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Alejandra telenovelaAlejandra is a beautiful woman who has dedicated her life to the medical profession in an effort to rise above her tormented, humble beginnings and prove to herself and those around her that she can make a contribution to society. After a one-year medical internship in the rural areas of her country, Alejandra returns to her family's working-class neighborhood. She obtains a job at the local hospital, where she confronts the hospital director - the famed surgeon Alejandro Antunez with the news that she is his illegitimate daughter, determined to prove to him that she did not need him in order to succeed in life.

Alejandra's presence has a great impact on Dr. Antunez's life; the daughter he had long-forgotten is now a capable and intelligent physician who sparks a renewed sense of pride in him. Everyone seems to respect the abilities of the young female doctor...except for Dr. Luis Jose Baez, a brilliant young intern who is equally well-known for his male chauvinism and womanizing ways. Alejandra and Luis Jose's growing attraction for each other is masked behind their frequent conflicts, but love blossoms despite themselves. Alejandra gets pregnant. And along comes Morella, Luis Jose's estranged wife, a beautiful older woman whose obsession for him may forever keep Alejandra.

Alejandra - telenovela

(1994) - Maria Conchita Alonso, Jorge Schubert


Maria Conchita Alonso ... Alejandra
Jorge Schubert ... Luis Jose
Angélica Arenas
Marcos Campos ... Guanipa
Ana Castell
Eduardo Gadea Pérez ... Diógenes
Angélica Herrera ... Rosalba
Félix Loreto ... Porfirio
Esperanza Magaz ... Ileana
Oswaldo Mago ... Víctor
Alicia Plaza ... Morella
Rosario Prieto ... Rosario
Rafael Romero
Loly Sánchez ... Caridad
Cecilia Villarreal ... Belén Martinez
Raúl Xiqués ... Alejandro Antunez
Lucia Sanoja
Jose Rubens ... Alcides
Nancy Soto ... Esperanza
Ricardo Bianchi ... Raul
Ivan Tamayo

Writing credits
Delia Fiallo

Song: Embustero, Piel y Seda
Singing: Maria Conchita Alonso

Language : Spanish
Country: Venezuela

Directed by
Olegario Barrera

Produced by
Jhonny Pulido Mora
Hernando Faria



Consists of 153 episodes

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