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Yesenia I

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This is a melodrama to tell about a young girl Yesenia wo is born out of marriage and was given to Gipsies by her true grandfather. He was only intended to protect his daughter from blame and disgrace. Raised in the Jipsy camping-ground, Yesenia grew to be a real Gipsy woman. She is gratified, freedom-loving and a tongue-in-cheek. She falls in love with a military officer, Osvaldo, and this passionate love overwhelms the couple. Oswaldo is captivated with the grace and charm of Yesenia and soon they get married. A fortune-teller told Oswaldo that he will be together with a dark-haired woman to experience obstacles and problems on the way to pure love and trust.

One day Oswaldo is captured and Yesenia has to pay money to get him free. She dispatches a carrier with money and a letter but on the way the carrier is killed and thus, the letter and money did not reach the destination. Waiting for favorable outcome, Yesenia decides to return to her tribe and marry Bardo who loves her. In the meantime Oswaldo is released and he is greatly disappointed with Yesenia who, he thinks, decided to escape from problems. Oswaldo gets to know Luisita, a young girl from high society. When Yesenia visits the church to pray for the pendant she got from her mother, she meets Oswaldo and Luisita. They meet and have a talk. Yesenia tries to convince that she did right but Oswaldo does not believe her. Yesenia is asked by Luisita to tell her a fortune and Yesenia finds out she is sick to death. Meanwhile Yesenia finds her family, her mother and talks to her grandfather who sent her to Gipsy to avoid disgrace. Yesenia now lives in her new family and she still loves Osvaldo. Luisita appears to be her sister and she Yesenia and Oswaldo are talking about their love and Luisita's fatal malady, they get allowed by Luisita to join their lives and marry while she is going to Europe to find the remedy.
Yesenia and Oswaldo are together again and this time they live a full and happy family.


Fanny Cano as Yesenia
In spite of her origin, Yesenia is impulsive, too rebellious as a real Gypsy. She loves freedom but she also adopts some craftiness from people she lives with. She is tall and beautiful, looking like Gypsies, with long dark hair.

Jorge Lavat as Oswaldo Leroux
Oswaldo is a strong, athletic and very handsome young man. He is a man of word. He strongly loves Yesenia but when he though she rejected him, he decided to do so. When he finds out Luisita is sick, he decides to marry her anyway because he has promised her.

Irma Lozano as Luisita
Luisita is a young refined lady from the high society. She is used to well-being and comfort. Anyway, she keeps to be unique, pure and noble. She easily yields Oswaldo to her newly obtained sister when she finds out they are in love.

Yesenia I - telenovela

(1970) - Fanny Cano, Jorge Lavat


Fanny Cano .... Yesenia
Jorge Lavat .... Oswaldo Leroux
Irma Lozano .... Luisita
Alicia Rodríguez .... Marisela
María Douglas
Augusto Benedico .... Don Julio
Ofelia Guilmáin .... Trifenia
Juan Ferrara
Karina Duprez
Magda Guzmán
Raul Padilla .... El Patriarca
Jorge Castillo
Carlos Alonso
Jorge Mateos
María Rivas
Carmen Cortes

Writing credits
Yolanda Vargas Dulché (original story)
Guillermo de la Parra (adaptation)

Original music
Francis Lai

Cinematography by
Julio Cervantes

Directed by
Fernando Wagner

Produced by
Valentin Pimstein



Further remake of "Yesenia I" is telenovela "Yesenia II"

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Anonymous   |2011-11-07 19:13:22
Me gustaría mucho ver esta telenovela Yesenia 1 0 la yesenia 2.
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