple. Then Carlos has a terrible accident... There are other story lines: Ruben is an honest and good doctor, he is rival of Carlos because he loves Gabriela sincerely. His sister Nelly falls in love with Carlos. From despair she falls into a married man's arms and she becomes pregnant... Rosita who is Ruben and Nelly's cousin who  grew up with them because she is an orphan and now she has to choose between the love of two men: Jorge and Luis. Gavino who lives with Carlos, loves him as a brother. He loves real Leticia who takes advantage of him.

Vida Robada II - telenovela

(1991) - Erika Buenfil, Sergio Goyri


Erika Buenfil .... Leticia / Gabriela
Sergio Goyri .... Carlos
Cynthia Klitbo .... Leticia
Rosa María Bianchi .... Irene
Fernando Luján .... Don Ramon
Sonia Furio .... Carlota
Fernando Saenz .... Gabino
Graciela Bernardos
Romina Castro
Queta Carrasco
Juan Carlos Colombo .... Ernesto
Constantino Costas
Jose Antonio Ferral
Joaquin Garrido .... Cuco
Raúl Magaña
Silvia Mariscal .... Daniela
Jacqueline Munguia .... Rosita
Aida Naredo
Brenda Olivier
Juan Felipe Preciado .... Anselmo
Martha Resnikoff
Luis Rivera .... Ruben
Sergio Sanchez .... Felipe
Yadira Santana
Jorge Urzua .... Jorge

Writing credits
Marissa Garrido (original story and adaptation)

Cinematography by
Carlos Guerra

Set decoration
Carmen Rabelo

Luis Miguel Barona

Cinematography by
Carlos Guerra

Directed by
Luis Velez

Produced by
Carlos Sotomayor
Rafael Uriostegui (associated producer)



"Vida Robada" is a remake of telenovela "Ha llegado una intrusa"

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karla  - escenas   |2009-07-25 22:52:12
me gustaria ver escenas de la novela vida robada, sobre todo las escenas donde estan sergio goyri y erika buenfil, con esa cancion tan bonita que les ponia
Anonymous  - re: escenas   |2009-11-03 14:37:01
karla wrote:
me gustaria ver escenas de la novela vida robada, sobre todo las escenas donde estan sergio goyri y erika buenfil, con esa cancion tan bonita que les ponia
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