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Ugly Betty

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Ugly Betty tv seriesBetty Suarez has always had one goal in life: to make it into the publishing business. Despite being smart, hard-working, and productive, her dream has always been shadowed by the fact that she isn't the best looking young woman. However, she is now determined to do whatever it takes to fulfill that ultimate dream.

Ugly Betty

(2006 - till now) - America Ferrera, Eric Mabius

Genre: Comedy / Soap opera

Created by
Fernando Gaitan


America Ferrera ... Betty Suarez
Eric Mabius ... Daniel Meade
Tony Plana ... Ignacio Suarez
Ana Ortiz ... Hilda Suarez
Ashley Jensen ... Christina McKinney
Becki Newton ... Amanda Tanen
Mark Indelicato ... Justin Suarez
Michael Urie ... Marc St. James
Vanessa Williams ... Wilhelmina Slater
Alan Dale ... Bradford Meade
Christopher Gorham ... Henry Grubstick
Rebecca Romijn ... Alexis Meade
Judith Light ... Claire Meade
Kevin Sussman ... Walter
Elizabeth Payne ... Masked Lady
Freddy Rodríguez ... Giovanni 'Gio' Rossi
Alec Mapa ... Suzuki St. Pierre
Cristian de la Fuente
Arturo Carmona
and others


Executive producers:
Salma Hayek
Silvio Horta
Ben Silverman
Jose Tamez


Adaptation of colombian telenovela Betty la fea

"Betty la fea" has been so successful that it has been either adapted and/or shown in many different countries
1 version: colombian telenovela "Yo soy Betty, la fea" written by Fernando Gaitan
2 version: mexican telenovela "La Fea Más Bella"
3 version: brazilian telenovela "Bela, a Feia"

The show contains a degree of surrealism used to express the inner thoughts of its characters

Production was halted in November 2007 due to the Writers' Strike

Ever since the show's debut, the main characters, especially the title character, have quickly become the latest fixures in the lexicon of pop media culture, and already they found their way onto parodies, news media stories and art-imitating-life situations, as well as recognition from the United States Congress itself

There was an actual fashion publication titled MODE, geared toward plus-size women. The magazine ceased publication in 2001

Number of seasons: 2
Country: United States
Language : English
Original channel : ABC

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Guest  - Unrealistic but very sympathetic   |2008-06-21 21:32:18
"Betty's" characters and their behaviour are psychologically totally unbelievable and act against any common sense and instincts, but somehow they capture you. I was in the beginning a kind of sceptical about it but now I wait every week to see what happens to Betty next. My husband forgot to record me "Betty" one week and i was very upset, could not wait for the repeat. The main reason for that is of course Betty herself who is a real centerpiece of this comedy sequel. She is a really warm and charismatic character and I wait her to walk across the screen. My two other favourite characters are Marc and Wilhelmina. They are so funny and evil. However, sometimes I wish their behaviour would be little more realistic. Such as all these important people turning up on Betty's place or Betty letting her boss'es family to take advantage of her beyond any common sense. Also,Betty is obviously very intelligent. So it is very unbelievable that she learns absolutely nothing about dressing smartly. However, I still like it. Waiting for the next sequel.
godwin  - sweet career   |2009-05-08 14:22:25
i love ugly Betty and all the cast esp. Betty. i must say Vanessa Wills has been into acting and she does it it best keep it guys well done. Godwin
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