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Cara Sucia

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Cara Sucia telenovelaEstrellita is a poor but hard-working beautiful girl who sells newspapers and Miguel Angel, a member of one of Caracas' richest families, meet and feel in love with each other at first sight. The story develops and they begin a beautiful romance that makes them begin to date and later get married.

But not everything is too good for the young couple and they have to survive, among other things, opposition by Miguel Angel 's parents, Horacio and Rebecca; Horacio's declining mental health that makes him become more and more dangerous, the obsessive passion that evil Santa Ortigosa feels for Miguel Angel, a partnership that Horacio creates with two drug dealers who end up murdered by him' when he finds out they are using him, the revelation that Estrellita's mother was killed by a younger Horacio because she left him for the man who would become Estrellita's father and the kidnapping by Horacio of Miguel Angel and Estrellita's boy twins once Miguel Angel and Estrellita had married and begun a family.

Miguel Angel's mom, Rebecca, however, begins to relent on her opposition towards Miguel Angel and Estrellitas love once she realizes she was wrong about Estrellita (she thought at first Estrellita was a gold digger) and that it was her friend and Miguel Angel's ex, Santa who was the actual gold digger, and that her husband wasn't the man he pretended to be.

Cara Sucia - telenovela

(1992) - Sonya Smith, Guillermo Dávila, Niurka Acevedo, Maria A. Avalone


Sonya Smith ... Esterella Montenegro
Guillermo Dávila ... Miguel Ángel González
Niurka Acevedo
María A. Avalone
Eva Blanco ... Candelaria
Julio Capote ... Fermín
Solmayra Castillo ... Deyanira
Hans Christopher
Helianta Cruz
Adolfo Cubas ... Antonio González
Rita De Gois
Joel de la Rosa ... Fabian
Alexis Escamez
Chony Fuentes ... Rebeca
Humberto García ... Horacio González
Eduardo Luna
Alberto Marín
Ana Martínez
Ana Massimo
Hilda Moreno ... Coralia
Enrique Oliveros ... Oscar
Simón Pestana ... Jose Grigorio
Marcelo Rodríguez ... Agustín
Chumico Romero
Marcelo Romo ... Carmelo
José Ángel Urdaneta
Winston Vallenilla ... Freddy
Gil Vargas
Gigi Zanchetta ... Santa Ortigosa

Writing credits
Carlos Romero
Carlos Romero
Alberto Gómez

Song: "Antología de Caricias"
Written by: Jean Karlos Núñez
Singing: Altamira Banda Show

Original music
Isaías Urbina

Language : Spanish
Country: Venezuela

Directed by
Gabriel Walfenzao
Carlos Izquierdo
Édgar Liendo

Produced by
Marisol Campos
Silvia Carnero
Soraya Castillo
Orlando Machado
Milvia Pérez
Sandra Rioboo
Orlando Rosas



The show was also dubbed into English, Russian, Mongolian, and Tagalog (in the Philippines).

This show is the remake of the mexican telenovela "La Gata"
The futher remakes are:
Telenovela "La Fiera"
Telenovela "Sueño de amor"
Telenovela "Por un beso"
The first Venezuelan version is telenovela "La Gata" (1968) with Pegy Walker, Manolo Coego and Belen Dias.
The Brazilian version is telenovela "Seus Olhos" with Carla Regina, Petronio Gontijo, Juan Alba and Thierry Figueira.

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zahra  - sonya smith   |2009-12-03 16:50:58
sonya smith is a great actress and she is sooooo beautful woman i like her in cara suciaaa she was soooooooooooo cutee
llanos   |2010-01-12 18:26:56
Muy buena.esta novela rompió records de sintonia en Puerto rico el año que la transmitieron.
Aunke es un "remake"causó sensación y es la versión que mas se recuerda.
laura   |2011-04-21 16:43:36
me gustaria que volvieran apasar la telenovela de cara sucia
Rebeca   |2011-06-01 15:43:48
Todavia habemos muchos que llamamos a Sonya, "cara sucia"como si ese fuera su apodo. Es que esta novela fué un hitazo grande en toda latinoamérica...!!
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