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Looking for Stars (Xing suo)

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Xing suo Looking for Stars tv series Henry  is a commitment-phobic meets Orange, a liberal woman with modern views towards love. Both are nursing a broken heart in Tokyo and have a one-night stand. Back in Singapore, Orange's ex-boyfriend initiates reconciliation but Orange picks Henry over her ex. Soon after however, Orange's successful career strains her relationship with Henry and he initiates a break-up. Five years later, Christopher has a chance to make up with Orange but his ex-girlfriend turns up with their 5-year-old daughter. This time, Orange walks out on Henry. Can Henry bring himself to marry his ex-girlfriend knowing that he still loves Orange or will he forsake responsibility to be with Orange?

Looking for Stars (Xing suo) -

(2000) - Fann Wong, Christopher Lee

Genre: Drama / Romance / Comedy


Fann Wong ... Orange Chong / Zhang Xiaomei
Christopher 'Ming Shun' Lee ... Henry Lu Haoye
San Yow ... Tequila
Vivian Lai ... Peggy
Ix Shen ... Zhang Xueqiang
Cynthia Koh ... Cai Feifei
Tian Liang ... Orange's grandfather
Wenyong Huang ... Lu Zhenguo
Yun Xiang ... Zheng Baozhu
Shao Ting Huang ... Yujiao
Jazreel Low ... Celia
Weidong Liang ... Kelvin
John Parker ... Richard
Xiulian Lin ... Xinyi
Xiaoshan Shi ... Gigi
Quanxi Zhou ... Mediterranean
Anna 'Ruping' Lin ... Mediterranean's wife
Shizhang Wu ... James (head hairstylist)
Baoyun Wang ... Joyce
Wenxiang Zhang ... Peggy's boyfriend
Lijuan He ... Henry's grandmother
Ting Xu ... Ke Ai (Cute)
Yuqing Wang ... Ric
Pingkai Cai ... Auntie Lian (Lian-Sao)
Budak Pantai ... Choir band


Directed by
Victor Lau
Shuwei Yuan

Writing credits
Xi Hong
Su-Xin Liao

Executive producers:
Victor Lau
Shuwei Yuan

Song "No Problem" performed by Fann Wong

Language : English / Mandarin / Japanese
Country: Singapore


Part of the serial was filmed in Tokyo, Japan

The serial won a huge following in Singapore and much of Asia, including Taiwan, China and Malaysia, for its romantic storyline, multiple camera angles and subtle lighting, impeccable soundtrack and good acting from all the cast members involved

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