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Dark Angel

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Dark Angel tv seriesMax was bio-engineered in a government lab called Manticore in Gillette, Wyoming sometime around the turn of the 21st century. As with all of their creations (except Joshua, the first one), Max has a barcode on the back of her neck, with her identifying number sequence (332960013452). This is the number as stated on the official website, but on the show it is (332960073452). The latter is accurate. She is an X-5 model and is thus referred to as X5-452. Max and her unit, her "brothers and sisters," named themselves back at Manticore, and sometime after she escapes, she assumes the surname Guevara after Che Guevara. Also in the last episode of season two, it is revealed that offspring of an X5-X5 coupling produces a child with no barcode sequence.

Max and her unit were trained to be soldiers using harsh and brutal techniques, supervised by Colonel Lydecker designed for their special abilities. The genetically engineered supersoldiers had a design flaw though. They were missing the essential tryptophan amino acid in the brain resulting in seizures. This led to the removal and death of some of their unit. When they learned this, and Max began to get the shakes, their protective unit leader, Zack (X5-599) decided they should escape, and led them through a snow-filled forest as they were being chased by Lydecker's men. During a flashback, it is shown that Zack (X5-599) separated up the unit into pairs. Max was paired up with Jondy (who is never seen in the program as an adult). Max got separated from Jondy when she fell into a frozen pond (having been trained to hold her breath underwater for long periods of time) allowing her to avoid the search party.

Several months after her escape, terrorists detonated an electromagnetic pulse in the atmosphere over the U.S., on June 1, 2009. This destroyed the vast majority of electrical systems, not only knocking out all the vital electrical systems but also wiping clean all the electronic data, "turning all those ones, and zeros into just plain old zeros" throwing the United States into chaos. This made it a third world country over night, which let corruption and crime flourish and eventually leading to a stricter martial control of the population.

By the year 2019, Max is living in Seattle, Washington, illegally squatting in an abandoned building, first with Kendra and later with Original Cindy her best friend that she works with at Jam Pony (a bicycle messenger service). Other friends from there include Herbal Thought (Alimi Ballard) and Sketchy (a.k.a. Calvin Theodore). She works at Jam Pony in order to be allowed to move around the city by means of a 'sector' pass and so she can scout locations to steal from. She lives her secret life as a cat burglar, in order to fund the expensive search for her 11 escaped "brothers and sisters."

It is during one of these burglaries that she meets Logan Cale (Michael Weatherly), and realizes that he's the cyber-journalist "Eyes Only." Interested in finding more about his highly skilled mystery visitor, he discovers who she is using security footage, and invites Max back to his apartment. Once there, and being well versed on his government conspiracies, he confirms his suspicions (sees her barcode) that she is one of the escaped X-5s from Manticore. Max and Logan make a pact: he will help her find her missing siblings, if she will help him take down bad guys. Logan also helps to protect Max from Lydecker, who's been looking for the escapees since their breakout.

Dark Angel - tv series

(2000 - 2002) - Jessica Alba, Michael Weatherly, John Savage, Valarie Rae Miller

Genre: Action and Adventure / Sci-Fi


Jessica Alba ... Max Guevera
Michael Weatherly ... Logan Cale
Valarie Rae Miller ... Cynthia 'Original Cindy' McEachin
Richard Gunn ... Calvin 'Sketchy' Theodore
J.C. MacKenzie ... Reagan 'Normal' Ronald
Jensen Ackles ... Alec
John Savage ... Donald Lydecker
Alimi Ballard ... Herbal Thought
Kevin Durand ... Joshua
Peter Bryant ... Bling
Martin Cummins ... Ames White
Geneva Locke ... Young Max
Craig Veroni ... Otto Gottlieb
Ashley Scott ... Asha Barlow
Jennifer Blanc ... Kendra Maibaum
Fulvio Cecere ... Richard Sandoval
Byron Mann ... Det. Matt Sung
William Gregory Lee ... Zack
Mark Lukyn ... Operative #1
Chris Lazar ... Young Zack
Brian Markinson ... Dr. Sam Carr
Nana Visitor ... Dr. Elizabeth Renfro
Rob Freeman ... TAC Sgt. Kalins
Fred Ewanuick ... Luke
Darcy Laurie ... Dix
Rekha Sharma ... Dr. Beverly Shankar
Gabrielle Rose ... Moorehead
Stephen Lee ... Dan Vogelsang
Alessandro Juliani ... Druid
Mike Mitchell ... Mule - Transhuman
Darren Moore ... AA Man
Nicole Bilderback ... Brin
Robert Gossett ... James McGinnis
Brian Jensen ... Mole
Jade C. Bell ... Sebastian
Victor Bevine ... Sebastian
Lisa Ann Cabasa ... Tinga
Jason Griffith ... Operative #2
Kimberly Hawthorne ... Jacinda Katsuno
Ron Blecker ... Drill Instructor
Gary Chalk ... Lt. Walter Eastep
Catherine Lough Haggquist ... News Anchor
Robert Lewis ... Dochnovich
Rey-Phillip Santos ... Lil Tacoma Bleed
Bobby Stewart ... Bald Cop
Emily Holmes ... Saleswoman
Michasha Armstrong ... Tuck the Steelhead
Daniel Bacon ... Control Room Tech #1
Glenn Ennis ... TAC Officer
Colin Lawrence ... TAC Sgt. O'Neill
Kris Pope ... Rafer
Susan Lay ... Alysa
Dagmar Midcap ... TV Newscaster
Sky Miles ... Sky
Evan Stewart ... Anchorman
Malcolm Stewart ... Director Paul Simms
Douglas O'Keeffe ... Bruno Anselmo
Kyley Statham ... Young Jondy
Emy Aneke ... Waiter
Bob Wilde ... Inspector
Marcus Moldowan ... Omar Katsuno
Brad Loree ... Sector Cop #1
Storma ... Dominatrix #2
Dee Jay Jackson ... Gordie
Eileen Pedde ... Hannah Sukova
Dylan Pearson ... Blonde Boy
Ty Olsson ... Driver
Scott Heindl ... Jack
Suleka Mathew ... News Reporter
Tyler Labine ... Cyril the Biochemist
Josh Byer ... Gate Soldier
Ron Selmour ... Brig Guard #1
Michael Sunczyk ... Pick-Up Truck Driver
G. Michael Gray ... Dieter
Ryan Robbins ... Arnie Haas
Vincent Walker ... Guy with Shotgun
Christine Chatelain ... Young Max's Mother
Carlene Furk ... Lickety Split Girl
Omega Kayne ... Sector Cop
Kaare Anderson ... Cop #1
Brayden Bullen ... Ray White
Simon Burnett ... Phalanx Warrior #3
David Coles ... Forensics Cleaner
Lance Gibson ... Half Dead
Oscar Goncalves ... Sector Cop #1
Christopher Gordon ... Phalanx Warrior #4
Ian Marsh ... Doorman #1
Kyle Alisharan ... Operative
Norman Armour ... A Young Sandeman
Sean Bockhold ... X7 Twin
Winston Brown ... Neil the Bartender
John Callander ... Motel Clerk
Antonio Cupo ... Male X5
Rob deLeeuw ... Man
Brian Drummond ... Special OP #2
Mark Gibbon ... Red Six
Patrick Kilpatrick ... Red Five
Taras Kostyuk ... Red Seven
Rob LaBelle ... Engel, Manticore Scientist
John Mann ... British Eddy
Angela Moore ... Female Beat Cop
Lawrence Pressman ... Uncle Jonas Cale
Sonya Salomaa ... Lux
Bethoe Shirkoff ... Mrs. Moreno
Angela Uyeda ... Cop #2
Alex Zahara ... Johanssen
Dion Luther ... Bill Hailey
Kandyse McClure ... Annie Fisher
Paul Perri ... Senator McKinley
Dominika Wolski ... Priestess

Created by:
James Cameron
Charles H. Eglee

Writing credits:
James Cameron
Charles H. Eglee
Moira Kirland
Jose Molina
David Zabel
Rene Echevarria
Doris Egan
Michael Angeli
Robert Doherty
Patrick Harbinson
Marjorie David

Opening theme: Dark Angel
Written by: Amani K. Smith, Joel McNeely

Original music by:
Amani K. Smith, Joel McNeely

Cinematography by:
David Geddes
Brian Pearson

Language: English
Country: United States

Directed by:
Jeff Woolnough
Joe Ann Fogle
Michael Katleman
Allan Kroeker
Stephen Williams

Produced by:
Janace Tashjian
Michael Angeli
Kenneth Biller
Marjorie David
Patrick Harbinson
Chip Johannessen
Gina Lamar
James Cameron
Charles H. Eglee
Rae Sanchini
Stephen Sassen
George A. Grieve
Joe Ann Fogle
Stephen Tashjian
Steve Beers
Doris Egan
David Simkins
Moira Kirland
Tommy Thompson
Rene Echevarria
Ira Steven Behr
Ron French

Number of seasons: 2

Original channel:

20th Century Fox Television
Cameron/Eglee Productions

2000: Saturn Award for Best Actress on Television — Jessica Alba in Dark Angel
2001: People's Choice Award for Favorite Television New Dramatic Series
2001: TV Guide Awards for Breakout Star of the Year — Jessica Alba in Dark Angel
2001: Teen Choice Awards for Choice Actress — Jessica Alba in Dark Angel
2001: Canadian Society of Cinematographers Awards for Best Cinematography in a TV Series
2001: International Monitor Awards for Best Visual Effects in a TV series

Also Known As:
Dark Angel
Ange noir, L'
James Cameron's Dark Angel
Mal'ach Afel


While filming the second-season finale, guest star Amy Dumas broke her neck when a stuntwoman did not hold her properly while she was doing a "Litacanrana" causing her to land on her head.

James Cameron's birthday can be found as the license plate number of Max's motorcycle.

Max is X5-452; Tinga is X5-656; Brin is X5-734; Ben is X5-493

All of the escaped X5's can be seen wearing black leather jackets when mingling with the public.

The character 'Max Guevara' was ranked #17 in TV Guide's list of the "25 Greatest Sci-Fi Legends" (1 August 2004 issue).

The show was canceled on a cliffhanger.

Several scenes of the children training at Manticore were edited for the opening scenes of Hitman (2007), which has a similar theme of genetically enhanced children being trained as assassins and a protagonist (Agent 47) with a barcode on the back of his neck.

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