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Bienvenida Esperanza

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Esperanza is a middle class girl whose family makes a fortune on the racetrack. Esperanza meets José María, the son of a rich merchant and they fall in love. He is already engaged and when faced with a choice, he decides to marry his fiancé leaving Esperanza disillusioned and pregnant. Her father throws her out of the house but Jacinto, who grew up with her, proposes to marry her and raise the child as his own. She accepts. Meanwhile, José María’s marriage is over and he tries to go back to Esperanza and their son. When she does not immediately reject him, Jacinto becomes cold and harsh towards her and only then does Esperanza begins to love him.

Bienvenida Esperanza - telenovela

(1983) - Mayra Alejandra, Carlos Olivier


Mayra Alejandra ... Esperanza Acuña
Carlos Olivier ... Jacinto Nuñez
Hilda Abrahamz ... Yoselin Mendizabal
Mahuampi Acosta ... Remedios de Aparicio
Julio Alcázar ... Eleazar Vargas
Ernesto Balzi ... Johnny
América Barrio ... Mercedes de Trias
Aroldo Betancourt ... Ivan
Flavio Caballero ... Jose Maria Delgado
Gladys Cáceres ... Teodora de Mendizabal
Víctor Cámara ... Gerardo Aparicio
Tatiana Capote ... Mariana Trias
Efrain Cedeño ...
Yanis Chimaras ... Gabriel Iñesta
Maria del Pilar ... Colombiana Veronica Doza ... Enfermera
Elba Escobar ... Zoraida de Garcia
Alejo Felipe ... Comisario
Lino Ferrer ... Inspector Rosales Carlos Flores ... Gurman Carlos Fraga ... Ivan
Virgilio Galindo ... Erasto
Fernando Gil ... Jose Mendez
Pablo Gil ...
Hazel Leal ... Anaminta Acuña
Félix Loreto ... Julio Mendizabal
Antonio Machuca ... Complice Alberto Marín ... Tomas Acuña
Carlos Márquez ... Justo Mendizabal
Eric Noriega ... Juan
Jose Paniagua Yajaira Paredes ... Eloisa 'Viki'
Amalia Pérez Díaz ... Amanda
Hugo Pimentel ... Rogelio Trias
Alicia Plaza ... Meliza Acuña
Leopoldo Regnault ... Alejandro
Igor Reveron ... Juan Peña 'Guaiavera'
Olga Rojas ... Enfermera Humberto Tancredi ... Doctor
Leida Torrealba ... Aura
Alfonso Urdaneta ... Aristides Aparicio
Carlos Villamizar ... Joaquin Robles
Dilia Waikaran ... Emilia de Acuña

Writing credits
Fausto Verdial (original idea)
José Simón Escalona
Marian Escalona

Song: Maria de la mar
Singing: Ilan Chester

Original music
Mario Corro

Language : Spanish
Country: Venezuela

Directed by
Renato Gutiérrez
Emanuel Boeck
Freddy Lopez

Produced by
Henry Márquez



Consists of 55 episodes

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