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Calypso telenovelaA lovely young woman named Maria Margarita, "la Bella" ("the Beautiful") lives with her sister, equally beautiful and with a similar name: Margarita Luisa, "la Grande" ("the Elder"). It appears that neither of the two Margaritas feel like celebrating today. La Grande is still mourning to Ernesto Lopez, the man she was going to marry. And la Bella is sad because she has to say goodbye to Mariano Gonzalez, a modest teacher who won her heart and is now leaving the island Calypso to never return.

La Grande runs to the seashore in an attempt to feel closer to the man she so desperately misses. There, fate gives her the most extraordinary surprise: the swaying of the waves is carrying a man's body toward the shore. La Grande dives in and pulls him out of the sea bringing him to safety. And that is how Simon Vargas, who will be known on the island as "the Castaway", regains consciousness in the arms of a beautiful woman whom he confuses with an angel.

Calypso - telenovela

(1999) - Chiquinquirá Delgado, Luis Fernández, Eileen Abad, Alberto Alifa


Chiquinquirá Delgado ... Margarita Luisa Volcán 'La Grande'
Luis Fernández ... Simón Vargas / El Náufrago Pérez
Eileen Abad ... Yolanda Pujol de Martínez
Alberto Alifa ... Ernesto López Larazábal / Eduardo López Larazábal
Laura Altieri ... Laura de Gamboa
Zoe Bolívar ... Dionisia
Aileen Celeste ... Clara Rosa
Daniel García ... Rafael Manrique
Karl Hoffman ... Jacinto Lara
Ralph Kinnard ... Klaus
Juan Manuel Laguardia ... Francisco “el Caco” Aguirre
María Luisa Lamata ... La tía Cecilia
Aniuska López ... Myledis
Félix Loreto ... Wenceslao Lugones
Ronny Martínez ... Catire
Johana Morales ... María Margarita Volcán 'La Bella'
Marcos Moreno ... Capitán Jacobo Carmona
Flor Núñez ... Otilia Gades
José Oliva ... Dr. Lorenzo Volcán
Rolando Padilla ... Padre Braulio
Javier Paredes ... Cabo Flores
Mirtha Pérez ... La Maga
Giovanni Reali ... Pablo Gamboa
Yván Romero ... Plinio
Mariam Valero ... Helena Mendoza
Beatriz Vásquez ... Manuela Rojo
José Luis Zuleta ... Canelón

Writing credits
Luis Alberto Lamata
Vivel Nouel
César Miguel Rondón
Doris Seguí

Song: "El Poder de Tu Amor"
Written by: Ricardo Montaner, Bebu Silvetti
Singing: Ricardo Montaner

Cinematography by
Fredy García

Language : Spanish
Country: Venezuela

Directed by
Luisa De La Ville
Luis Alberto Lamata
Carlos Villegas

Produced by
César Miguel Rondón
Gustavo Rosario



This telenovela lasted 80 episodes.

Chiquinquirá Delgado participated at the Miss Venezuela beauty pageant and has appeared in several soap operas.

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Anonymous  - calypso 1999   |2012-01-04 17:40:57
Hello everyone my name is SINTAYO i just came by to say happy new year and have a super 2012.I also have some questions about an old TV series called
lorena  - calipso   |2012-04-01 17:35:09
espero ke la repitan x telefutura esa novela muy buena
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