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Yara - telenovela

(1979) - Angélica María , Jaime Moreno


Angélica María .... Yara
Alma Muriel
Jaime Moreno .... Eladio
Blanca Guerra .... Regina
Miguel Manzano
Carlos Ancira
Rosa María Moreno .... Amelia
Sergio Ramos .... El Cachetes
Juan Peláez
Aurora Clavell .... Sabina
Eric del Castillo .... Juan Carlos
Sergio Gómez
Roberto Antunez .... Liborio
Ignacio Rubiell
Rossy Mendoza .... Rossy
Frank Moro .... Mauricio
Manuel Guizar
Guillermo Gil
Fausto Fierro
Gustavo del Castillo
Tito Duran
Laura León
Graciela Doring
Guillermo Zarur

Writing credits
Marissa Garrido

Song: Mi amor prohibido
Written by: Raúl Vale
Singing: Angélica María

Directed by
Alfredo Saldaña

Produced by
Ernesto Alonso


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