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Volver a Empezar

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Volver a Empezar telenovela "Reny" is a pop star, she has scores of fans, she's rich and has a family who loves her. What's the problem? Unfortunately Reny's sister, Sandra and Reny's husband, Santiago, are both a little insane. Santiago wants her money and Sandra wants her fame. Sandra arranges an accident that paralyzes Reny from the waist down, keeping her from performing, and with the help of Santiago, she disappears from the limelight, penniless. Good thing, Reny doesn't love her husband, she's in love with her manager, Tony (Guillermo Garcia Cantú). Also in love with her are: Chayanne, a famous pop star; Lalo a poor, aspiring musician; and the doctor who is trying to cure her paralysis. Unfortunately, love cannot stop the twisted plan by Sandra and Santiago to get what they want from Reny, making it almost impossible for her to begin again.

Volver a Empezar - telenovela

(1994) - Yuri, Chayanne


Yuri .... Reni / Chaquira
Chayanne .... Chayanne
Rafael Sánchez Navarro .... Santiago
Carmelita González .... Encarnación
María Elena Saldaña .... Tina
Luis Couturier .... Gabriel Jiménez
Claudia Silva .... Sandra 'Sandy'/Sandunga
Silvia Suárez
Pilar Montenegro .... Jessica
Carlos Miguel .... Poncho
Alejandro Aragón.... Francisco
Raúl Alberto .... Mike
Mauricio Islas .... Freddy
Paco Ibáñez
Luisa Huertas .... Magda
Beatriz Martínez
Vilma Traca .... Teodora
Roberto Tello .... Coreano
Ricardo Barona
Sussan Taunton .... Rita
Radamés de Jesús .... Paul
Margarita Isabel .... Aurora
Guillermo García Cantú .... Tony
Fernando Ciangherotti .... Eduardo 'Lalo'
José Luis Avendaño
Gustavo Bermúdez
Leonor Llausás
Patricia Martínez .... Agata
Fernando Pinkus
Jaime Puga
Roberto Ruy
Isadora González
Karyme Lozano

Writing credits
Verónica Suarez
Alejandro Pohlenz

Song: Volver a Empezar
Singing: Yuri

Cinematography by
Antonio Acevedo

Directed by
Salvador Garcini
José Ángel García

Produced by
Emilio Larrosa


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Eso pasa por pretender amar, siendo tan solo humanos...
Eso pasa por pretender amar, siendo tan solo humanos...
Que difícil es dormir a su lado, teniendo cuidado, de no rozar su piel...
¡Que triste es esto, de estar enojados con la persona que amamos!
Y; tenerla cerca, mas con los corazones alejados...
De viaje ambos corazones, por separado
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