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Yesenia II

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Yesenia telenovela A Vera Cruz, Yesenia is a beautiful and young gypsy who loves the military Osvaldo and they marry with the opposition and prejudices of their families and society. In reality she is an illegitimate daughter of a rich woman Marisela; her father Julio gave her to Magenta to bring her up. Marisela has another daughter, Luisa, engaged to Osvaldo. Don Roman is opposed to their union and he succeeds in transferring Osvaldo for a military secret mission and he abandons Yesenia and doesn't contact her. She will engage to Bardo. Then Marisela recognizes her daughter Yesenia, Luisa dies from an incurable disease and Yesenia and Osvaldo will live together happily ever after.

Yesenia II - telenovela

(1987) - Adela Noriega , Luis Uribe


Adela Noriega .... Yesenia
Ofelia Guilmáin .... Magenta
Rafael Baledón .... Don Julio
Norma Herrera .... Marisela
Luis Uribe .... Oswaldo Leroux
Marisa de Lille .... Luisita
Juan Carlos Bonet
Tony Carbajal .... Ramon
Rosario Gálvez .... Amparo
Monica Miguel .... Trifenia
Héctor Téllez .... Marko
Patricia Bernal .... Orlanda
José Ángel García .... Ernesto
Raúl Román .... Bardo
Noé Murayama .... El Patriarca Rashay
Rosario Zuñiga
Martha Papadimitrioli
Luis .... Fabian
Martha Zamora .... Dona Casilda

Writing credits
Yolanda Vargas Dulché (original story)
Luis Reyes de la Maza (adaptation)

Art Director and Costume Design
Guillermo Barclay

Set Decoration
Daniel Santos

Cinematography by
Gilberto Macin

Directed by
Julio Castillo

Produced by
Irene Sabido



"Yesenia II" is a remake of telenovela "Yesenia I"

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claudia selene partida   |2008-09-07 12:55:00
:) Quisiera saber si alguien me pudiera dar informasion de donde pudiera conseguir esta telenovela o :woohoo la pudieran poner en you tube.
Blanca gutierrez  - yesenia   |2011-06-14 21:39:16
Quisiera saber donde puedo encontrar esta tv novela con fanny cano y tambien ruby.
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