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Vivir Un Poco

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Vivir Un Poco telenovela Andrea is a very-well-to-do suburban housewife who in 1965 goes on a leisure trip to Argentina with some friends and relatives, including her husband, Gregorio, and her sisters-in-law, Aura and Rosa. During the trip, Martha, the wife of one of their friends is brutally killed and Andrea is sent to jail on account of the murder. 20 years later she is pardoned and returns to her country under an assumed identity to solve several mysteries: Who killed Martha? Why? Who is the mother of her husband's youngest son, who was born after her incarceration? To do this, and to get close to her children who believe her dead, Andrea must take desperate measures that might include a hasty marriage and even, start thinking like the killer did. Intrigue ensues soon after her return, for there seem to be more than one person who'd gladly see her dead...

Vivir Un Poco - telenovela

(1985) - Angélica Aragón , Rogelio Guerra


Angélica Aragón .... Andrea Santos de Merisa Obregón
Rogelio Guerra .... Gregorio Merisa Obregón
Beatriz Sheridan .... Aura Merisa Obregón
Irma Lozano .... Rosa Merisa Obregón
Patricia Pereyra .... Atenas Merisa Obregón
Arturo Peniche .... Adrián Merisa Obregón
Alberto Mayagoitia .... Aldo Merisa Obregón
Juan Antonio Edwards .... Rogelio Andrave Estravados
Augusto Benedico .... Padre Benigno
Carlos Ancira .... Abundacio
Gregorio Casal .... Gonzalo Marcos
Inés Morales .... Lilia de Marcos
Nuria Bages .... Alfonsina Dávalos de Larrea
Claudio Báez .... Armando Larrea
Alma Delfina .... Paulina Fernández
Jaime Garza .... Tintoretto Fernández
Felicia Mercado .... Magdalena Dávalos
Roberto Ballesteros .... Marcos
Rafael Inclán .... Marabunta
Manuel 'Flaco' Ibáñez .... Leonardo Rafael
Aurora Molina .... Vicenta
Liliana Weimer .... Silvina
Gastón Tuset .... Alejandro
Yula Pozo .... Honesta
Alejandro Landero .... El Chico
María Martin .... La Baronesa
Miguel Cane .... Rogelio (age 10)
Claire D'Acquarone .... Martha Estravados de Andrave, the murdered woman (in flashbacks)
Claudia Puenzo .... Atenas (age 7)
Bernhardt Seifert .... Adrián (age 10)
Gerardo Murguía
Wolf Rubinsky .... Alcaide
Aurora Clavel .... Andrea's secretary
Cecilia Gabriela .... Gregorio's secretary
Alejandro Landero .... Lucho
Bety Catania .... Gina
Roxana Saucedo .... Serena
Omar Fierro
René Muñoz
Jorge Lavat .... Antonio

Writing credits
Arturo Moya Grau (original story)
Carlos Romero (adaptation)
Jesus Calzada (story editor)

Original music
Amparo Rubin

Set Decoration
Ma. Cristina de Velasco

Production manager
Claudia Prado

Cinematography by
Manuel Ruiz Esparza
Leopoldo Ferrazas

Directed by
Rafael Banquells

Produced by
Valentin Pimstein



"Vivir un poco" is a remake of telenovela "La Madrastra" (1981, Chile, UCTV) with Jael Unger and Walter Kliche
Further remake of "Vivir un poco" are: 1 version: telenovela "Para toda la vida"
2 version: telenovela "La Madrastra"
There's also an english version called "Forever" made in Mexico in 1996 with Maria Mayenzet as Susan, James Richer as Stephan, Rochelle Swanson as Cynthia.

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travis brivett  - regarding the "vivir un poco" remake called "fo   |2008-08-16 08:06:37
i am looking for episodes of the "viver un poco" remake called "forever" that aired in mexico city.please email me at
mario lopez  - vivir un poco   |2008-11-03 06:07:26
hello, I want told me e-mail as I can do to get the entire novel VIVIR UN POCO (full of live a little), I have many years trying to get it and I could not, if they could please write me blog post, greetings from Los Angeles California.
odelsa tapanes  - VIVIR UN POCO   |2009-02-19 19:53:55
i'm looking for the VIVIR UN POCO (mexican)novela by Rogelio Guerra and Angelica Aragon, please advice if you know where i can buy it. also for LA INTRUSA by Victor Camara and Mariela Alcala (venezuelan)
manuel gutierrez  - vivir un poco   |2009-08-28 23:29:22
no es justo que a ANDREA(VIVIR UN POCO) no se le haga justicia por parte de televisa que transmite y vende el dvd de la madrastra y vivir un poco sigue enlatado desde el año de 1998 cuando lo transmitia a medio dia por galavision.ya es justo no creen,hay bastantes peticiones por esta telenovela solo chequen cuantos fans habemos.
JUNIUOR  - novela Vivir un Poco   |2009-11-08 13:52:25
Me gustaría saber si pueden conseguir la novela Vivir un Poco con Angélica Aragón y Rogelio Guerra, es la original de La Madrastra.
JUNIUOR  - Novela Vivir un Poco   |2009-11-08 13:50:57
Me gustaría saber si puedes conseguir la novela Vivir un Poco con Angélica Aragón y Rogelio Guerra, es la original de La Madrastra.
GUADALUPE CRUZ  - re: regarding the "vivir un poco" remake c   |2011-06-08 20:25:42
tengo años buscando esta telenovela para comprarla completa y nada mas no la ponen a la venta he mandado muchos correos, pero que creen que ni siquiera los contestan
Omar Villagomez  - Vivir un Poco DVD Sale   |2011-06-17 12:59:01
No puedo creer que una Joya clasica de las telenovelas mexicanas, como lo es "Vivir un poco" sea tan imposible de encontrar, alguien parece ser que esta perdiendo la oportunidad de hacer negocio aqui, y yo estoy perdiendo la oportunidad de volver el tiempo atras y volver a recordar a mi madre joven y hermosa, disfrutando esta telenovela.
Omar Villagomez   |2011-06-17 13:00:16
Yo tambien ando buscando esta telenovela de vivir un poco con angelica aragon, que alguien me diga por favor donde puedo comprarla
Tina   |2014-08-10 21:43:17
Yo también estoy interesada en ver esta telenovela completa, alguien sabe dónde conseguirla? O comprarla??

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