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The Dresden Files

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The Dresden Files tv seriesHarry is a reluctant hero, a professional wizard who often helps the police with cases involving "unusual" circumstances and others who seek his help. Harry's mother, a powerful wizardess, died when he was young. He was raised by his father, a stage magician. When he was about eleven, his powers began to emerge, and his uncle Justin Morningway wanted to take him and teach him about his abilities, so he murdered Harry's father with black magic when his father did not relinquish Harry to him. Bob makes reference to Harry "self-defensing" his uncle to death. Justin Morningway left a programmed doppelganger behind to resurrect him if he died. It is later revealed that Harry inherited a large amount of money that he gave to charity and owns the Morningway estate, in which he refuses to live.

The Chicago police officer who often seeks out Harry's help with cases that are hard to solve and may be supernaturally related — although she refuses to outright believe in magic, because such things do not fit with her "rules." She is dedicated and takes her job seriously, even going as far as seeking out the only wizard in the phonebook to help with cases. Lt. Murphy is a tough, no-nonsense woman who is divorced and has a daughter (Anna) who she says spends a lot of time with her father because of the long hours she has to work. Connie apparently has some romantic feelings toward Harry as she pointed out at the end of season one that if he kissed her again she wouldn't slap him.

The old spirit who is owned by Dresden. He was once owned by Dresden's uncle, Justin Morningway before Dresden "self-defensed" him to death. He advises Dresden on both personal and magical matters. Bob is an invaluable source of knowledge which Dresden taps to solve supernatural crimes. In the first episode, Bob is seen redesigning a "Doom Box," which he describes as "a supernatural jack-in-the-box" that contains and amplifies magical energy.

The Dresden Files - tv series

(January 2007 - April 2007) - Paul Blackthorne, Valerie Cruz, Terrence Mann, Raoul Bhaneja

Genre: Sci-Fi


Paul Blackthorne ... Harry Dresden
Valerie Cruz ... Lt. Connie Murphy
Terrence Mann ... Bob
Raoul Bhaneja ... Detective Sid Kirmani
Conrad Coates ... Morgan
Matt Gordon ... Waldo Butters
Jonathan Higgins ... Colm Dresden
Daniel Kash ... Justin Morningway
Joanne Kelly ... Bianca
Matthew Knight ... Young Harry Dresden
Rebecca McFarland ... Susan Rodriguez
Elizabeth Thai ... Ancient Mai
Jane McLean ... Ancient Mai
Sherry Miller ... Monica Cutler
Jonathan Whittaker ... Victor Cutler
Jennifer Kydd ... Grace Cutler
John DeSantis ... Demon
Christine Tizzard ... Jennifer Randall
Greg Bryk ... Tommy Tomm
Shannon Boodram ... Linda Atwater
Heather Hanson ... Melissa
Deborah Odell ... Ms. Whitney Timmons
Steve Byers ... Brady Whitfield
Hamish McEwan ... Kelton Franks
Christine Horne ... Amber
James Binkley ... Assasin
Natalie Lisinska ... Laura
Ron Kennell ... Gimpy
Paul Mota ... Sgt. D. Taylor

Created by:
Jim Butcher

Writing credits:
Hans Beimler
Robert Hewitt Wolfe
Jim Butcher
George Mastras

Opening theme: "The Dresden Files"
Written by: Robert J. Kral

Original music by:
Robert J. Kral

Cinematography by:
Alwyn Kumst

Language: English
Country: United States

Directed by:
David Carson
Michael Grossman

Produced by:
Nicolas Cage
Norman Golightly
Robert Hewitt Wolfe
Morgan Gendel
Jonathan Hackett
David Simkins
Jack Bernstein
Curtis Kheel
Barry M. Schkolnick
Laurence Walsh
Hans Beimler

Number of seasons: 1

Original channel:
Sci Fi Channel

Dresden Files Productions
Lions Gate Entertainment
NBC Universal Television
Saturn Films

2008 Nominated ALMA Award Outstanding Actress in a Drama Television Series
2008 Nominated Young Artist Award Best Performance in a TV Series - Guest Starring Young Actor

Also Known As:
A Dresden-aktak
Akta Dresdena
Dosarele lui Dresden
Dresden Files
Dresdeni toimikud


James Marsters, who did the narration for some of the audiobooks in the series, turned down the opportunity to audition for the role of Harry Dresden because he didn't want to move to Toronto in case the series was produced.

As of May 2006 the Sci-Fi Channel has ordered 11 episodes of The Dresden Files, based on the quality of the pilot. The pilot film itself is scheduled to premiere in January 2007.

The character of Karrin Murphy became Connie Murphy for legal reasons after it was discovered that there is an actual police officer named Karyn Murphy in Chicago.

The episodes were aired out of their original filmed order, and the two-hour pilot was never aired in its entirety during the shows run. An edited version of the pilot, titled "Storm Front," aired in the middle of the first season.

Was originally intended to be a major motion picture, but was changed to a TV series due to the filming of 'Constantine (2005)'

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