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Vidas Robadas

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Vidas Robadas telenovelaDuring 20 years Maria Julia keeps he truth about his son Pedro’s death in secret. Who killed him? Or was it an accident? This happened in 1990. Her son Pedro – young handsome and rich man fell in love with housemaid who worked for his parents. The girl became pregnant from him and he was ready to marry her and acknowledge a child.

Maria Julia couldn’t allow this to happen. She talked to Pedro and tried to convince him in his fault. During this talk they started quarrel with each other. Maria Julia pushed Pedro. The young man stumbled at the stairs, fell down onto the glass coffee table and died. The adopted son of Maria Julia saw it and helped mother to hide the truth about Pedro’s death.

After Pedro had died the pregnant housemaid dah to leave the house for the arm, where she bore the twins. But she was said to bear only one girl. Second baby was too weak. So midwife brought her to Maria Julia and said the baby could die without emergency medical care. Maria Julia took the baby and cared of her like of own daughter. She adopted the girl and named her Luz. Then Maria Julia hired Luz’s mother as a wet-nurse for Luz and said nothing about birth of this girl to her mother.

So the twins live and are brought up separately, Camila as a daughter of housemaid at the farm and Luz as a daughter and heiress of landlord at the big Estate, and they didn’t know about one another. Luz is growing as a happy young girl in a village Izma (Yukatan). She is brought up as a daughter of her grandparents and sister to her step-uncle.

After twenty years Luz is a kind, careful and delicate young girl. She helps children, assists in a parish and is involved into charity activity. Luz is going to enter the Pedagogical University in Mexico city. Camila on the contrary is a strong and purposeful person. She became a famous fashion designer and won her spurs. But the girls know nothing about one another. Once the destiny brought them together in one steamer and one party, but they didn’t meet there. Luz worked there as a clown while Camila was invited there by her friend Martin as a guest. Marting saw Luz at the party but he didn’t understand the girls look similar as Luz had clown make-up and clown loose clothes. Camila fell out of the steamer into water at that party, and she was almost drown, but saved after all. At the moment Camila was drown Luz felt a deep chest pain as if it was she who was dying.

In the meanwhile Maria Julia’s husband (Luz’s step father and grandfather) is going to tell Luz the truth about her origin. In order this will never happen Maria Julia put a poison into husband’s tea. In the result he got into a terrible car accident. But in spite of all efforts of Maria Julia Camila and Luz will meet one day and know the truth.

Vidas Robadas - telenovela

(2010) - Christian Bach, Andrés Palacios


Christian Bach ... María Julia Fernández Vidal
Andrés Palacios ... Martín Sandoval
Martha Cristiana
José Alonso
Carla Hernández ... Luz/Camila
Pedro Sicard
Alma Delfina
Luis Felipe Tovar
Eduardo Arroyuelo
Sergio Bonilla
Daniel Elbittar
Luis Ernesto Franco
Lupita Sandoval
Carmen Delgado
Amara Villafuerte
Rodolfo Arias
María De la Fuente
Víctor Oliveira
Paloma Quezada
Luis Alberto López
Julieta Grajales
Paulina Washington
Mayte Fierro
Adriana Villegas
Carlos Padilla
Andree David Ortega
Joseto Rodríguez
Jorge Aldama
Daniela Menchaca
Juan Menchaca
Juan Fernando Haro
Raúl Adalid
Ángeles Alonso
Maribel Rodríguez
Maria Elena Olivares
Javier Escobar
Gabriel Pascual

Writing credits
Jorge Maestro (original story)
Federico Barenboin
Juan Ciuelo
Gastón Pessacq
Belén Weldetoft

Song: Entre la espada y la pared
Written by: Armando Manzanero
Singing: Armando Manzanero

Original music

Cinematography by

Language : Spanish
Country: Mexico

Directed by
Víctor Rodríguez
René Pereira
Carlos Guerra

Produced by
Georgina Castro Ruiz
Emilia Lamothe

TV Azteca


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