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Caribe telenovelaCaribe, the small island, is located in the Atlantic Ocean. Its inhabitants are hardworking, gentle people that have been victims of the avarice and cruelty of its rulers - Eleazar and Margot Bustamante. Three decades ago they committed an awful crime for which they ultimately will pay heavily. Manolita Contreras, aspiring writer, becomes dramatically conscious of life in Caribe - surrounded by adversaries. Luis Alfredo Alfonso, a young aristocrat, gives Manolita the strength and support she needs. Their love is so strong that together they can face everything. Caribe is passionate, mysterious, intriguing, and packed with conflict. It is a fictional place filled with the realities of life... the harbor of dreams and the magic of love.

Caribe - telenovela

(1990 - 1991) - Carolina Perpetuo, Jaime Araque, Miguel de León, Carlos Cámara Jr.


Carolina Perpetuo ... Manuela Contreras
Jaime Araque ... Lorenzo
Miguel de León ... Luis Alfredo
Carlos Cámara Jr. ... Roberto Castell
Marcos Campos ... Ángel Molina
Dalila Colombo
Carlos Cruz
Bettina Grand
María Luisa Lamata
Héctor Mayerston ... Eleazar Bustamante
Dora Mazzone ... Aminta
Martha Mijares
Miriam Ochoa ... Margot
Francis Romero ... Elvira Contreras
Rafael Romero
Tania Sarabia
Ileanna Simancas ... Maria Eugenia
Henry Soto
Elisa Stella ... Matilda
Iván Tamayo
Rosita Vásquez ... Valeria

Writing credits
Mariela Romero

Song: "Robando Azules"
Written by: Yordano
Singing: Yordano

Original music

Language : Spanish
Country: Venezuela

Directed by
Reinaldo Lancaster
Ibrahim Guerra

Produced by
Carlos Bolívar
Genaro Escobar

Radio Caracas Televisión


This telenovela lasted 176 episodes and was distributed internationally by RCTV International.

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soraida  - caribe   |2010-12-17 00:58:00
can i purchase the telenovelas caribe carlos deleon
ALESSIA  - CARIBE DVD   |2011-07-24 14:20:13
could you please tell me how much the entire series would cost on dvd and if its the full entire series and not the ones that 3 quaters cut i would appreciate if you get back to me with this info adn if you accept money orders and i like the ones that are the full soapie beginning to end
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