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Abigail telenovelaAbigail, very beautiful schoolgirl, is spoilt daughter of rich parents. All her faulty manner is reflected by her discontented life. Her mother died when Abigail was very young. Her father, wealthy and flirtatious, has time only for business and women and no time for Abigail. One of Abigail’s desires is to capture the affections of her literature professor, Carlos Alfredo Ruiz, an intelligent young man, handsome and advanced in his studies, but beneath Abigail’s social class.

Abigail’s rival for Carlos Alfredo’s love is Maria Clara Martinez, who is a fine woman, more suitable for him. Carlos Alfredo holds onto this attachment to avoid being snared by Abigail’s amorous designs. This is the background for the tumultuous saga Abigail faces: tormented love, and unhappy marriage, insanity, her adored child, uncaring relatives, and most important of all her untiring love for Carlos Alfredo.

Abigail - telenovela

(1988 - 1989) - Catherine Fulop, Fernando Carrillo, Hilda Abrahamz, Gabriel Abreu


Catherine Fulop ... Abigail
Fernando Carrillo ... Carlos Alfredo
Hilda Abrahamz ... María Begoña
Gabriel Abreu
Romelia Agüero ... Blanca
Aidita Artigas
América Barrio ... Madre Teresa
Evelyn Berroteran
Asdrúbal Blanco
Laura Brey
Marisela Buitriago ... Viviana
Inés María Calero
Crisol Carabal
Teresa Cárdenas
Dante Carle ... Agustín
Estrella Castellanos
Dalila Colombo ... Rosalba
Adolfo Cubas ... Leonel
Rita De Gois
Miguel de León
Guillermo Ferrán ... Guillermo
Jeanette Flores
Ricardo García
Zulay García
Sandra Gil
Astrid Carolina Herrera ... Amanda
Gledys Ibarra
Ileana Jacket ... Estrella
Sandra Juhasz
Roberto Lamarca ... Ismael
Roberto Luque
Roberto Moll ... Álvaro
Felipe Mundarain
Ignacio Navarro ... Gaitán
Leonardo Oliva ... Oropeza
Carolina Perdigón
Julio Pereira
Carolina Pérez
Carolina Perpetuo
Coromoto Rivero
Hylene Rodríguez ... Mariana
Catherine Sperka
Virginia Urdaneta ... Carlota
Rosita Vásquez ... Berta
Alejandro Delgado ... Freddy Avellaneda
Marcial Coronado ... Joao, Cheito's Godfather
Ricardo Herranz
Carlos Leon ... Doctor
Manuel Carrillo ... Cheito
Karl Hoffman
Osvaldo Ríos

Writing credits
Elizabeth Alezard
Milagros del Valle
Ana Mercedes Escámez
Alberto Gómez
Mariana Luján
Amparo Montalva
María Helena Portas

Written by: José Ignacio Martín
Singing: Elisa Rego

Original music
Luis Emilio Mauri

Language : Spanish
Country: Venezuela

Directed by
Luis Gaitán
Tito Rojas

Produced by
Carmen Letta
Luis Peraza
Arquímedes Rivero
Carmen Cecilia Urbaneja

Coral Pictures Corp. de Venezuela


This telenovela lasted 257 episodes and was distributed internationally by RCTV International.

Carrillo was married to fellow Venezuelan actress Catherine Fulop, whom he met on the set of Abigail.

Fernando Carrillo and his brothers had a CD out in 1998 called NueveDosDe Algun Dia.

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