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Vivo Por Elena

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Vivo Por Elena telenovela Elena is a poor girl who lives with her two sisters, Chelo and Thalita, in a very bad neighborhood. Chelo works very hard so that Elena can study to be a psychologist; she wants Elena to have a real chance at life. But things begin badly when Elena is drugged and raped by a rich boy, Ernesto, whom she thought she was in love with. Ashamed and disillusioned, Elena swears she will never fall in love again. Juan Alberto Monthiel is a judge with a beautiful wife, Silvia, and a neglected son, Juanito. He believes himself to be happy until he discovers Silvia is cheating on him and kicks her out of the house, getting a divorce. A year later, Juan Alberto is a bitter man who doesn't trust women and his son is even worse, a little monster, spoiled and desperately unhappy. Elena is hired to help out Juanito, but her sweetness and beauty conquer not only the son but the father as well. Both of their wounds begin to heal. It's the beginning of a beautiful love story... if it weren't for the return of Silvia, hellbent on retrieving her ex-husband, and the reappearance of the evil Ernesto, who can so easily shatter the small thread of trust that the judge has brought to life for Elena.

Vivo Por Elena - telenovela

(1998) - Saúl Lisazo , Victoria Ruffo


Victoria Ruffo .... Elena - main heroine
Saúl Lisazo .... Juan Alberto - main hero
Ana Patricia Rojo .... Silvia - wife of Juan Alberto, villain
Sebastián Ligarde .... Ernesto - brother of Juan Alberto, villain
Cecilia Gabriela .... Chelo - sister of Elena
Anahí .... Talita - sister of Elena
Imanol Landeta .... Juanito Montiel - son of Juan Alberto
Manuel Landeta .... Hugo - in love with Elena
Anel .... Jenny
Julieta Bracho .... Rebeca
Julián Bravo .... Paco
Sergio Catalán .... Adolfo
Sergio Corona .... Don Fermín
Carlos Espejel .... Oscar
Maty Huitrón .... Simona 'Demona' - housekeeper in Juan Alberto's house
Adriana Lavat .... Adriana
Pablo Montero .... Luis Pablo - in love with Elena and Ely
Nuirka Marcos .... Myrtha - dancer, friend of Ely
Leonorilda Ochoa .... Aurora
Jean Douvenger .... "El Güero / El Negro"
Giorgio Palacios .... Lalo
Kristoff .... "El Polaco"
Klechie Arizmendi .... Recita (Panchita)
Gerardo Gallardo .... "El Sapo"
Mónica Prado
Alejandra Procuna .... Ely - in love with Luis Pablo
Carlos Rotzinger .... Don Gustavo
Serrana .... Yolanda
Anthony Alvarez .... Leandro
Claudia Silva .... Jimena
Patricia Álvarez .... Lumara
Arturo Peniche .... Hector
Alejandra Meyer .... - director of jail
José María Torre
Magda Guzmán
Juan José Origel
Luz María Aguilar
Ofelia Guilmáin
Paco Ibáñez
Constantino Costas
José Antonio Ferral
Yamil Sesin
Tania Prado
Miguel Angel Segura
Jessica Segura
Raúl Castellasnos
Gabrielle Báez
Luis de Icaza .... Senor Rojo from the tavern
Adriana Barraza .... La Machin (Hilda)
Tony Flores .... Bertoldo
Lucila Mariscal .... Gardenia
Yadira Santana .... Raisa Martin

Writing credits
Delia Fiallo (original story)
Marcia del Rio (free version)
Ricardo Tejeda (script editor)

Song: Vivo por ella
Singing: Andrea Bocelli

Music arranger
Saúl Torres

Production co-ordinator
Ramon Ortiz
Janeth Webb-Treviso

Cinematography by
Karlos Velázquez
Alejandro Alvarez Ceniceros

Directed by
Rafael Rojas
Sergio Jimenez (general director)
Manolo Garcia (general director)

Produced by
Juan Osorio



"Vivo por Elena" is a remake of:
1 version: (196x, Venezuela, Venevision) with Marina Baura and José Bardina
2 version: telenovela "Señorita Helena" (1974, Venezuela) with Ada Riera and José Luis Rodríguez.
3 version: telenovela "Atrevete" (Venezuela) with Caridad Canelon and Pedro Lander.

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Angie  - vivo por elena   |2008-08-27 04:44:37
I was wodering if you had this sopu opera I would love to see it all. Thank you.
Jeselli Martinez  - Yes, it is broadcasting   |2008-11-10 23:12:15
The novela vivo por elena is currently showing. On the channel called "Telefutura" a spanish channel in the US, it airs from 6-7am. Well dat's the time it shows here. Bye, hope you enjoy it because I'm!!!!
delia   |2008-11-24 23:07:41
I was wondering if y'all sell this novela on dvd .I like this novela very much i.I get every morning to watch it at 5am.
Lillian  - vivo por elena   |2009-01-05 18:03:25
I recently started watching this telenovela which as I understand is quite old...and fell inlove with well as with Bocelli'a Vivo por Ella, the theme song...would like to communicate with others that are into this sort of thing...
C Lopez  - quetion   |2013-01-31 05:44:34
what is the name of the dog in this soap?
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