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John Doe

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John Doe tv seriesJohn Doe, a mysterious man rises from the primordial waters of an isolated island, possessing knowledge of literally everything in the world, yet having no memory of who - or even what - he is. Doe quickly finds his way to Seattle, where he befriends the police and uses his special gift to help them solve "impossible" crimes each week, while continuing his unending quest to uncover who he is and where he came from.

Despite his considerable charm, Doe is an emotional island unto himself. Want to know the population of Peru in 1853? How many blue cars there are in the state of Washington? Or better yet, predict which horse will win every race at the track based on knowing all the variables? Doe has all the answers. But what is he like? Family man or loner? Hero or villain? What is truly in his soul? Doe doesn't have a clue. In his search to unlock the key to his past, He may be a government agent, an extra-terrestrial or perhaps just a regular John Doe with a bout of amnesia. Whatever secrets his past holds, Doe is now the man who knows everything - a gift that will forever change his destiny.

John Doe - tv series

(2002 - 2003) - Dominic Purcell, John Marshall Jones, Jayne Brook, William Forsythe

Genre: Drama / Sci-Fi


Dominic Purcell ... John Doe
John Marshall Jones ... Frank Hayes
Jayne Brook ... Jamie Avery
William Forsythe ... Digger
Rekha Sharma ... Stella
David Lewis ... Stu
Sprague Grayden ... Karen Kawalski
Michelle Hart ... Nance Fenton
Grace Zabriskie ... Yellow Teeth
Gary Werntz ... Trenchcoat
David Parker ... Detective Roosevelt
Claudette Mink ... Turquoise
Noah Beggs ... Police Officer
Ona Grauer ... Theresa
Adam Henderson ... Medical Examiner
Karin Konoval ... Beehive
Matt Winston ... Samuel Donald "Sam" Clarkson
Gabrielle Anwar ... Rachel Penbroke
James Ashcroft ... Leather
D. Harlan Cutshall ... Cop
Holly Eglington ... Kubla Con Girl
Christopher Heyerdahl ... Dr. Hillman
Adrian Hough ... Det. Kerrigan
Doug Hutchison ... Lenny Pescoe
Fred Keating ... Car Salesman
Dion Luther ... Broker
David Richmond-Peck ... Stocking Cap
Chad Rook ... Spiked Hair
Robert Seckler ... Sleepy Cop
Haig Sutherland ... Shaggy
Mashiah Vaughn-Hulbert ... Kubla Con Girl
George Touliatos ... Sausage
Frank Ferrucci ... Narrow Eyes
L. Harvey Gold ... Stern
Tony Plana ... Capt. Ruiz
Kris Pope ... Coroner's Assistant
Kristoffer Ryan Winters ... Michael

Created by:
Brandon Camp
Mike Thompson

Writing credits:
Brandon Camp
Mike Thompson
Gretchen J. Berg
Russel Friend
Aaron Harberts
Garrett Lerner
Michael Berns
Geoffrey Neigher
Matt Pyken

Opening theme: "Beautiful"
Written by: Joe MacLeod, Dave Rosin, Morgan Smith, Jesse Smith
Singing: Day Theory

Original music by:
Danny Lux

Cinematography by:
Charles Minsky

Language: English
Country: United States

Directed by:
Mimi Leder
Henry Bronchtein

Produced by:
Timothy J. Lea
Michael Berns
Margaret French-Issac
Brandon Camp
Mimi Leder
Mike Thompson
Gretchen J. Berg
Aaron Harberts
Garrett Lerner
Geoffrey Neigher
Matt Pyken
Gardner Stern
Carol Dunn Trussell
David Manson
Steven Heth
Margaret French Isaac

Number of seasons: 1

Original channel:
Fox Network

Regency Television
Reveille Productions

2003 Nominated Golden Reel Award Best Sound Editing in Television Episodic - Music
Best Sound Editing in Television Episodic - Sound Effects & Foley

Also Known As:
Der Fall John Doe!
John Doe
Mies vailla nimea


The original (unaired) pilot episode was shot with a different cast. Elizabeth Lackey was the first to assume the role of Lt. Jamie Avery, Azura Skye played Karen Kawalksi and rock musician Meat Loaf, was barman Digger. The only "survivors" from that shoot were Dominic Purcell, and, John Marshall Jones.

At the start you can see that the island John is on is alone with no others around it, but when he falls off you can clearly see an island directly opposite. Does this just appear magically?

So...where did Nichols get the body from that he used to make it look like he died in the car crash? At the very least this makes him a bodysnatcher, and at worse it means that he killed someone else so he could fake his death, evade the charges filed against him, and leave his wife and daughter to face the music and pay his bills. And yet he's presented as a sympathetic character here.

John describes the laundry token on the phone as "green", but when we saw him look at it from his black-and-white point of view it was not in color, unlike other stuff relating to the girl's kidnapping.

Doe not only couldn't see that she was banging on the window (maybe we're to assume he "investigated" around and found her fingerprints?), but how come the fingerprint is only of the thumb, perfectly? Why aren't there marks of the rest of her finger and if there are, why didn't Doe get them? Theresa was clearly banging on the glass with her entire hand, not just her thumb.

The last scene as the mysterious woman holds the printout and looks over a bunch of old buildings with a shining castle in the background, was filmed in the Cairo City of the Dead, a four-mile-long walled necropolis in Egypt and the castle is actually the Citadel.

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Richard  - Where can i find the soundtrack?   |2011-09-20 03:58:56

I love the soundtrack thats playing during the intro but i cant seem to find it anywhere, is there anyone that can help me out?

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