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JeremiahJeremiah is searching for the mysterious "Valhalla Sector", a place his father told him would hold hope for the survivors of the Big Death. Along the way, Jeremiah has multiple encounters with Thunder Mountain, a highly organized group of survivors based out of the remains of NORAD at Cheyenne Mountain, who are attempting to unify the scattered communities of survivors in order to rebuild the world.

Jeremiah eventually discovers Valhalla Sector, the well-equipped remnants of the U.S. Government who are based out of a heavily fortified mountain enclave in West Virginia. Having survived the original Big Death in their sealed bunker, Valhalla Sector is attempting to replicate the virus responsible for the Big Death to wipe out the disorganized surface survivors and claim control of the world. The second half of Season 1 deals with the efforts of Jeremiah and Thunder Mountain to stop Valhalla Sector.

After the final defeat of Valhalla Sector in the opening episodes of Season 2, a new threat emerges in the form of a crusading army from the East led by a mysterious prophetic figure known as "Daniel". Season 2 deals with the impending conflict between the unifying survivor communities under Thunder Mountain, and the advancing Army of Daniel.

Jeremiah - tv series

(2002 - 2004) - Luke Perry, Malcolm-Jamal Warner, Sean Astin

Genre: Sci-Fi / Action and Adventure


Luke Perry ... Jeremiah
Malcolm-Jamal Warner ... Kurdy
Peter Stebbings ... Markus Alexander
Ingrid Kavelaars ... Erin
Byron Lawson ... Lee Chen
Sean Astin ... Mister Smith
Robert Wisden ... Devon
Joanne Kelly ... Liberty 'Libby' Kaufman
Kimberly Hawthorne ... Theo
Kandyse McClure ... Elizabeth
Suzy Joachim ... Meaghan
John Pyper-Ferguson ... Sims
Michael Teigen ... Frank
Enid-Raye Adams ... Gina
Alex Zahara ... Ezekiel
Adrian Holmes ... Sandor
Devin Douglas Drewitz ... Young Jeremiah
David Richmond-Peck ... Tad
Teryl Rothery ... Mary
Rik Kiviaho ... Sims' Lieutenant
Alessandro Juliani ... Daniel
Martin Sims ... Raymond Jaglom
Jessica Amlee ... Rose
Ryan Drescher ... Michael
Simon Wong ... Phil
Francoise Yip ... Rachel
Michael David Simms ... General Waverly
Donna White ... Hannah
Michael Adamthwaite ... Ed
Michael P. Northey ... Richard
Shawn Stewart ... Man
Zak Santiago ... Sam
Robert Foxworth ... President Emerson
Garfield Wilson ... Cell guard
Crystal Cote ... Kate Pierce
Dana Pemberton ... Clete
Rob Hayter ... Guard
Andrew Francis ... Young Markus
Larry Musser ... Warren
Chris Lovick ... Fifth Column Recruit
Malik McCall ... Kurdy's Father
Haig Sutherland ... Keith
Kayden Porbeni ... Young Kurdy
Dave Nystrom ... Jock
Link Baker ... Red
Jessica Heafey ... Maxine
Rob Daly ... Enforcer
Adam Harrington ... Team Leader
Colin Lawrence ... Team Leader
Nicola Anderson ... Ghost

Created by:
J. Michael Straczynski

Writing credits:
Hermann Huppen
J. Michael Straczynski
Sam Egan
Sara Barnes
Grant Rosenberg

Opening theme: Jeremiah
Written by: Tim Truman

Original music by:
Tim Truman
Graeme Coleman

Cinematography by:
Michael C. Blundell
Henry Chan

Language: English
Country: United States

Directed by:
Michael Vejar
Martin Wood
Neill Fearnley
Peter DeLuise
James Head
Michael Robison
Brad Turner
Mario Azzopardi

Produced by:
Ben Brafman
Stephanie Germain
George Horie
Gregory Noveck
Luke Perry
Scott Mitchell Rosenberg
Ervin Rustemagic
J. Michael Straczynski
Sara Barnes
Joe Dante
Michael Finnell
Sam Egan
Stephen Geaghan
Grant Rosenberg
Peter DeLuise

Number of seasons: 2

Original channel:

Platinum Studios
Jeremiah Productions Inc.
Lions Gate Television

2003 Nominated Saturn Award Best Syndicated/Cable Television Series, Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films, USA

Also Known As:
Jeremiah - Krieger des Donners


Loosely based on the long running European comic by the same name.

Writer J. Michael Straczynski was so upset over the amount of control MGM had over production that he declared that he would never work again with MGM under the current administration.


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