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Yo Amo a Juan Querendon

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Yo Amo a Juan Querendon telenovelaThis  is the story of Juan Dominguez, an incorrigible skirt chaser who arrives in Mexico City after fleeing his home town because of his entanglements with women. It is the humorous tale of a highly original and appealing anti-hero. He isn’t rich, he isn’t handsome, he isn’t the best dresser, and yet the ladies love him for his kind heart and colorful ways. On the very day of his arrival, Juan has a close encounter with the woman who will become the love of his life, and also finds himself transformed unexpectedly into the mainstay of the Cachon family, an all-female household.


Mayrín Villanueva as Paula Dávila

Paula is a young boss, attractive and humble. She si tooo naive in spite of some period of her life spent abroad. She needs to be loved and love and this feature allows her being captured with the words of lie from the married man. She suffers from such circumstances.

Eduardo Santamarina as Juan Domínguez

Juan is a good-looking, cheerful and romantic person. He is a religious man. His drawback is telling a little lie but he has a generous and kind heart. He is loved by people for his charisma. He believes a woman is the most beautiful and wonderful thing in the world.

Alexis Ayala as César Luis Farell

César Luis Farell is a handsome womanizer winning women for nothing. He charms every other woman in spite of being married. He is cunning as a fox, opportunistic and manipulative. If and when necessary he lies and makes intrigues. His perfect sense of humor and confidence make him good. But the hypocrisy he is known for spurns other from him.

Sylvia Pasquel as Nidia Cachón

Nidia Cachón is a rather cheerful and frivolous widow. She is too ambitious and impulsive to cause big problems. She sometimes seems very ridiculous to lokk after young men. She is very obsessed with Juan.

Florencia de Saracho as Marely Cachón

Marely Cachón is a college student. She is introvert, kind and humble, highly responsive and liberal. She is highly sensitive and impulsive though she is not obsessed with anger. She is in love with Juan.

María Marcela as Ana Dávila

Ana Dávila is sweet and beautiful woman. She is honest and the only mistake she has done is her love to a married person. She has a daughter from him but she is not acknowledged by this man. She feels she needs to protect her daughter from such future problems.

Yo Amo a Juan Querendon - telenovela

(2007) - Eduardo Santamarina , Mayrín Villanueva


Eduardo Santamarina ... Juan Domínguez
Mayrín Villanueva ... Paula Dávila Escobar
Alexis Ayala ... César Luis Farell Carballo
Dacia Arcaráz ... Yadrira del Pilar Cachón de la Cueva
Alejandra Barros ... Susana
María Marcela ... Ana Dávila Escobar
Alejandra Meyer ... Pastora Gaitán
Silvia Pasquel ... Nidia Estela de la Cueva Pérez viuda de Cachón
Pedro Romo ... Pastor Gaitán García
Arleth Terán ... Ivonne Mosquera Espejo
Renée Varsi ... Mónica Berrocal Toledo de Farell
Florencia de Saracho ... Marely Cachón de la Cueva
César Évora ... Samuel Cachón
Eugenio Bartilotti ... Enrique Bueno Lindo
Claudia Eliza Aguilar
Eduardo Antonio ... Molondrón
Agustín Arana
Vanessa Arias
Ángeles Balvanera ... Consuelo
Arturo Barba ... Fernando Lara Lora
Raquel Bigorra ... Conductora
Luis Cevallos
Sharis Cid
Roberto D'Amico
Sergio DeFassio
Fernando De La Flor
Ricardo de Pascual Jr.
Ricardo de Pascual ... Padre
Perla Encinas
Antonio Escobar ... Urologo
Ana Bertha Espín
Óscar Ferretti ... Ezzio de Lorenz
Andrea García
Monica Garza ... Guest
Lisandro Guarinos
Luz María Guizar ... Pepita
Santiago Hernández ... Juanito
Benjamín Islas
Manuel Landeta
Kokin Li ... Chino
Justo Martínez
Roberto Miquel ... Gonzalo Gutiérrez
Pablo Montero ... Cantante
Alfonso Munguía
Jorge Muñiz
Arturo Muñoz ... Policía
Marco Muñoz
Gustavo Negrete
Jorge Ortín
Emir Pabón ... Caña Real
Lidise Pousa
Cecilia Romo ... Guest
Alejandro Ruiz ... Nacho Machetes
Roberto Sen ... Alirio Perafán
Alex Sirvent ... Héctor
Verónica Sotomayor
René Strickler
Lucy Tovar
Gastón Tuset
Tania Vázquez ... Herlinda
Mapat L. de Zatarain

Writing credits
Antonio Abascal
Salamanca García
Gonzalo Gutiérrez
Marimar Oliver Coindreau
Gabriela Ortigoza
Rossana Ruiz
Miguel Vallejo

Song El Rey Tiburón
Written by: Fernando 'Fher' Olvera
Singing: Maná

Song Palomita
Written by:Eduardo Antonio
Singing: Eduardo Antonio

Original music
Ruben Zepeda

Cinematography by
Mauricio Manzano
Oscar Morales

Directed by
Lili Garza
Mauricio Rodríguez

Produced by
Marco Vinicio
Mapat L. de Zatarain



Remake of colombian telenovela "Pedro el escamoso" (2010) with Miguel Varoni

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dimas h.  - yo amo a juan querendon   |2009-10-04 23:58:38
es y sera la mejor tnovela de todas gracias eduardo y mairin
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