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3rd Rock from the Sun

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3rd Rock from the Sun tv seriesA group of aliens have come to Earth to learn about its population, customs, etc. To avoid detection, they have taken on human form which gives them human emotions, physical needs etc. WITHOUT the understanding of what they mean or the inhibitions normally present in humans. Their leader takes the position of a college professor, their military expert as his sister, their intelligence expert, supposedly oldest of group takes form of his teenage son. The uninhibited reactions turn everyday events into unusual situations.

Dick, Harry, Sally And Tommy, arrive in our world completely innocent, while equipped with superior intelligence to analyze every experience. This bizarre vantage point of an innocent seeing everything for the first time is the comic framework from which to satire the human condition and American society, to look at all of the injustices and absurdities and humorously point them out to us. 3RD ROCK cuts through our taboos and traditions with a childlike inquisitive logic and an impeccably paced humorous twist.

The family often communicates with their off-world (and usually unseen) boss, The Big Giant Head, who apparently only got the job by kissing "The Big Giant Butt". His orders are received through Harry, who unexpectedly (and often in inconvenient circumstances) stands erect, his arms stiff (acting as the antenna), and proclaims: "Incoming message from the Big Giant Head."

3rd Rock from the Sun - tv series

(1996 - 2001) - John Lithgow, Kristen Johnston, French Stewart, Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Genre: Sci-Fi


John Lithgow ... Dr. Dick Solomon
Kristen Johnston ... Sally Solomon
French Stewart ... Harry Solomon
Joseph Gordon-Levitt ... Tommy Solomon
Jane Curtin ... Dr. Mary Albright
Simbi Khali ... Nina Campbell
Elmarie Wendel ... Mrs. Mamie Dubcek
Wayne Knight ... Officer Don Orville
David DeLuise ... Bug Pollone
Ian Lithgow ... Leon
Danielle Nicolet ... Caryn
Chris Hogan ... Aubrey Pitman
Ileen Getz ... Judith Draper
Shay Astar ... August
Larisa Oleynik ... Alissa Strudwick
Jan Hooks ... Vicki Dubcek
Ron West ... Dr. Vincent Strudwick
Chad Einbinder ... Rico
John Platt ... Man
Jim Beaver ... Happy Doug
Blake Soper ... Elman
Marianne Muellerleile ... Lucy
Richard McGonagle ... Dr. Howard
Michael Milhoan ... Coach Strickland
Steve Larson ... Larry
William Shatner ... Stone Phillips
Christine Zander ... Christine Zander
Bruce Ed Morrow ... Father Rice
John D'Aquino ... Kevin Randall
Jennifer Rhodes ... Mrs. Sumner
Chip Chinery ... The Maintenance Guy
Jim O'Doherty ... Clem
Justin Urich ... Romano
John Cleese ... Dr. Liam Neesam
Dan Gilvezan ... Disc Jockey
Marijane Cole ... Lady on Phone
Harry Morgan ... Professor Suter
Brenda Strong ... Miss Frost
Dee Freeman ... Waitress
Patrick Kerr ... Irving
Nancy Yee ... Mrs. DeGuzman
Pat Finn ... Chaz
Douglas Maida ... Axe Man VO
Jill Matson ... Ginger
Jeff Doucette ... Chet
Laurie Metcalf ... Jennifer Ravelli
Shane Powers ... Man
Chyna ... Janice
Shanee Edwards ... Waitress
Ana Gasteyer ... Herself
Michael McShane ... Phil
Renee Raudman ... Amber
Brent Sexton ... Duke
John Aylward ... Chancellor
Mike Schiff ... Dance Judge #1
Eddie Allen ... Dr. Bankson
Phil Hartman ... Phillip
Mike Ditka ... Coach Mafferty
Bodhi Elfman ... Clerk
Rex Linn ... Chuck
Bart McCarthy ... Grouch
Anna Slotky ... Cheryl
James Earl Jones ... Narrator
Dennis Rodman ... Himself
Elaine Stritch ... Martha Albright
Lori Hall ... Assistant
George Grizzard ... George Albright
Sam Lloyd ... Eddie
David Bickford ... Professor #1
Brandi Brown ... Professor #2
Jason Carter ... Seth
Richard Fancy ... Judge DeBelko
Matthew Fonda ... Professor #3
Don Gettinger ... Professor #4
Jim Pirri ... Antonio
Roseanne ... Janet
Lee Ryan ... Minister
Spencer Vrooman ... Duke
Terry Rhoads ... Bill
Bill Chott ... Fred
Nicolas Coster ... Chancellor Stevens
Tim Haldeman ... Mr. Kraft
Peter Jurasik ... Principal
Diana Castle ... Saleswoman
Jourdain Chapdelaine ... Perky Idiot #1
Frank Clem ... Waiter
Cindy Crawford ... Mascha
Shireen Crutchfield ... Kirsta
Sonya Eddy ... Ticket Taker
Angie Everhart ... Chloe
Al Foster ... Security Guard #2
Greg Gumbel ... Himself
Brynn Hartman ... Venusian #1
Roger Hewlett ... Security Guard #1
Beverly Johnson ... Prell
Jennifer Lee Keyes ... Venutian Girl
Alex Kubik ... Counterman
Irina Pantaeva ... Gabriella
Shonda Whipple ... Perky Idiot #2
Jonathan Palmer ... Guest #1
Kevin Ruf ... New Father
David Chisum ... Chip Caswell
Kim Johnston Ulrich ... Dorothy Strudwick
Laura Wernette ... Tasha
Paul Connor ... Student #3
Angell Conwell ... Girl #1
Lane Davies ... Chancellor Duncan
Darrell Hammond ... Himself
Jade Harlow ... Student #4
Brian Palermo ... Mr. Barnes
Shiloh Strong ... Student #2
Scott Torrence ... Student #1
Elvis Costello ... Himself
Maurice Godin ... Marty
Carlos Jacott ... Doctor
Mindy Spence ... Sam

Created by:
Bonnie Turner
Terry Turner

Writing credits:
Bonnie Turner
Terry Turner
Christine Zander
Bob Kushell
Bill Martin
Mike Schiff
David Goetsch
Jason Venokur
David Sacks
David Israel
Michael Glouberman
Andrew Orenstein
Jim O'Doherty
Gregg Mettler
Aron Abrams
Gregory Thompson
Dave Boerger
Nastaran Dibai
Jeffrey B. Hodes
David Lewman
Joe Liss
Joe Fisch
Mark Brazill
Will Forte
Linwood Boomer
Mark Nutter
Danny Smith

Opening theme: "3rd Rock from the Sun "
Written by: Ben Vaughn
Singing: Elvis Costello

Original music by:
Jeff Sudakin
Ben Vaughn

Cinematography by:
Ronald W. Browne

Language: English
Country: United States

Directed by:
Terry Hughes
Robert Berlinger
Terry Hughes
James Burrows

Produced by:
Tim Ryder
Marcy Carsey
Caryn Mandabach
Bonnie Turner
Tom Werner
Terry Turner
Bob Kushell
Bill Martin
Patrick Kienlen
Mike Schiff
Christine Zander
David Sacks
David Goetsch
Jason Venokur
David Israel
Jim O'Doherty
Andrew Orenstein
Michael Glouberman
Patricia Valenzuela
Terry Hughes
Aron Abrams
Gregory Thompson
Mark Brazill
Nastaran Dibai
Jeffrey B. Hodes
Linwood Boomer
Joe Fisch

Number of seasons: 6

Original channel:

Carsey-Werner Company
YBYL Productions

1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001 — Outstanding Lead Actor — Comedy Series — John Lithgow
1997, 1998, 1999 — Outstanding Supporting Actress — Comedy Series — Kristen Johnston
1996, 1997 — Outstanding Hairstyling For A Series — Pixie Schwartz
1996 — Outstanding Directing For A Comedy Series — James Burrows
1998 — Outstanding Directing For A Comedy Series — Terry Hughes
1997 — Outstanding Special Visual Effects — Glen Bennett, Visual Effects Artists; Patrick Shearn, Visual Effects Supervisor; Chris Staves, Visual Effects Artists
1997, 1999, 2000 — Outstanding Sound Mixing — Comedy Series
1998 — Outstanding Sound Mixing — Comedy Series — "A Nightmare on Dick Street"
1997, 1998 — Outstanding Costume Design — Series — Melina Root
1997, 1998 — Outstanding Comedy Series
1997 — Outstanding Choreography — Marguerite Derricks
1998 — Outstanding Guest Actress In A Comedy Series — Jan Hooks as Vicki Dubcek
1998 — Outstanding Guest Actor In A Comedy Series — John Cleese as Dr. Neesam
1999, 2000 — Outstanding Multi-Camera Picture Editing For A Series
1999 — Outstanding Guest Actress In A Comedy Series — Kathy Bates as Charlotte Everly; and Laurie Metcalf as Jennifer
1999 — Outstanding Guest Actor In A Comedy Series — William Shatner as The Big Giant Head
2000 — Outstanding Cinematography For A Multi-Camera Series

Also Known As:
3rd Rock
Life As We Know It
Third Rock from the Sun
Skoteinos angelos


The Solomons live at 417 Pensdale Road, Rutherford, Ohio.

During its five-year run on primetime, the show underwent more than 15 time-slot changes.

In the episode where they go to New York to start a different life, Harry gets a job as the President of NBC. As president he arranges a new schedule for the spoof of "Will & Grace" (1998). ("Will & Grace" (1998) is produced by NBC).

95% of all episode titles are a play on the word "Dick".

Cancelled on 8 April 2001 due to falling viewing figures in its final season.

A lot of the sets are used more than once, hence the similar designs in some places. (eg. The classroom used for Harry's night school is in fact Mary's classroom.)


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