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Invasion tv seriesHurricane Eve strikes the town of Homestead. Lights are seen in the water and while Dave and Russell investigate, one attacks Dave. Sheriff Underlay orders the area quarantined and the town attempts to rebuild itself.

Russell finds the body of an Air Force Officer who has similar wounds as Dave. Mariel finds something in Paxton, which arouses suspicion. Sheriff Underlay continues to cordon off the town.

Animals affected with a deadly flu virus escape from a sanctuary; Russell and Tom try to track them down. Jesse gets jealous as Kira flirts with a boy at a party. A woman attacks Larkin doubting her identity. Mariel shows more strange behavior.

After surviving a car crash, Larkin is picked up by a strange man who she becomes suspicious of, especially when she believes that he might have a link to the events that are occurring. Meanwhile, Mariel desperately tries to emotionally reconnect with her son, Jesse.

Dave is abducted by his blog-readers wanting to know what he knows. Meanwhile Tom Underlay and his deputy Sirk learn the identity of the dead woman found in the bay and Sirk has an encounter with the lights.

Invasion - tv series

(2005 - 2006) - William Fichtner, Eddie Cibrian, Kari Matchett, Lisa Sheridan

Genre: Drama / Sci-Fi


William Fichtner ... Sheriff Tom Underlay
Eddie Cibrian ... Russell Varon
Kari Matchett ... Dr. Mariel Underlay
Lisa Sheridan ... Larkin Groves
Tyler Labine ... Dave Groves
Alexis Dziena ... Kira Underlay
Evan Peters ... Jesse Varon
Ariel Gade ... Rose Varon
Nathan Baesel ... Deputy Lewis Sirk
Aisha Hinds ... Mona Gomez
Ivar Brogger ... Father Jeffrey Scanlon
Michael Mitchell ... Derek Culie
James Frain ... Eli Szura
Kimleigh Smith ... Nurse Kim
Holmes Osborne ... Mayor Littles
James Carraway ... Roger Weeks
Joshua Gomez ... Scott
Elisabeth Moss ... Christina
Mark Colson ... Deputy Munger
x Veronica Cartwright ... Valerie Shenkman
Ewan Chung ... Dr. Francis Cao
Jake Richardson ... Gage
Brennan Feonix ... Guardsman #3
Edwin Hodge ... Brett
JoJo Ryder ... Mauel
Tammy Trull ... Alma Treadwell
Reggie Jordan ... Reporter #1
Becca Battoe ... Girl in Crowd
Scott Klace ... Stevie
Melody Butiu ... Nurse Karlen
Joshua Harto ... Greg Olgalvy
Stephen W. Alvarez ... Paul Hambrick
Owen Beckman ... Scott
Tina Holmes ... Ms. Wade
Julio Oscar Mechoso ... Frank Vargas
Cirroc Lofton ... Reed
Nick Cokas ... Paxton
Ryan Honey ... Navigator
Gwen Mihok ... Weather Officer
Robert Standley ... Pilot
Jennifer Wilkerson ... Nurse Jennifer
Ron Butler ... Asst. Coroner Arvin Morton
Jim Cantafio ... FPL Manager
Armin Shimerman ... Josh Breims
Meera Simhan ... Pria
Barry Wiggins ... General Turner
Tony Alameda ... Hybrid Fisherman
Pia Artesona ... Deputy Sanchez
Valerie Cruz ... Colonel Sabrina Lopez
Freddie DeGrate ... Displaced Migrant Worker #1
Biviano Garcia ... Hybrid
Nick Huff ... Greg
David Huynh ... Sun Kim
Brent King ... Lee
Christina Ogunade ... Lydia - African-American Pregnant Hybrid #3
Tripp Pickell ... Deputy Troy Armis
Jason Pierce ... Hybrid
Inda Reid ... Hybrid
Tracey Rooney ... Pregnant Hybrid #1
Edward Stanley ... Nurse #2
Randy Vinneau ... Homestead High Student
Veronica Wayne ... Hybrid National Guardsma
Alicia Wollerton ... Mother
Arthur Young ... 7 Year Old

Created by:
Shaun Cassidy

Writing credits:
Shaun Cassidy
Juan Carlos Coto
Michael Alaimo
Becky Hartman-Edwards
Julie Siege
Michael Foley
Reed Steiner
Charles Grant Craig

Opening theme: 'Invasion'
Written by: Jason Derlatka
Jon Ehrlich

Original music by:
Jason Derlatka
Jon Ehrlich

Cinematography by:
Jeff Jur

Language: English
Country: United States

Directed by:
Lawrence Trilling
Sergio Mimica-Gezzan
Steve Shill
Thomas Schlamme

Produced by:
Shaun Cassidy
Timothy Marx
Lawrence Trilling
Juan Carlos Coto
Becky Hartman-Edwards
Joe Lazarov
Jonathan C. Brody
Nne Ebong
Reed Steiner

Number of seasons: 1

Original channel:

Warner Bros. Television
Shaun Cassidy Productions

2006 Nominated Saturn Award Best Actor on Television
2006 Nominated Young Artist Award Best Performance in a TV Series (Comedy or Drama) - Young Actress Age Ten or Younger Ariel Gade

Also Known As:
Calatorii in necunoscut
Rejtelyek varosa
Uhan alla


After ABC canceled the show, The CW Network considered picking up the show but then passed when they found out the production costs.

The couple that abducts Dave shows him newspaper cut-outs about what happened when a hurricane hit Brazil, Cuba and Argentina. In fact, the newspaper articles are written in Dutch, and tell about a musical band, and about computers and anti virus software.

Since storm names are determined alphabetically, Hurricane Eve would've been the fifth named storm of the year, and Hurricane Miranda would've been the eighth named storm after that. Thus Invasion was set during a relatively busy storm season, given that Miranda appeared to have occurred early in the school year and storm season lasts until the end of November.

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