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Late Show with David Letterman

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Late Show with David Letterman talk showSince 1993, legendary comedian and talk show host David Letterman has been interviewing guests and hosting musical performances CBS.

Late Show with David Letterman

(1993 - Present) - David Letterman<

Genre: Talk show

Directed by

Jerry Foley
Hal Gurnee

Writing credits
Dino Stamatopoulos
Sam Saltz
Will Forte
Dave Hanson
Jim Mulholland
and others


David Letterman
Paul Shaffer
Bill Wendell
Alan Kalter


Announcer Bill Wendell retired and left the show in 1995. He was replaced by Alan Kalter on the show's next episode which came after a two-week hiatus.

The show began broadcasting in high definition on August 29, 2005

Letterman himself is known for his quirky physical comedy, which he has used in varied degrees throughout the years

During the 2007-08 Writers Guild of America strike, the show went into reruns for two months

At least 29 people have guest hosted for David Letterman

Running time : 01:02:30
Country: United States
Language : English
Original channel : CBS

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Guest  - Letterman is king of Late Night   |2008-06-22 01:15:44
It really frightens me that there are still people out there that admire someone like Bill O'Reilly. Thank God for people like Dave Letterman, who don't fall prey to the bizarre belief that questioning the Right Wing makes one unpatriotic. Good for you Dave. Great show as always. Letterman knows how to turn the tables on someone who is full of himself and blinded by self-importance. And let's hope there are always platforms like Letterman's around that can challenge the bombastic, hypocritical, bitter pills we have to take in the form of O'Reilly, Coulter, Robertson--unfortunately the list goes on and on. Great banter, great commentary--Letterman still shines!
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