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Heroes tv seriesHeroes is a serial saga about people all over the world discovering that they have superpowers and trying to deal with how this change affects their lives. The series emulates the aesthetic style and storytelling of American comic books, using short, multi-episode story arcs that build upon a larger, more encompassing arc.


(2006 - till now) - Hayden Panettiere, Milo Ventimiglia, Jack Coleman

Genre: Drama / Sci-Fi

Created by : Tim Kring


Hayden Panettiere ... Claire Bennet
Jack Coleman ... Noah Bennet
Sendhil Ramamurthy ... Mohinder Suresh
Masi Oka ... Hiro Nakamura
James Kyson Lee ... Ando Masahashi
Milo Ventimiglia ... Peter Petrelli
Greg Grunberg ... Matt Parkman
Ali Larter ... Niki Sanders
Adrian Pasdar ... Nathan Petrelli
Noah Gray-Cabey ... Micah Sanders
Ashley Crow ... Sandra Bennet
Zachary Quinto ... Sylar
Cristine Rose ... Angela Petrelli
Jimmy Jean-Louis ... The Haitian
Leonard Roberts ... D.L. Hawkins
Santiago Cabrera ... Isaac Mendez
Adair Tishler ... Molly Walker
Tawny Cypress ... Simone Deveaux
and others



The premiere episode on NBC attracted 14.3 million viewers overall and received the highest rating for any NBC drama premiere in five years

James Kyson Lee originally auditioned for Hiro (Masi Oka's character), but instead got the role of Ando

There are several elements and symbols that appear repeatedly throughout the series: the helix, the scar, the eclipse, and the cockroach

Originally, Kring designed the series to have an ever-shifting cast. However, his motivation changed when he realized how big the original cast hit with audiences; therefore he brought back most of the first season cast for the second season, with a few additions who received a star billing

A digital-internet extension of the series, Heroes 360 Experience, was created to explore the Heroes universe and provides insight into the show's mythology

Number of seasons: 2
Country: United States
Language : English
Original channel : NBC

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Guest  - Very good   |2008-06-21 19:42:27
The concept of superheroes with special powers is one that has been used dozens of times in the past, mostly in children's TV with shows such as Spider-Man, X-Men, and Power Rangers. So I would agree that Heroes probably wouldn't sound too compelling when described. But when Heroes is watched, it's a completely different matter.

The show tells the stories of different individuals around the world who each carry their own special gift. There's the cheerleader, played by Hayden Panettiere (the farmer's daughter off Racing Stripes), who can quickly heal herself from bloody wounds. There's the internet prostitute/single mother, played by Ali Larter, who has a rather devilish alter ego. There's the junkie painter, played by Santiago Cabrera, who can paint the future (no kidding!). There's also a mind-reading policeman, a politician who can fly, a Japanese dude who can stop time, and there's one guy who can do any of these things when he is around the individual in question! Cor blimey! But these "heroes" are in danger: the mysterious Sylar is out to kill them all! Save the cheerleader, save the world...

Heroes is a fantastic show, and the actors are superb! Each episode is gripping, and keeps you sitting at the edge of your seat. However, the fact that my Grandmother gave up on Heroes because it was too hard to understand when it jumped from one scene to another, and from one "hero" to another, is one to note. As I said, Heroes is brilliant, but I think it trails behind the likes of Lost because of its inability to keep the story flowing, and to keep it understandable to the viewer. Overall though, Heroes is definitely one to watch
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