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Tyra Banks Show

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The Tyra Banks Show talk showThe show focuses on empowering young women, and encourages them to reach their goals and achieve their dreams.

The Tyra Banks Show

(2005 - Present) - Tyra Banks

Genre: Talk show

Created by
Tyra Banks


Tyra Banks


Executive producer
Tyra Banks
Benny Medina
Kerrie Moriarty
John Redmann


On June 20, 2008, The Tyra Banks Show won a Daytime Emmy in the "Best Talk Show (Informative)" category

Number of seasons: 3
Country: United States
Language : English
Original channel : Syndicated by Warner Bros

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Guest  - Personal favorite   |2008-06-22 01:52:25
I actually enjoy watching this show.

I actually enjoy watching this show. it teaches me a lot of things and I actually love the whole woman empowerment thing she has going on. It isn't the greatest talk show out there since I have numerous favorites above The Tyra Banks show but there's something unique about her and the show. I started watchnig it when the whole "Kiss My Fat Ass" thing began. Im not one of the thinner girls so I appreciate Tyra going out and saying that all women are beautiful no matter what size or shape they are. If she can love herself, than so can I.
Guest  - I love this show   |2008-06-22 01:58:46
Really good
maria frye  - Your not what im looking for at this time on ameri   |2008-11-25 10:07:20
Hi Tyra. my name is maria i watch your show all the writing you because.I was wondering what is america idol looking for in a person when it come to singing.because my son went on there tyra and thay told him he has a good voice you move to the next round.tyra the next day he sing again and thay tell him your not what we are looing for at this time.tyra i do't understand thay let the poeple who can't sing go through.tyra would you please me make a dream come true for my son Maria
Kywana S. & Tramel F. Edwards  - Tyra . "U SAID HEADLINER?" GOT DAT!!!!!!   |2008-12-09 07:58:13
Dear Tyra,
I'm writting this letter in regards to my 9yr.old son. His name is Tramel. I seen your commerical where you said, "You want eye poppin stories?" We'll I have many. I honestly wouldn't know where to start. I'm 31 yrs. old. I NEVER beleived that we would have a Black President not that I didnt have enough Hope.NOT FAITH .Sorry Said to say it. And I see alot of people on t.v for the worst degrading situitions. We meaning my Son my other children and many more people can benenfit from their struggles and weakness, as well as their strenght when other people view them as dysfuntional. "Don't Believe The Hype" My son deserves to know and have a better experience with just his thought and intelligence that's far from the regular 12yr.old. Tramel has been through challenge sitiuations that through my weaknesses my 4son are affected through wrong deciion I made 10 yrs ago. My son is Highly unqiue and through my eye's I see an angle, not just me but A Judge has taken a special interest in my son.I just want help at a chance to let my son have the opportunities that other people feel as though ,he would be limitesd ,in his success ,if the Sate dont appoint guidience. YEAH RIGHT... Tramel is difinitly very swaggaful. Tramel is an Honor Roll Student,4th ,Personality,Manners,respect Tyra Ive been planing to write you to appearon your show for about 3mons. But it's really funny & F-up when the so called one's the claim the wanna see you reach the next level.Even though the know yopu deserve it. Coming from a horrible struggle.But knowing my self worth when I had the "Katrina" in my own life with NO ONE there for me with the exception of the ONLY ONE THAT COULD HAVE DONE THE WHOLE JOB ANYWAY GOD ALMIGHTY himself, and HIS SON JESUS CHRIST HIMSELF. TYRA YOU SAID HEADLINER!!!!!Tyra Holla at Ya Girl. Miss New York is Trashy. We from the hood However we're still classy simply Diamonds in the rough. Tyra how ever read this I will believe that this is suppose to happen that it's not just a dream or fantasy that I can speak life into my destiny...
Thank you much,
Kywana & Tramel Edwards
Lizzie  - i had a dream and want to furfil it.   |2009-01-04 21:20:13
hi miss Banks,
i rearly get to watch your show, because i live in S.A and your shows are on at a time when i'm at school, but of all the shows ive watch you have givin me more reason for me to at least try and furfil my dream, my dream may seem rather big and too much to ask for but ...
TIFFANY  - A NEW ME   |2009-05-25 16:19:15
Dear Tyra, My name is Tiffany and i'm a 33 year old mother of 3. And a recent graduate from a medical billing codng program I am very sad sometimes because my life is not as it should be. I have very low self esteem. My daughter even has low self esteem. I can tell. my sense of low self esteem comes from my body. As mentioned in the beginning I have 3 children all of them breastfed and I've been a mother since I was 17 my breast are about to be stepped on. By me and society. (smile) I try to make light of the situation but for year I've wanted to cry. even as I type these words tears literally burn them because I feel like a freak sometimes. My breast are so heavy they weigh me down my back actually has a slight curve and I have bad posture because of it. I have lost a lot of weight over the years going up and down and now there's skin hanging every wear I wish i could show you pictures. I'm too young to have a body that looks like an old lady. I have a cecearian scare down the middle of my stomach like a butcher tried to attack me, because one of my children was too big for me to have naturally I have seen your shows were you have helped people with bodies like mine please help me live again before i get too old held me fix this horrible body of mine
yvonne chacon  - *my dream*   |2009-09-25 18:38:34
Hi my name is yvonne and a lot of people have tryed to get me into the modeling buissness i am only 16. and i always just say its not for me.truth is i always wanted to be a model and i would go to above and beyond to get a chance to model...but theres only one thing stopping me,my smile is not perfect i have been cursed with crooked teeth...i have even thot of breaking then on pupose just to have a reason for them to get the truth is we just dont have the money=[ so my question is if anyone knows anythin about how i can get help to be on my way to living my dream,if not thanks for liseng=]....
mary   |2009-10-16 10:15:46
hi my name is mary and i am 15 years old, i watch your show almost every day. i wanted some help on a product that can remove streatch marks! i have been spending a great deal of time and money on products but non seem to work! my 16th birthday is coming up and i would really like to wear a dress with out having to wear a jacket on top of it!
thank you
Ashlee Williams  - HELP!   |2009-10-27 22:29:40

My name is Ashlee Williams I am a senior in a small town with the population of only about 1500 people. There are about 150 students in my high school and that is 7th-12th Grade. As you can tell it's extremely small. Anyways, my family has always had financial problems. As of right now we have been living with no gas in our house we have been bathing by getting 3 pans of water and boiling it on our stove for almost 2 months now! It's awful, i'm a senior and I have senior pictures coming up, I'm still wearing the school clothes from last year. I don't want to wear my junior clothes in my senior pictures these pictures are going to be remembered forever. If you could help a little bit i'd really appreciate it. I'll do whatever you want. thank you so much tyra...
gwen daniel   |2009-12-10 22:44:29
Dear Tyra,
Hi my name is Gwen Daniel and I'm 15 years of age. I'm from a small Caribbean island called Trinidad. I would really like to be friends with Taylor Lautner and i want to know if you could/would help me please. If you're thinking , I'm not one of his boy crazed psychopathic fans.I just want to be his friend to get to know him for who he really is and not what publicity portrays him to be. One thing you should note about me is that I'm not rich I'm just an average girl who's just asking for something that i really want and I would like for you to help me. I'll be looking forward to your reply. Thanking you in advance.
Yours Truly,
Gwen Daniel.
P.S I don't want my friends or the world to know, in other words i don't want any publicity from this. Thanks a lot.
Evelin julia  - Help   |2009-12-21 03:06:56
Hi Tyra my name is evelin fromnairobi kenya and am writing to you because you are one of akind and an angel to the many lives you have changed may the good lord bless you.tyra am a single mum of a 16yr old girl missed school coz of fee and now 4 the last 6months rent no power water and meals for my daughter and nephews one is 4 and 6yrs olds who don!t understand why things are the way they are.pliz pliz i beg that you find in your heart of hearts to help me all i want to do is sell one of my kidneys to be able to pay my debts and bill am so ashamed no esteem or strength left if you find a doctor who can do it safely coz i don!t want to die and live my kids alone am the mum and dad all they have no christmas for as i have tried all invain after x-mass we are headed for the streets if we dont pay thats why am begging you pliz. Have a marry christmas and a prosperous blessed new year lastly don!t forget to pass my regurds to your beautiful loving mum and tyra cherish and take good care of her she did a good job on you and your brother a mum does anything for her kids pliz help you are my last hope if you can pliz call me on + 0721 315 558 thank you very much God bless you ALL.
Edward  - Tyra Show Ending?   |2009-12-29 04:05:39
This would be the perfect time to take the lead in daytime talk shows that you have been producing everyday. With Opra going out at the end of the year the public still needs a strong, dynamic, charismatic personality to bring current events to the table. Your able to relate to the public and explain in a intelligent demenaor that people need. I hope you will reconsider your decision. I'm not so sure you realize how may people you help. I know not everyone might agree with you all the time, but you make everyone think. When that happens good occurs.

God bless you always.
vanessa atieno  - my education   |2009-12-31 17:18:41
i've been thinking about this for long i am about to do my K.C.P.E this is what we do in kenya after 8 years i am sure that with jesus in my life i will pass with flying colours my request is that u may send me a good luck card in 2yrs timethat being in december 2011 it may seem that i just want to disturb you but you are my role model at that time i will be 13 yrs old
Joshua Sanchez  - Idea   |2010-02-03 02:42:54
Tyra is an ispiration to all. Her Show covers alot of deep situations, and she has an awesome perspective on life. I love her Talk Show, as well as Americas next top model. But I was always curious as to why she hasnt made a Americas Next Top Male Model. I dunno bout you guys but seeing alot of men going through what women have to go through to become the number one model can be very entertaining and inspiring. I myself would not be capable of taking part of the show do to my Epilecpy but Just because I cant doesnt mean that other men, wouldn't like to have there chance to respresent America as the Top Male Model. Just a Mere Suggestion that I think would turn out great. I love you Tyra, Your Awesome!!!!
desirae brown  - help   |2010-07-08 21:57:43
hi,tyra my name is desirae brown from lexington,ky and i just need to ask a few qustions and my frist one is how do you make your self feel priddy when you fill so ugly and how do you keep happy when you fill sad and down and if you whant to know im 13years old and it seems like lots of girls have the some problems but not like me i start to fill good about my self but then people just start to brang me down plesse help me my email is
and my phone number is
Charesa Miller  - could you help me with sommething   |2011-01-08 07:30:21
Hello my name is Charesa Miller but everybody calls me Reese and you can call me that too. okay let me get to the point!! well Lil Wayne the Rapper is somebody i loved at first. Now i don't like hime and the reason for that is because me and my friends was talking about he had made a comment about dark skin girls and basically how they are ugly because there not light skin and that made me upset. I feel like he has a dark skin daughter and he should never talk about color. I feel like we been through that with the white people. Now black men are talking about dark skin women how their ugly and why is that? Because Lil wayne started it and got the media talking about it, plus in every song he does its talking about a red bone and got men only wanting a light skin girl so they can show them off... this really hurts my feelings because i am not dark but i am close and people get sad and depressed off of this and i was wondering if you could help me say something to lil wayne because i am hurt and he was one of my favorite rappers but he will never be nothing to me anymore.... i know this sound maybe a little stupid but this hurts my feelings and alot of other dark skin girls. plus in one of your shows america's next top model i remember the dark skin model that won, she had said something about that and made her cry and i know how she feels and you understood so i know you would care. so please contact me.. Or even call me even know i am not suppose to give my number out on line but i need your help my friend. 502-759-3-9314!!! oh yeah i love your show america's next top model!!! lol one day i thought about trying out but i thought i was to hairy sorry love ya
Tumelo sekgobela   |2011-04-13 10:37:15
Hey,tyra my name is tumelo,i really love your show and you!I have been watching it ever since i was a teenager and now i am a young adult. You really inspire alot of people(my peers).I wish all mothers and older sisters would talk freely about anything just like you.And i would love to meet you one day just to hug you and give you a kiss on the cheek for a job well done! love ya tyra
Anonymous   |2011-09-28 22:12:19
Hi Tyra i love your show even america next top modle. Im a 26 year old mother of 5 kids i have 3 girls 10,6,1year old n my son's are 4 and 1month im a single parent doin every thing on my own its hard 6 year ago i was put out on the street with my kids a year ago i lose my job when christmas camed my kids only had 1toy a pices couse i could not afford to get them a good christmas my baby sleep n the bed with me cause i dont have the money to get him a baby bed .the home im in is in bad candtions im affred to be here with my childreen the house mate cave in one day we are homeless trade to live day by day i ask for help but know one is not list's to me i just hope that this year i can see a smile on my kids faces on christmas morrin i know im a good a parent i drop out of school when i was 18 now i wish i had stay i miss my prom and all my friends life is crazz 26 year old single black female woman 4 diffrence baby father none of them is around trade to live day by known that you are about to be put out on the street with your chlidhreen no job no money then fell lose looking for the next step in life please someone help me!!!!! Your's Truely Cherica Gray Baltimore,Marland
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